How To Apply Lipstick Like A Makeup Pro!


Finding the perfect lipstick that suits you is a task, no doubt. But, what’s even more of a hassle is finding the right one and not knowing how to apply lipstick perfectly. While one might think that the whole application process is easy and breezy, it takes more than a steady hand to make the most out of your lip makeup products. Either you’re overlining your lips to the point you give the Jenner Kardashian clan competition, or you're left with a lopsided pout, or are simply sporting flakey lips –– whatever it is, those mistakes are making them look less supermodel, more clown-like. Follow along to find out how to put on lipstick like a pro!


How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly


Whether it’s a red lip, ombre trend, or simply overlining your pout to make it look more natural, it takes skill, dedication, and a whole lot of TLC to get your lipstick on point. Scroll down to see how to apply lipstick perfectly.


Prep Your Lips


This first step how to apply lipstick perfectly is crucial if you want your lips to look smooth and soft when the lip colour is applied. Always exfoliate your pout with a gentle scrub (you can even use coffee grounds or sugar) –– this prevents it from looking flakey, patchy, or uneven and textured. Soon after washing it off and patting your lips dry, make sure you top it off with a hydrating and nourishing lip balm. This also increases the longevity of your lipstick, lip gloss or liquid lip, especially if you’re using a matte lipstick.


Prepare The Base


The next step in how to apply lipstick is that you need a clean and clear canvas in order for you to paint away, right? So, go ahead and set that base. If you’ve got discoloured dark lips or dual-toned lips, make sure you add a concealer or foundation to even it out and lighten your lips a little. This way you’ll get the true colour of your lipstick and won’t be left surprised when the bullet doesn’t match the colour on your lips.


Line Away


It’s always a good idea to line your lips before going in with lipstick. Apply a lip liner on the entire base of your lips, instead of just a line around it. This step of how to apply lipstick properly helps increase the longevity of your lipstick set colour and helps guide you when you top it off with your actual lipstick.


Go With The Flow


Always go with the natural shape of your lips. When overdrawing them, make sure the line is slightly higher than your natural lip line. Remember to just overdraw your cupid’s bow and the more plumper parts of your bottom lip. Lighter hues will make your lips appear bigger. If you want your pout to appear smaller, then use a darker colour when lining your lips and make sure you match the line of your natural lips to the liner.


Precise Application


If you’re looking for a more precise approach (or you have a shaky hand) feel free to use a lip brush to apply your lip product. This is especially important for lipsticks that are being shared by a couple of people, as it prevents cross-contamination of bacteria. This is another tip on how to apply lipstick perfectly.


Conceal Away


Made A Mistake? No problem. Simply use a brush and a concealer to erase those errors.


Always Blot


Whether you apply a liquid lipstick or a bullet one, always remember to blot to set your colour. You can do this by keeping a tissue between your lips while you purse them. This also removes any excess product on your lips and prevents it from bleeding or spilling outside the natural lip line.


Lipstick Application For Specific Formulations


The technique of applying a lip colour depends entirely on what kind of product you’re using and what the texture or finish of it is like. Here’s how to apply lipstick, based on the product of your choice.


Bullet Lipstick


With a bullet lipstick you want to start applying it from the centre of your lips and then work outwards. Focus the colour in the centre for a more fuller look. You will also prevent the product from spilling out of your lip line –– bye bye clown face!

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Liquid Lipstick


When it comes to makeup products, liquid lipsticks aren’t really your BFFs, especially if you tend to be a little messy with the wand. It’s tricky as it takes a while to set and once it sets in it doesn’t budge––which means there’s no room for error. But don’t let that scare you away from it. Make sure you prep and prime your lips before application, as liquid lipstick formulas tend to dry out the lips. Moisturise, but not too much as it may cause your lipstick to bleed. Always use a doe-foot applicator to apply. With liquid lipsticks start with the edges and then fill in the centre of your lips.

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The perfect lipstick takes a little bit of effort, a whole lot of care, and a smidge of patience! How to apply lipstick shouldn’t be a task, and to make it a breeze for you let this little guide lead the way. Happy pouting!

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