Beauty Tips For Summer

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The warm summer days call for shorts & skirts, cool drinks, pool parties and bright colours. But the harrowing heat can plan havoc on your beauty by tampering with your skin and makeup. Acne, breakouts, sunburn, melting makeup and shiny skin are some of the few horrors that summer brings with itself. Do not let the hot weather throw a spanner in your fun. Here are some summer beauty tips for summer season that will get you by the hot days and ensure you always look your best, no matter what.

summer skincare

How to take care of face in summer at home

Keep the skin clean
The skin tends to get oilier during the hot and humid season. The sebum and sweat attracts dirt and dust particles easily, preparing perfect ground for germs ad bacteria which cause breakouts. It is important to use a suitable facewash to remove the grime from the skin and keeping it clean at all times. It is probably the top suggestion among summer makeup tips.

Do not forget to moisturise
We are sure you have often seen the importance of skin moisturisation iterated while lookig for beauty tips. Moisturising is not just for the cool winter months.The hot air and burning sun during summer can dry out your skin depriving it of glow and suppleness. Even sitting in air-conditioned room for long periods deprives the skin of moisture. Always keep your trusted moisturiser handy and apply at least twice a day or as when needed. You may switch to a lighter, water based moisturiser that will keep the skin supple while avoiding the oiliness.

exfoliate your skin
Scrub a dub dub
Cleansing the surface of the skin is only first step. It is important that it’s also cleansed from within. Exfoliation helps to get rid of dead skin cells and grime that is often responsible for clogging the pores. Blocked pores can lead to pimples, white heads and blackheads leading to more severe skin problems. Exfoliate your face and body 2 to 3 times a week to scrub keep the skin fresh looking always.

Choose non-comedogenic products
In order to ensure that the pores on your skin are not blocked, invest in skincare makeup products and cosmetics that are formulated to not block the pores. These are called non-comedogenic products. Blocked pores lead to breakouts, infections skin irritations. Buy cosmetics and daily skincare products which are non-comedogenic and your skin will thank you for this. And you will thank us for this summer beauty tip.

Eat cooling foods and stay hydrated
What we eat has a direct impact on the way we look. Eating fat-rich and heavy food is likely to make you sluggish in hot weather like ours. Additionally, it can make your skin oily and prone to breakouts. Include seasonal fruits and veggies in your diet and stay away from junk food and sugary drinks as much as you can. Drink 8-10 glasses of water at least every day. Opt for cooling drinks like buttermilk, nariyal pani, aam panna, jal jeera etc. to keep your body hydrated and fresh from inside.

Wear makeup with SPF
Too lazy to apply sunscreen every time you step out of the house? Let your makeup protect your skin by choosing SPF enriched makeup products. Be it foundation, lip balm or loose powder, find one or more products with SPF that you wear regularly, and you’ll never have to worry about sunburn again.

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make your eyeshadow last
Give your eyeshadow staying power
For longer-lasting eyeshadow, smooth on eye primer on the lids before eye makeup application. It will create a base for the eyeshadow, minimise creasing and make the colours pop.

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Choose waterproof formulas
Go for waterproof or smudge-proof eye makeup formulas in summers because you do not want your eyeliner or mascara running down your face after a night of dancing or a refreshing swim at the pool party. Avoid racoon eyes by switching your regular eye makeup with waterproof ones.

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Keep loose powder handy
In order to skip the hassle of washing your sweaty face frequently, always carry loose or fixing powder with you. These are light, absorb sweat and glide on the skin giving it a matte finish. Say goodbye to shiny face with loose powder which will also give your skin sheer coverage.

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lip care during summer
Do not forgo lip care
Dry, uncared for lips are a complete no-no. Right from the heat to chlorine in the pool and cosmetics can deprive the lips of moisture. Take good care of your lips during summer by keeping it moisturised at all times with a good lip balm. Apart, from that, include exfoliating regime in your lip care. Use gentle lip exfoliator to remove loose and flaky skin from the lips. This will keep the lips smooth, supple and soft all through the summer.

Try these beauty tips to keep your skin happy not only during the sumemrs but all thorugh th season.