These Simple Eyeliner Looks Will Make You Feel Like A Pro MUA


While everyone on Instagram has entrusted the eyes to the drama of reverse cat-eye flicks, fishtail-shaped eyeliner, and show-stopping looks galore, turning the lids into a canvas for experimentation is not the way to start your foray into the field. If you find yourself struggling to recreate the looks, it’s time to take a step back and start right from the beginning. And that’s why learning how to ace the simple eyeliner styles is the first on the list. Ahead — 15 of the prettiest, no-effort looks to take cues from along with the finest eye makeup products


Simple Eyeliner Styles For Beginners


Here are some of the simplest eyeliner styles for beginners. Check ‘em out. 


  1. Try Brightening The Eyes Like This

Simple eyeliner look

Notice how a light-handed stroke of white along the waterline brightens and widens the eyes instantly. You don’t need ‘skills’ to ace this look. Just slide your eyeliner along the rims, and you’re done. This is such a simple eyeliner looks.


  1. This One For A Day Out With The Girls

Deepika’s simple eyeliner look

For anyone who prefers a stroke to a wing, Deepika’s look is a masterclass in pulling off the simplicity of the aesthetic with glamour. Just trace a pink-coloured eyeliner along the lids, and that’s it. 


Use: MyGlamm Lit Glossy Liquid Eyeliner: Pink Farewell

This one’s a hot-pink shade that makes for a quintessential after-party lewk. It’s equipped with a unique flexi-tip for the transfer of defined and precise lines, the threat of quivering fingers mustn't daunt you. Don't worry about the formula feeling dry and flaky on the lids. It's lightweight and made for all-day comfort. And, yes, it is also vegan and cruelty-free. Such an easy eyeliner look.


  1. Update Your Classic Jet-Black Cat Eye 

eyeliner designs simple

Trade in your jet-black flicks for a splash of star-studded blue on the lids. Notice how the colour elevates Halsey’s look instantly. You can enlist the expertise of a piece of tape to create the wing. From the outer-corners, angle it upward toward your temples before following the outline to create the flicks. 


  1. Tightlining To Add An Edge To Your Look 

Tightlining is one of the easiest ways to intensify your look. Run your eyeliner along your lower as well as upper lash-line, and notice how the technique makes your eyes look bigger and bolder in no time. 


Use: MyGlamm Jet Set Eyes Kajal Eyeliner — Noir

This intensely-pigmented eye kajal-cum-eyeliner boasts the creamiest texture and glides onto the lids smoothly to deliver a semi-matte finish. It’s budge-proof, smudge-resistant, and long-lasting.

  1. For When You’re In A Rush 

eyeliner designs simple

Just draw a line above the crease of your lids like Gigi for a hassle-free, celeb-approved look. You can vary the colour depending on your preference. 

  1. While Staying True To The Clean Girl Aesthetic 

Easy eyeliner look

For a really, really simple look, you can run a metallic shade of blue along the lash-line like Ananya has. While the end-result is a barely-there pop of colour, it adds a little personality to your look.


Use: MyGlamm Lit Glossy Liquid Eyeliner: Blue Birthday 

This one’s a royal blue that truly feels a lot like royalty. Get it now! This one doesn’t tug at your lids at all — it glides on extremely smoothly and feels air-light on the skin.

  1. Throw In Some Rhinestones 

casual simple eyeliner style

Don’t let the intensity of this look fool you. After you’re done drawing your flicks, add some rhinestones along the lid with some lash-glue. Draw a soft wing on the waterline too — as in the previous look — and throw in a couple of those embellishments to amp up your look instantly. 


  1. Make It Two Instead Of One 


simple eyeliner style with liquid eyeliner


Complement your classic cat-eye flick with a stroke of black sprouting out from the waterline — extending upward toward the wing. That’s it. 


Use: MyGlamm Manish Malhotra Beauty Glitter Eyeliner — Black Moon 

This eyeliner pencil will bring you the moon — not even the stars. Highly pigmented and transfer-proof, it boasts a metallic finish, and will not budge from the eyes for 12 hours straight. What are you waiting for? Get it now!


  1. Neon Will Always Be In 

Simple neon eyeliner look


Try using a poppy, neon green in place of your-black flicks. Got a concert coming up? Bookmark this one RN. 

  1. Graphic Flicks That Don’t Need Much Precision 

Eyeliner look with graphic flicks

While Gigi’s look is similar to this one, the positioning of the flicks are different. This one’s more toward the outer-corners, and it’s angled downward. You can wear this independently or with your classic cat-eye flicks.

  1. Inner Corners Never Looked Better 

Simple eyeliner look with sunset orange

Highlight the inner-corners of the eyes with a sunset-like orange. Leave the rest of the eyes bare. You don’t want to overdo anything. 


  1. Frame Your Wing With A Punch Of Colour

 simple pink eyeliner look

Frame your classic cat-eye flicks with a pop of pink. You can set the base of the look with a sheer, see-through veil of pink eyeshadow as demonstrated in this look. 


  1. Lilac To Ace Your Soft Glam Look 

lilac hued simple eyeliner look


Opt for a lilac-hued eyeliner to complete your soft-glam aesthetic. A jet-black flick can make your look a little jarring. This colour will soften it up. 


  1. Run Some Colour Under The Eyes 


simple easy eyeliner look


The under-eye is a canvas unto itself. Try running a glitter-studded purple under the eyes before stepping out of the house. This one’s dramatic yet a simple easy eyeliner style.


  1. Or Run A Lot Of Colour Under The Eyes 

Kriti’s simple eyeliner look


Go all in with the under-eye drama with a heavy-handed flick of blue like Kriti. Make sure you’re extending it into the inner and outer corners of the eye. 


Tips To Apply Eyeliner As A Beginner


How do you truly ace these simple liquid eyeliner styles? Here are some tips for you to take cues from.


  1. Start with a pencil instead of a liquid or gel. A fine-tipped pencil doesn’t smudge the lids as much. Try looking for a non-waterproof one that you can remove and reapply easily. 

  2. When you’re drawing a cat-eye flick, start with the wing first. Draw a wing from the outer-corner of the eye before drawing a line along your lid. Proceed to connect the two, and you’re done. 

  3. Brighten up your eyes by tracing your waterline with an eyeliner that’s white or nude in colour. This hack beats A.M under-eye dullness and bags. 

  4. Tightline the eyes to play into the effect of bolder, bigger eyes. Just trace a (black) eyeliner along your upper as well as lower waterline, and you’re done. Eyeliner on the waterline adds weight and fullness to the lashes too. 

  5. Draw your cat-eye flicks with a soft brown pencil instead of going in with a liquid-based eyeliner directly. This line will guide you better. 

  6. You can place a post-it along the outer-corner of your eye before creating your wing — angled upward toward the temples. You can alter the angle depending on the effect you want to achieve. Just use the tape as a guide, and you’re done. 

  7. Try using a primer to eliminate any errors instead of a remover. Just dip a fine-tipped brush in some of the product, and slide it along all the places you want to erase eyeliner from. 

  8. Try the connect-the-dots method. Instead of drawing an undisturbed line along the lids, create a line of dots that are close to each other before connecting them. This will ensure precision. 

  9. Line the ‘v’ of the inner-corners to make your eyes look bigger and dramatic. 


Now that you’ve seen these casual simple eyeliner styles, are you considering playing around with our eyeliner now? 


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