How To Use BB Creams For A Healthy & Natural Glow

How to use bb cream

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Everyone loves achieving that healthy and radiant glow, and one way to go about with it through makeup. Getting that flawless complexion always relied on foundations and concealers to help fake that overall skin tone and texture. Back in the day, these makeup products were always heavy on the skin and while they helped give you the appearance of perfection, they weren’t quite doing any wonders for your skin’s health. Step in BB creams, the innovation that changed it all—a skincare-makeup hybrid that gave you the benefits of moisturiser, with a lightweight finish and sheer coverage of a foundation or concealer. While this makeup product was introduced a while ago, its importance serves even more so now—why? Post the pandemic, most people are looking to boost their skin’s health, with very minimal coverage. It’s all about that natural glow and BB creams can get that for you. So, how to use BB cream in a way that your skin benefits from it? We dive into the depths of it!


What Is BB Cream?


What exactly is BB cream and how does it work? BB cream is actually short for beauty balm or blemish balm —its main purpose is to provide your skin with a slight tint, while moisturising it. This tinted face cream is actually a skin-first hybrid product that has been formulated to hydrate, nourish, illuminate, and protect the skin, while leaving it with a natural glow. Here we tell you how to use BB cream in the right manner.


How To Use BB Cream


A great all-in-one makeup product, BB creams are basically a moisturiser, primer, and foundation all packed together. While its application is rather straightforward, it’s important to note the right way on how to use a BB cream. Scroll down to see a step-by-step guide on how to apply BB cream. 

Step 1: Start By Matching Your Skin Tone

How to apply bb cream - Skin tone

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Begin by picking a BB cream that is closest to your skin tone. Find a hue that matches perfectly and looks natural on your skin tone, when blended in. It’s best to test out the product between your jawline and cheek, and see if it matches in different lights.


Step 2: Apply The BB Cream

Apply bb cream on face

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Once you’ve found the perfect match, take a small amount of the BB cream on the back of your hand. Using your fingers dot the product across your face and neck. Remember, a little goes a long way when it comes to BB creams—you can always build it up for more coverage, or top it off with foundation if you want full coverage.

Step 3: Blend Away


Using bb cream - Blend bb cream

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Using a blending brush or a beauty blender, make sure to blend the BB cream into your skin. You can even use your fingers to massage the product in circular motions, so that it blends well. Don’t forget to cover your neck too.

Step 4: Top It Off


Top off your bb cream while applying

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If you feel like going all out with coverage, you can always top off your BB cream with a concealer and/or foundation. This will help even out your skin tone even more, and will also leave you with a full face of makeup. Make sure you are also topping off with sunscreen—even if a BB cream has SPF, sometimes it is important to add an added layer for full protection, especially if you are in the sun for long periods of time. 


Benefits Of Using BB Cream


  • Multi-tasking product: BB Creams are a multi-tasking product that combine skincare and makeup together. It often contains ingredients that nourish the skin and protect it, while giving you light coverage. This reduces the number of step in your routine too, and leaves skin feeling lightweight.

  • Conceals blemishes without irritating the skin: Thanks to its ingredients, BB creams have the ability to conceal your blemishes like acne and redness, while calming the skin. They do not irritate it further. Plus, inflamed skin requires lightweight products and cannot handle thicker formulations. The lightweight formula of a BB cream helps treat and conceal the skin without causing further damage.


  • Give you a natural look: Everyone is all about the minimalistic look nowadays, and BB creams leave you with that natural look and feel. They provide you with minimal coverage, while leaving your skin looking and feeling airy and healthy.


MyGlamm Recommends: MyGlamm Super Serum BB cream


Serum combined with makeup, this BB cream comes formulated with hyaluronic acid, kakadu plum, niacinamide, and SPF 50 PA+++, all of which helps treat the skin, hydrate it, fade dark spots, add a glow, and leave your skin with radiant, non-cakey finish.



How to choose a BB cream?


Look for BB creams based on your skin type and the conditions you would like to treat. If you have oily skin that’s acne-prone, you want a BB cream that mattifies the skin, while treating any breakouts. If you have dry skin, look out for a BB cream that hydrates away. If you’ve got sensitive skin, opt for a BB cream that has soothing properties.


Does BB cream replace moisturiser?


Yes, a BB cream acts like a moisturiser, therefore if you want a lightweight sheer tint, then you can replace your moisturiser with a BB cream/


Can BB Cream Replace Foundation?


BB cream gives you a very sheer coverage and can replace your foundation if you aren’t looking for a heavy, full coverage. If you are looking for something thicker, we recommend topping off your BB cream with a foundation.


How long does BB cream last on your face?

BB cream lasts about 6 to 8 hours on your face, depending entirely on your skin type, activity levels, and the weather. Due to its lightweight texture, it isn’t as long-lasting as a foundation.

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BB creams are the quiet unsung heroes of your awesome face makeup game! When you know how to use BB cream in the right manner, it is easy to achieve that natural glow. Whether you’re looking for a slight conceal or want to simply get that natural radiance from within, BB creams will not disappoint.


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