Buy Best Fixing Powders For Makeup That Stays Put And Looks Natural

What do makeup artists do in order to protect all of their hard work and allow your makeup to last longer? They use a fixing powder a.k.a setting powder. The reason being, it mattifies your makeup and controls oil - two major factors that can ruin your makeup within minutes. Fixing powders are a must especially if you’re going for a heavy makeup look, for example, bridal makeup. Parties and functions call for a makeup look that lasts longer, therefore, in times like these always carry a fixing powder along, they come in compact sizes (along with a puff) and are so easy to use, just dab, dab, dab. 

Another interesting fact about fixing powders is that they’re far more different from your usual compact powder. Let us tell you why. Although both of these come in a translucent and tinted version, they perform quite differently. Compact powders can be used without foundation whereas a fixing powder is mainly used to set the foundation. Moving on let’s find out a little more about loose fixing powders. Therefore, never confuse these two to be the same. Most women consider them to be the same while they’re not. At MyGlamm we bring you both, compacts and setting powder but here we’re specifically going to talk about fixing powders and how important they are in makeup.

How To Set Your Makeup Like A Pro Using Fixing Powder

Step 1: Apply your foundation first. If you want to wear a primer and concealer, or if you want to contour your face, be sure to apply those as well. Make sure that everything is well blended. Where as your blush, highlighter, bronzer and eye makeup are concerned, you can keep those on hold for now.

Note: Apply your fixing powder while your foundation is still damp.

Step 2: Apply your face powder with a makeup sponge, a powder puff, or a powder brush. Always remember that you need to pick the applicator based on what you’re anticipating to achieve with your setting powder. If you want to use a lot of product to get full coverage, opt for a makeup sponge. And if you have oily skin and you want a velvety matte finish, use a powder puff instead. In the case of a powder brush, note that these are meant for lightly dusting the powder all over your face. It gives you a soft, glowy complexion instantly.

Step 3: Use an appropriate amount of fixing powder. The goal is to apply enough powder to give your skin a velvety finish, but not so much that your face looks way more lighter than your neck. To achieve this, make sure that your makeup applicator (beauty blender/sponge, brush or powder puff) is evenly coated with the powder and then tap off the excess. This step is crucial even when it comes to eyeshadows. 

Note: To get a dewy finish, you need to go light on the powder whereas if your skin is oily go a little heavier on the powder.

Step 4: If you have oily/combination skin focus on your t-zone as you apply the translucent powder and if you’re trying to set your concealer in place, using a small fluffy brush apply just a tiny amount to set that. Make sure that you apply it to your neck as well.

Note: Be careful around your hairline, as the powder may be difficult to get out of your hair.

Step 5: One of the best techniques for setting your foundation using a fixing powder has to be the press and roll motion. If you’re using a makeup sponge or powder puff, refrain from using wiping or dragging motion. Instead, gently press and roll the powder onto your face to avoid moving your foundation or concealer.

Note: Brushes tend to allow for a lighter application, so you shouldn’t need to worry about this if you’re applying your powder with a brush.

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No makeup look is complete without a little fixing powder that holds your makeup in place and helps it stay longer, therefore, we at MyGlamm bring you the best fixing powders that you can buy online, at the comfort of your home. Our Glow To Glamour Shimmer And Fixing Powder is one of a kind. This loose fixing powder floats weightlessly onto your skin to set and smooth your look for enhanced luminosity and a flawless finish. It brightens any complexion and sets the foundation in place for captivating radiance. And the shimmer powder adds a shimmery finish to any makeup with a bit of glow.

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Q. What is a fixing powder?

A. Designed to set/hold foundation in place, setting/fixing powders prevent your base makeup from rubbing off and reduce shine for a long-lasting and flawless complexion. Setting powders can be translucent or slightly tinted to match skin tone.

Q. Can a fixing powder be used all by itself?

A. Yes, you can use setting/fixing powder without foundation, but you need to ensure that the powder blends well with your skin tone. 

Q. What happens when one doesn't use a fixing powder?

A. Your makeup will not last long or set into place for a longer duration if you do not use a setting powder. Therefore, it is important to use one after you’re done with your base makeup - foundation, concealer and contour.