These Are The Korean Nail Art Trends We Can’t Stop Screenshotting

Korean Nail art

No hyperbole here: Korean influence on the world of beauty knows no limits. From dewy dumpling skin to ombre lips – K-beauty trends have been ruling the ‘gram for longer than we can remember. And the latest K-beauty fad blowing up our Instagram and Pinterest feed is Korean nail art. The K-nail trends flooding are FYPs are so gorgeous that you’ll catch feelings. NGL, they’ll have you itching to book an appointment with your nail artist, STAT. 

So in the true sense of sharing, we combed through our manicure-heavy IG feed to find the best of the best Korean nail art designs for you to cop. Keep scrolling for some of the prettiest Korean nail art designs that’ll take your mani game from so-so to outstanding in a few swipes. 

Korean Nail Art Is Taking Over, Here’s All The Inspo You Need

Korean nail art designs are taking the beauty world by storm, and the styles ruling our feeds are too good not to share. Ahead, we've rounded up the best Korean nail art designs that will make your beauty-loving heart skip a beat. 

Diamond Nail Art

korean diamond nail art

Accent nails are making a major comeback and we’re not mad about it. It involves incorporating jewellery, glitter, or crystal-like shine into the overall design. Not all nails have the same specific design, but there’s usually one add-on per hand that includes a couple of extra details.

How To Create It

Apply a high-shine nail paint formula all over your nails to recreate this Korean nail art. If you want to amp up the shine, top it off with a shiny top coat to give your nails a glazed effect.

POPxo Makeup - Vibin’ Mini Nail Kit

The 5-in-1 nail polish kit comes with five uber-flattering glittery hues that’ll help you create the ultimate scroll-stopping manicure. It will help you create a salon-worthy manicure without bleeding your bank account.

Marble Finish Nails

Marble Finish Nails

Marble nail art is another K-nail art trend that’s hogging the beauty spotlight since 2020. It involves creating nail art that mimics the texture of marble stones. 

How To Create It

Although marble nails are hard to DIY, this nail polish will help you get as close to this Korean nail art design as possible. 

Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer - Glitterati

For babes who want to recreate an envy-inducing manicure without heading to a fancy salon, this nail lacquer has got your back. Apply it all over your nails or just on the tip of your fingernails to sport a trend-forward mani.

Aura Nails

Aura Nails korean nail art

Aura nail trend is the diamond of the season and it’s got the approval of the leading ladies of Tinsel town. These are the coolest Korean nail art designs to infiltrate our FYPs. All the it-girls are playing up with the design with striking aura designs, and we’re hella obsessed. 

How To Create It

Make a small circle at the centre of your nails. Then, drop some nail polish on top of it to create a smaller circle. The shape doesn’t need to be perfect. You can use a thin nail art brush to create those small vertical dots. Top it off with a transparent top coat.

POPxo Makeup - Hustlin’ Mini Nail Kit

If you want to DIY a nail art that gives off major cool-girl energy - this is the one to call on. This nail kit is all you need to create a mani that breaks the internet. From vibrant yellow to green - it’ll give your nails the ultimate pop of colour.

Syrup Nails

Syrup Nails - korean nail art

We’re all in for digits that are shinier than a disco ball! They look chic-AF and are super easy to execute. It involves giving your nails a clear gradient effect that melts from clear or translucent to the shade of your choice. 

How To Create It

This one’s super easy to create. Just apply nude or white nail paint all over your nails and coat it with a high-shine top coat.

Tonal Nails

Tonal Nails korean nail art

Tonal nails have got a huge celebrity endorsement and there is a range of shades to choose from. It entails applying different muted shades belonging to the same colour family. 

How To Create It

If you have short nails, we suggest opting for nail extensions to create this look. Longer nails will help the gradient effect to be more prominent. If you’re going for the exact same shade, you’ll just need to apply a transparent nude gel nail polish on your nails.

Matte Nails

Matte Nails - korean nail art

Matte nails are ‘It’’ in Korea right now and are about to take off. It can be as minimal or out-out as you want it to be. It can easily be achieved by simply applying a nail paint of your choice and adding a top coat. 

How To Create It

There are various ways to play with matte nail polish. You can opt for negative space nail art, all-over colour, or cutesy details as shown in the picture.

Tattoo Nails

Tattoo Nails - korean nail art

We’re calling It: Tattoo nails are gonna explode in popularity in 2023 and we’re off to try it before everyone else. In this Korean nail art, the nails don’t have any colour but they have intricate designs or tattoo stickers with full illustrations and graphics. 

How To Create It

All you need is a few nail stickers to create this Korean nail art. Just apply nude nail paint on your digits and then use stickers to amp up the nail makeup.

Cuticle Nails

Cuticle Nails - korean nail art

The Korean nail trend isn’t new to the scene but it's gaining steam once again so we can expect to see more creative iterations. They are low-effort but big on style!

How To Create It

It involves tracing a slip line of nail paint along your cuticles and is perf for folks with short nails. All you need is a metallic nail paint to ape this cuticle nail art. 

Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer - Blonde Muse

This nail polish will add an instant zing to your claws. It’ll help you shine as brightly as you deserve this festive season and beyond. Just trace it along your cuticles using a precise nail art brush and you’re good to go.

BRB, copy-pasting these Korean nail art designs RTFN!

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