Your Complete Guide To Best Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

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Nobody likes dry and dehydrated skin. NOBODY. The icky feeling of cracky flakiness isn’t pleasant. When you’ve got skin as dry as the Sahara, you need to treat it with care. This means you need to double-up on the hydration and moisture, and make sure your skin is constantly refreshed with a tall glass of water. Hydrated equals happy, so let your face drink up these products in the ultimate skincare routine for dry skin. Remember, dry skin usually entails a lack of oils in your skin, whilst dehydration means your skin is parched. Both give you that tight and desert-dry feeling, therefore you need to include skincare products that replenish both, and leave your skin nourished from within.


Best Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

When your hydration levels take a nosedive, your skin loses elasticity, causing it to look pretty much like roadkill. That’s when you’ll find your wrinkles, fine lines, and all the nasty skin issues to be more prominent. When choosing products for a skincare routine for dry skin, you’ve got to keep only one mantra in mind –– hydration, hydration, hydration. 

Step 1 - Cleanse

Use a cleanser only twice a day –– once in the AM, once in PM. The morning cleanse helps remove traces of sweat or oil that you’ve accumulated through the night, while the night cleanse pretty much takes the entire day off your face. If your skin is feeling extra tight and dry in the morning, feel free to skin the face wash and just splash some water to retain any hydration.


When picking a cleanser, people with dry skin need to hunt for one that is gentle and hydrating ––  look for ceramides and glycerin, as this will  help restore your skin’s barrier. If you’ve got sensitive dry skin opt for one that is formulated without fragrance and has a short ingredients list, to avoid any irritation.


MyGlamm Recommends - Youthfull Hydrating Foam Cleanser With Water Bank Technology



If you’ve got dry skin then this cleanser has got your back. Infused with Water Bank Technology, the Youthfull Hydrating Face Cleanser uses a pH-balanced formula that ensures your skin is cleansed without any irritation. The creamy bumbles exfoliate and moisturise your face at the same time. Plus, it also removes makeup easily without stripping your skin off its natural oils.

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Step 2 - Exfoliate

Exfoliation is important, even for dry skin. Make sure to exfoliate your face with a gentle, yet hydrating face scrub. This’ll remove any dead skin cells from your face and will also clear your canvas so that products can penetrate better into your skin.


MyGlamm Recommends - Manish Malhotra Methi Face Scrub Gel


This gel-based face scrub is formulated from pure concentrated aloe vera juice and is enriched with roasted methi, amla, grape seed oil, and walnut shell beads. It has a lightweight formula that deeply nourishes dull and dehydrated skin, and removes dead skin cells. It acts as an antioxidant and leaves skin smooth and radiant.

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Step 3 - Mask

A sheet mask is the quickest way to hydrate dry skin with nutrients that will leave it nourished. You can apply a sheet mask every night, or use it thrice a week. Look out for ingredients that’ll lock in the moisture and heal your skin, while leaving it with a soft and supple glow. Remember to let the face serum in your sheet mask get absorbed by your skin –– this means no washing once you remove the mask off!


MyGlamm recommends -  Glow Iridescent Brightening Sheet Mask



An instant pick-me-up, this brightening sheet mask is all your skin needs to revive to its former glory. Infused with a natural moisturiser aka rosehip oil, the product is quickly absorbed deep into your skin in just 15 minutes. This sheet mask is soaked with highly concentrated protein essence that not just lifts and boosts your skin with nutrition, but also leaves it with a healthy glow.


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Step 4 - Eye Cream

The skin under your eyes is super sensitive and requires hydration in order to prevent those wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles from forming. Look for ingredients in your eye cream that’ll moisturise your under eyes, while being gentle on your skin.

MyGlamm recommends - Youthfull Hydrating Eye Cream With Water Bank Technology


This triple-action eye cream is all you need to fight those puffy eye bags. It’s nourishing, hydrating, and firming and has a non-greasy texture. The great thing about this eye cream is that it prevents any water-loss for moisturised skin –– and it can be used on the rest of your face too (in case you want to double up on the moisture).

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Step 5 - Moisturise

Make sure you lock in all the moisture garnered by the last three steps of your dry skin routine, with a good moisturiser. Opt for an oil-free, fragrance-free moisturiser if you’ve got acne prone or sensitive skin. Look for a moisturiser that has hyaluronic acid (to replenish lost moisture), ceramide (to strengthen skin barrier), and vitamin C (to protect your skin and brighten it).


MyGlamm recommends - Glow Iridescent Brightening Moisturising Cream


This brightening moisturising cream nourishes and brightens dry and dull skin. It is powered with rosehip oil –– a multivitamin that brightens and moisturises the skin, and gives your face an iridescent glow. The hydro crystal complex system locks in moisture, and also keeps the wrinkles at bay.

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Step 6 - Protect

Always, and we mean always wear sunscreen during the daytime if you want to protect your skin. Picking a sunscreen can be a little hard –– you can either opt for a chemical sunscreen or a mineral-based one. Remember mineral sunscreens shield UV rays from penetrating into the skin, while chemical sunscreens protect your skin against UV rays by absorbing them.

Make sure you use it daily, even if you’re not stepping out! Sunscreen is key to protecting your dry skin.

MyGlamm recommends - Manish Malhotra Sandalwood Spf 25 Gel



This gel based sunscreen is made from pure, concentrated aloe vera juice and is enriched with sandalwood, haldi, chamomile oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the skin, and deeply nourishes dull and dehydrated skin. It protects skin from sun damage and reduces inflammation too.


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Step 7 - Lip balm

The last step to any skincare routine is a lip balm. Dry skin can also mean dry lips, therefore you need to ensure that you don’t ignore your pout and give it the same love and care you give your skin. Look out for ingredients like shea butter, rose oil, grapeseed oil, which’ll nourish your lips and prevent them from chapping.


MyGlamm recommends - Manish Malhotra Rose Lip Moisturising Gel


A gel based lip balm that helps replenish lost moisture and deeply nourishes dull and dehydrated lips. It is made from pure, concentrated aloe vera juice and is enriched with rose, beetroot, and grapeseed oil –– all of which comes together to soften and soothe dry lips.

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Ever feel super thirsty on a hot summer’s day? That’s what your skin is like when it feels dry and dehydrated. The only way forward? Make sure you have the perfect dry skin routine figured out. That means no skipping out on the hydration, no matter what! While you can follow the usual cleanser, toner, moisturiser routine, it’s always best to customise it according to what your skin needs. And remember the key to happy skin is always hydration!