Broke Your Fingernail? Here’s Exactly How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home


Growing out your natural fingernails to enjoy diva-like talons feels amazing but the only downside about this is the possibility of breaking a nail. And it happens all the time. But learning how to fix a broken nail will empower you to pursue your vision of natural glamm manicures fearlessly. Here are all the nail care steps you need to follow for naturally long and strong nails.


How To Fix A Broken Nail

How To Fix A Broken Nail

If you want to learn how to repair a broken nail you’ve come to the right place. The following steps will help you fix a broken nail in the comfort of your home and you will be surprised to find out how easy the process is. Grab your nail care essentials and get started.

File The Nails

File The Nails

The first step is to file your nails. The best way to get started on fixing your broken nails is nail filing because it smoothens the broken edges and in some cases, simply filing the nails will fix the broken nail completely. Gently file the nail to shape it and make it look closer to its original form. It is okay if the nail gets a little shorter than the rest of your fingernails. Sometimes, if the crack is too large, you can just file it a little and then proceed to the next step.

Clip The Nail If Necessary

Clip The Nail If Necessary

If the broken nail has a crack that is too far deep, you might have to clip 90 percent of the nail after filing to keep the crack from deepening further. Use a clean nail clipper and clip in the shape of your original nail.

Cut A Tiny Piece Of A Tea Bag & Stick The Material On The Broken Nail

Stick The Material On The Broken Nail

Now, it’s time for the magic fix. Cut a tiny piece of a tea bag you have in the kitchen. You will be using it as a filler for the chipped part of the nail. The tea bag material is soft and easy to use as a nail sheet because once you place it on the nail with clear polish, the tea bag material will harden and conceal your nail. You can use a small piece or even a slightly larger piece of the tea bag material to cover the entire nail. 

Apply a bit of nail glue on the area. If you don’t have nail glue, clear polish works as a temporary fix. Then place the piece of tea bag with a toothpick or tweezer before the clear polish dries up. Flatten it out before the polish dries.

File The Nail Again

File The Nail Again

Once the clear polish has dried, you have almost finished fixing your nail. Just a few final finishing touches are required. So after you have a tea bag patched nail, go in with the nail file again to smoothen any rough edges and file the top as well so the tea bag is on the same level as your original nail.

Apply Your Favorite Nail Polish

Apply Your Favorite Nail Polish

The final step is to seal the deal and make it look like the broken fingernail fiasco never even happened. Pick your desired shade of nail polish and apply it over all your nails including the broken one. And there you go. Your nails will look brand new and not broken at all. Apply two coats of nail polish for best results and you can even apply a top coat as the last coat to add a super glossy finish and make your nail polish and the fixed tea bag patch nail last longer and be stronger.


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Do You Need To See A Doctor To Fix A Broken Nail?

When trying to figure out how to fix a cracked fingernail, sometimes a DIY nail repair might not cut it. For special cases where the nail is broken very badly and you are seeing blood or the nail is cracked in the centre which is digging into your flesh, you will need to see a doctor. These special cases call for professional care by a doctor because if it does not get the medical attention it requires, things could get a lot worse. The wound can get infected and worsen the nail so much so that drastic measures might need to be taken to get rid of the problem. That’s why it is important to first see how bad the broken nail is. If it is only surface level with no blood, then you can try a DIY nail repair, but if there is any signs of blood or a cut in your flesh, go to the doctor immediately.

You have now learned everything you need to know about how to fix a broken nail. This nifty DIY hack will save you lots of discomfort, but remember to go see a doctor if the broken fingernail situation is very painful and bleeding.

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