Gua Sha 101: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Skincare Tool

Benefits of Gua Sha

Instagram is a one-stop destination to keep up with the latest beauty trends. So if you’re tuned into the beauty space, then you’ve probably spotted a whole bunch of celebs that swear by a facial tool for glowing skin, sculpted cheeks, and defined jawlines. The tool in question? gua sha. Here’s the thing: If you don’t have a gua sha in your beauty stash, we assure you that you’re missing out.

If we told you that you could get clearer, younger, and healthier skin without using a single product, you probably wouldn’t believe us. But we’re here to tell you that it is actually possible with Gua Sha. The practice involves moving a blunt, smooth instrument along specific energy lines to remove toxins from your lymphatic system. Don’t judge yet, hear us out, because the skin benefits of gua sha are too good to miss. Keep scrolling to get the 411 on why Gua Sha is the best thing for your skin, and how you can do it at home.

What Is Gua Sha?

Dating back thousands of years, Gua Sha has long been used as a healing technique. Gua Sha is an incredibly relaxing therapy that is performed using gentle strokes to massage, manipulate, and stimulate specific energy lines and points along the face. This helps to promote healthy lymph flow by releasing toxins that have been stuck. It also helps to iron out the fascia that is affected by tension which creates a beautiful lift in the face. Gua sha is performed with a tool called gua sha. It’s both the name of the tool used and the technique. The gua sha stones come in all types of shapes, sizes, and materials - more on that later. 

Benefits Of Gua Sha?

Lymphatic Drainage

It helps in the removal of excess fluid and toxins which then enables our lymphatic system to deliver fresh and vital nutrients to our cells. Simply by using continual strokes to stimulate lymphatic drainage fluid, you can boost circulation, and deliver an effortless glow, all while creating sculpting and lifting effects. 

Deals With Cystic Acne

A common misconception is that you cannot use gua sha on acne. The gua sha tool helps reduce flare-ups, redness, and the size of acne by moving congestion and improving circulation. Just remember to never use a gua sha on broken skin and pustules.

Fights Acne Scars

The Gua Sha brings fresh fluids to the surface of the skin which renews skin cells, hence reducing the visibility of acne scars. Use a vitamin C-infused serum to reap maximum benefits.

Bid Adieu To Dark Circles

An improved blood circulation results in lesser dark circles and a youthful glow. 

Reduce Puffiness

Since the Gua Sha removes lymph and other liquids from your face, your skin tightens and becomes more chiseled. 

Tightens The Skin

In addition to using face packs to tighten the skin, gua sha is an A+ tool that can help you plump up the complexion of your skin. The Gua Sha relaxes your stiff facial muscles and tissues, thus smoothening out signs of aging.

Helps In Sculpting And Toning

Consistently using the Gua Sha on your face in the correct manner will lead to a defined jawline and cheekbones. Your face will begin to look naturally contoured as time passes by!

How To Use The Gua Sha tool?

Step 1: Prep Your Skin

Begin with a face cleanser, then follow your usual skincare routine. As the last step of your skincare regimen, apply five to six drops of facial oil or serum. This will give you plenty of slip to massage your face without tugging your skin. 

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Step 2: Release Tension In Your Neck

Next, it’s time to release any tension present in your neck muscles. All you have to do is use continual strokes from the neck up towards your face. 

Step 3: Move To Your Face

Wanna know the moves? Let's get started! Begin at your chin and gently glide your gua sha along your jawline up towards your ear with light yet firm pressure. Continue to move upwards on your face in the outwards direction from the center of your face. Keep in mind to use gentle strokes to encourage the movement of lymphatic fluid towards your lymph nodes for better drainage. 

How To Choose The Right Gua Sha?

While the type of stone used for gua sha is not important, the shape is. We recommend finding one that is smooth and rounded and fits the curvature of the area you want to treat. It should be comfortable to grip so you can evenly apply the strokes to your skin. 

It’s best to choose a gua sha tool with varying contours on each edge so that you can find the right curvatures to fit the angles of your face. The variety of contours will allow you to use your tool on various parts of your face including your jawline and cheekbones. The material of stone is also something to look out for. Some stones have antimicrobial qualities that make them especially well-suited for facial techniques. Some, like those made from nephrite jade and amethyst, are naturally cooling, which helps to counteract the warming effect of the technique. Likewise, rose quartz is great for anyone with reactive skin because of its natural calming effects. And while the weight of your stone will ultimately be a matter of personal preference, a heavier tool can help you achieve better results simply by being more substantial in your hand as you perform your techniques, which allows for deeper penetration. 


How often to use a Gua Sha tool?

It is recommended to follow the practice of facial Gua Sha at least thrice a week for the best results. You can do it in the morning to reduce puffiness or at night, just before sleeping to relax your facial muscles.

How to clean and store Gua Sha?

To ensure that your gua sha is clean, we suggest using a soft towel to wipe it before and after every use. For a deeper cleanse, you can dip the towel in some soapy water and then proceed to wipe your tool gently. This gets rid of bacteria build-up on your stone. Avoid using hot water as it damages your tool. Before you put your gua sha back into its box, make sure it is completely dry.

What should I put on my face before Gua Sha?

Applying a serum or an oil will help enhance the benefits of gua sha. Serum is a better choice as it's lightweight. Unlike oil, it will not make your skin feel greasy or sticky. However, you can apply whatever your skin is more comfortable with.

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