Get, Set, Glamm: Here’s How To Apply Eyeshadow Step By Step For Beginners!

How to apply eyeshadow

We come across makeup tutorials on social media platforms every day. And while all of them describe in detail, the products they use, and the shades they prefer, the eyeshadow application is often fast-forwarded or skipped. One naturally assumes that everybody knows how to put on eyeshadow, right? Wrong! One of the most common steps of all makeup routines, eyeshadow application is often looked over as an easy makeup step. But if you’re wondering how to apply eyeshadow for beginners, you’ve come to the right place. 


How To Apply Eyeshadow

In order to perfect your eye makeup game, one needs to learn how to apply eyeshadow step by step. If you’re a beginner who wants to ace the basic skills of any eyeshadow look, you need to have two important things - an eyeshadow palette, and some eyeshadow brushes. Along with these products, one needs to practice two crucial skills as well:


Step 1: Shade selection

How to Apply Eyeshadow - Selecting Shade


When going for learning how to apply eyeshadow, you should select 2-4 eyeshadow shades beforehand. These shades need not be of the same colour range, but they do need to complement each other. This step ensures that your makeup look appears well put together.

MyGlamm Products:

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Step 2: Blending

How to Apply Eyeshadow - Blending

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If you’re wondering how to apply eyeshadow like a pro, this skill will definitely get you there. While there are different application techniques with various textures of eyeshadow, one must learn how to blend them well for an eyeshadow makeup that looks like a million bucks.

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Eye Shader Brush

The eye shader brush by MyGlamm is an amazing eyeshadow brush that works well with cream and powdered eyeshadows. From giving an easy blending advantage to buildable coverage, this is quite a superb option!


Different Eyeshadow Formulas And How To Apply Them

You must have come across a myriad of eyeshadow palettes, tubs, tubes, and whatnot. And these varying eyeshadow textures might have resulted in many questions in your head for example- how to apply glitter eyeshadow, or cream eyeshadow! Easy, tiger. We're going to learn some basic application tips for all the other common eyeshadow textures too. 


How To Apply Glitter Eyeshadow

To apply glitter eyeshadow, spritz your eyeshadow brush with some makeup setting spray. Swipe it across your glitter pan lightly. Do not tap any excess product down. Apply directly on your eyelids in a slow dabbing motion. 

How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadows are very easy to work with. You can use them with eyeshadow brushes, makeup sponges, or even fingers! Yup, it’s that easy. Simply pick some product with your fingertips and apply it to the middle of your eyelid in a dabbing fashion. Blend it to your inner and outer crease using either a makeup brush, a sponge, or your fingers.

How To Apply Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadows usually come in a tube with a doe-foot applicator. In which case, eyeshadow application and blending are no problem at all. Apply your liquid eyeshadow on your eyelid and blend it with the applicator itself. You can also use other blending tools if required.

Step-By-Step Eyeshadow Look For Beginners

Now that you’ve learnt about the basic skills and products required for an eye makeup look, let’s look at a step by step eyeshadow guide that teaches us exactly how to apply eyeshadow like a pro. You can learn a basic glam eyeshadow look step by step with this simple 7-step guide:  


  • Step 1: Select a range of 3-4 eyeshadow shades for your eye makeup look. Also, select a nude eyeshadow shade to form an eyeshadow base. This will make the other colours pop.

  • Step 2: To apply eyeshadow correctly, swipe your eyeshadow brush across the pan lightly. Tap off the excess fall out to avoid cakey application. 

  • Step 3: Swipe your makeup tool across your eyelid and blend well.

  • Step 4: Pick the darkest shade from your selection and apply it similarly between your brow bone and eyelid. 

  • Step 5: Take a lighter shade and apply it from your inner eyelid to your mid eyelid. Blend it well with your darker eyeshadow. 

  • Step 6: For an extra effect, you can also apply a bright or shimmery shade on the inner corner of your eye. 

  • Step 7: Finish your glam eye makeup look by applying eyeliner close on your eyelid, close to your upper lash line. You can also apply kohl on your waterline to give your eyes a more woken-up effect.

Achieve this look by using:

Manish Malhotra 9-in1 Eyeshadow Palette

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MyGlamm LIT Lip & Eye Sparkles

Add some spice to your eye makeup game with this tub of loose glitter sparkles. 

Congratulations! You have learnt how to apply eyeshadow step by step like a pro now. So what are you waiting for? Add these MyGlamm eye makeup essentials to your shopping cart and go gaga with new and unique eyeshadow looks. Don’t forget to flaunt them on the ‘gram!

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