How To Take Care Of Nails: 12 Nail Care Tips To Follow So That Your Nails Are Happy & Healthy, Always!


Who doesn’t like a perfectly pretty mani-pedi? Getting your digits all dolled up is so much fun. From nail art designs to gorgeous hues, the options and inspirations are endless. However, whether you’re more of a plain nail polish gal, an acrylic fan, or even just a gel lover, there’s one thing that needs to be constant –– your at home nail care routine! You have a skincare routine, a haircare routine, and even a lip care routine, so why forget about healthy nails tips? Nail upkeep is as important as getting your monthly manicures in order for them to stay healthy and no-so-sharp. So don’t neglect this already neglected body part –– take care of your tips with these nail care tips.


Best At Home Nail Care Tips


Just as you would take care of your skin or your hair, you need to take care of your nails too. Even if you do get professional mani-pedis, always make sure that you take that extra effort to care for and protect your talons. But do you know how to take care of nails at home? These nail care tips  for healthy nails will surely help you get there a lot faster –– just ensure that you follow through.  


Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise. 


Just as your skin needs a moisturiser, your hair needs a conditioner, and your lips need lip balm, similarly your nails also need to be moisturised. Remember, dryness often leads to brittle nails –– and nobody likes broken nails, now do they? Simply, make sure you massage some hand cream every now and then to avoid them from drying out. This is one of the best nail care tips!


Think About Your Cuticles


Honestly, just leave those cuticles alone! Do not push them, do not cut them. All you need to do is apply a little cuticle oil and massage your cuticles thoroughly. Yes, when you get a manicure you often find them pushing the cuticles back and cutting them, however it isn’t recommended. The cuticle is basically your nail’s natural barrier –– so by damaging it (even by a professional) you’re not doing yourself any favours.


Look Into Your Nail Polish


How to take care of your nails by only looking at a nail polish? Keep a lookout for the ingredients in your nail products, including your nail polish. Avoid anything that can damage your nails and strip them off their natural oils. Non-toxic formulas that are paraben, SLS, and alcohol free, are usually the best way forward. Remember to show your nails the same kind of concern you’d have for your face!



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Hair Care = Nail Care

Your nails are made of the same protein as your hair. Just like your hair, exposure to heat, chemicals, and other external factors can make your nails brittle, dry, and just unhealthy overall. While nail care is essential, keep the application of nail polish, gel or acrylic nails, UV light on the down low.

Keep Away From Water

Thanks to the pandemic, we all have been washing our hands more than usual –– which is a good thing for your personal hygiene, not so much for your nail health. Again, just like your hair, your nails also get vulnerable when wet. While you cannot avoid washing your hands for pandemic reasons, try using rubber gloves whenever you can –– like when you’re washing the dishes or doing laundry. This is another nail care tip that works well for your nails!

Acetone? More Like Acid-tone


Do not, and we mean do not dip your nails into potent acetone. Use a gentle nail polish remover instead. Opt for a nail polish remover that does not contain any acetone, and contains nourishing and hydrating oils that’ll help enable healthy nail growth.


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Weather Is Important

...especially winter. Cold weather isn’t really ideal for your skin, hair, and nails. This causes your nails to get dry and brittle. The warm conditions indoors versus the freezing temperatures outdoors can add to that already damaging list for your nails. Another nail care tip is to always keep your nails moisturised –– this’ll protect your nails, cuticles, and the hands on your skin, and will prevent any further damage from occurring.


Be Gentle!


A lot of people often dig into the back of their nails to remove any dirt stuck! No. Do not do that, as it basically disrupts the nail plate from the bed and can cause a fungal infection. Use a nail brush instead, to remove and wash off any dirt and debris stuck between the nails. 


Secondly, never peel off your gel manicure or acrylic nails –– this’ll peel off layers of your nail and make them weak.

Make Way For Clean Hands

One of the best nail care tips to keep your nails happy and healthy always is to keep your hands clean. Make sure you keep your nails grime-free. How do you do that? Remove the old nail polish with a remover, apply soap to a clean toothbrush and gently scrub your nails to remove dirt and dead skin, without using harsh chemicals.

Don’t Miss Out On The Base Coat

When you want your nails to be happy and healthy, never miss out on the base coat while applying your nail polish. This shields the nails from being stained by nail polish and also helps the colour look more opaque with just one coat. You can also try adding a coat of clear gloss between each layer of nail paint to add extra protection and shine.

Cross-Check Labels On Polish

Just like your skincare and makeup, you should check the labels on your nail polish. So to protect your nails and keep them happy, make sure you’re buying one from a well-known brand. Also, don’t forget to check the ingredients in the nail polish.


Protein-Rich Food All The Way

Wondering how to take care of nails at home with food? This is your answer! In order to give your nails perfect health, you should include protein-rich foods such as vitamin E, biotin, fish, and nuts.


How often should I care for my nails?

Every week, you should give your nails a nice manicure by trimming, shaping, and moisturising nails.

Is it OK to wear nail polish all the time?

Though it depends on the quality of your nail polish, its ingredients, and brand, you should still give your nails a week’s break to let them breathe. 

What should healthy nails look like?

Healthy fingernails look smooth without grooves or pits and should also appear in a pinkish or mauve hue.


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Proper nail care is absolutely essential! Sometimes you don’t realise it, but you use your nails more than you’re aware. From using them as replacement tools (hello, can of cola), to scratching that itch your nails go through trauma and back, and are still required to look pretty. These nail care tips will help you keep your digits healthy, while making them look great!



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