10 Celeb-Inspired Hairstyles To Complement Your Round Face


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Your hairstyle might seem like a really simple deal, however it pretty much defines how your face appears. Therefore it is really important to do a little research and opt for hairstyles that suit and complement your face shape. The good news is that round shaped faces are often pretty versatile to style and there are a lot of hairstyles that actually accentuate your face shape and make you look really good. From long to short, cute to edgy, scroll down below to take your pick from 10 hairstyles for round face shapes.


Hairstyles for Round Faces

Long Beach Waves

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Textured beach waves when your hair is in long face-framing layers is a great hairstyle for round face shapes. The waves add dimension and volume to your face. To get this look, make sure to add a little hair product to your locks to give it a bouncy and shiny look.

Short Wavy Bob

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Going in the complete opposite direction, this short wavy bob adds a nice classic touch to your round face. Side part this retro hairstyle and scrunch in the layers to give it a slightly messy touch. This hairstyle for a round face really accentuates your features.

Medium Beach Waves

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Go for soft waves with this hairstyle for a round face. These waves are less intense and are more lightweight, so make sure to run your fingers through them to give your hair that shaggy and messy vibe. Throw in some hair serum to make it shine, shine, shine.


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Soft Style Braid

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Amp up your round face with a hairstyle that screams cute and whimsical! This fishtail braid makes for a great hairstyle for round faces, especially if you curl the wispy strands in front of your face to soften the look. Keep the frizz at bay by ensuring a good hair wash and use a nourishing conditioner to keep the strays away!


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Soft Top Knot

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This hairstyle for round faces is a great go-to for second day hair. It’s a fuss-free hairstyle that looks classy and stylish. Use a little bit of hair oil to flatten any strays in the front, if you want a more sleek approach.


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Sleek & Straight

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Layers also work really well with super straight hair. Flat iron your locks with a straightener for this hairstyle for a round face. Make sure to do this on freshly washed hair with a nourishing shampoo.  


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Half Up, Half Down

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Pull your hair back into a half and half pony. Make sure the front of your hair is puffed up a little for some volume. Let a few strands lose so that this hairstyles for a round face, actually softens and frames your face shape well. 


Voluminous Waves

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Go big or go home with this voluminous hairstyle for round faces. The big waves create a soft effect that can go from glam to chic, no matter what the occasion.

Medium Length Blowout

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Blowdry your hair into soft and voluminous straight locks. This hairstyle is perfect for round faces as it frames your face and gives you a sleek and glam look. 

Soft Hollywood Short Waves

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Want to give yourself a bit of a retro makeover? This hairstyle for a round face will get you there! The soft curls along with side parted locks gives this look a classic and stylish finish.



Do Round Faces Look Good In Layers?


Yes, long layers help frame the face and make a round face look a little longer.


Is A Ponytail Good For A Round Face?


A ponytail only looks good on a round face when it is worn super high! The higher the ponytail the better it looks.


Is Short Hair Better For Round Faces?


It is often assumed that round faces cannot sport short hair –– however, that isn’t true. A short centre-parted bob with some shaggy bangs would make for a great hairstyle for a round face.

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