The Difference Between BB & CC Cream – What Is Best For Your Skin?

Difference Between BB & CC Cream

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The battle of the creams –– if you’ve been around for a while, you’d know that a couple of years ago about what is BB cream and how it became a thing. They were like the crossovers between a foundation and concealer. And soon after people came to know about what is CC cream, which was supposed to be BB cream, but a level higher. So what exactly are these skincare makeup hybrids? BB and CC creams are multipurpose skincare products that usually hold ingredients that are skincare and makeup friendly. It can be used as a primer, concealer, foundation, highlighter, moisturiser, mattifier, and often has SPF. However, there is a huge difference between BB and CC cream –– here’s how to identify between the two. Scroll below to know what is BB cream and CC cream and the difference between BB and CC cream!


What is BB Cream?

Let’s start with what BB cream stands for –– beauty balm or blemish balm. This foundation product provides sheer coverage that conceals very minor blemishes and spots. It often houses a whole lot of skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides, along with providing light coverage for your skin. Here are some BB cream uses.

BB Cream Uses


Since BB creams have a whole lot of skincare ingredients, they are multi-tasking. Other than a foundation, they can also double up as a moisturiser or tinted balm, which helps a natural sheen to your face.

No Makeup Makeup

A BB cream is perfect for recreating that no-makeup kind of makeup. It conceals your blemishes and helps skin look smooth and radiant, without looking cakey. This’ll either come in the form of a cream or foundation stick.

 Cover Blemishes

What is BB Cream popularly known for? To conceal your blemishes or under-eye circles and give your skin a more even finish.


Oil Control

A BB cream works well as a primer for a heavier foundation. You can also use it just by itself –– depending on the formula, it often has the ability to control shine, making it apt for people with oily skin.



Since it comprises hydrating and nourishing ingredients, BB creams are great to provide your skin with that extra dose of moisture. 


MyGlamm Recommends -  Clean Beauty Argan Oil BB Foundation Stick

An easy-to-use stick application foundation, the creamy formula provides a matte finish that blends really well. It’s long-lasting and lasts for up to 10 hours –– plus it is enriched with natural ingredients like argan oil that make its wear nourishing and hydrating. This makes it perfect for everyday wear.

How To Use BB Cream?

  • To apply BB cream to your face, you should have a clean and clear face first. 

  • Apply a light moisturizer or any serum to your face as a part of prepping up your skin.

  • Then take 2 plumps of BB cream at the back of your hands, warm it up, and put 5 dots on your face, later blending it using a brush, sponge, or even your fingers.

  • You can also add some extra on required areas of your face for more coverage.

What is CC Cream?

CC cream stands for colour control or complexion corrector. It is specially formulated to target discolouration on the skin. From covering redness to major under eye dark circles to dark spots and acne marks –– CC cream takes BB cream’s job up a notch and tackles major discolouration issues. Here are some CC cream uses. 


CC Cream Uses


To Conceal Redness

The heavy texture of a good CC cream allows you to correct and conceal redness on the skin. Its calming ingredients often calm the redness down while covering it too.

 To Cover Hyperpigmentation

If the pigmentation around your face is a little too dark for a BB cream to conceal, a CC cream comes in handy. It has the ability to colour correct those dark spots, without looking too heavy on the skin.

 As A Primer

You can even use a CC cream as the first step before applying your foundation. The formulation won’t just prime the skin, but will also provide a seamless colour corrected base –– this way your foundation will look super smooth.

How To Use CC Cream

  • The first and foremost step to using a CC Cream is to follow the CTM routine i.e. cleansing, toning, and moisturising.

  • Take some amount of CC cream on the palms of your hands and put dots on your face.

  • Blend the CC cream with the help of your clean fingers or a makeup sponge. The tip is not to be too harsh on your skin and softly dab the cream onto your skin.

  • If required, you can put more cream in your required areas.

Difference Between BB Cream & CC Cream

While both pretty much serve the same purpose, CC creams are a more intense version of a BB cream. Read more to find out why there is a difference between BB cream & CC cream!

BB Cream

CC Cream


Beauty Balm / Blemish Balm

Colour Control / Complexion Corrector





  • Moisturise

  • Prime

  • Even out skin tone

  • Brighten

  • Conceal

  • Protect

  • Moisturise

  • Prime

  • Colour correct

  • Protect

  • Nourish

  • Conceal

  • Improves skin


Thick and heavy

Light and airy

Suited For

  • Evening out skin tone

  • Hydrating dry skin

  • Concealing redness and irritation

  • Treating acne-prone skin


Which Is Better – BB Cream vs CC Cream?

While both of them pretty much achieve similar results, it is often dependent on your skin type. So, the difference between BB cream & CC Cream is that if you’ve got dry skin, then opt for a BB cream due to its hydrating properties. Whereas if you’ve got acne-prone, oily skin then CC cream is a better bet as it has bacteria-killing properties. When choosing between the two, understand what your needs are. Looking for an instant to lift me up? Then BB cream is a must-have. If you have intense pigmentation or acne marks and need to even out your skin tone, then CC cream is the way forward.


Is it good to use BB cream daily?

Yes, you can use BB creams daily as they offer light coverage. Try opting for BB creams that are enriched with natural superfood ingredients.

Can I use CC cream instead of foundation?

Well, this depends on each individual’s choice & skin type. Generally, you can use a CC cream instead of a foundation. It evens out the skin tone, hydrates the skin, and gives medium coverage.

Which gives more coverage BB or CC?

As compared to BB Cream, CC cream gives more coverage.

What is better for mature skin BB or CC cream?

CC creams are recommended for mature skin as they contain amazing anti-ageing properties.

Is BB cream better for wrinkles?

Generally, cc creams have anti-ageing properties that help in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Whereas BB creams even out skin tone, hydrate, and brighten the skin.

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The difference between BB and CC creams is quite definite. Although they both do pretty much the same job, choosing between the two is all dependent on your skin type and requirements. So which one is your preferred choice?


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