5 Collagen Benefits For Skin That Will Bring A Glow

collagen benefits for skin

Collagen is one of the buzziest terms in skincare at the moment. You’ve probably spotted it in skincare products and ingestible powders, and have wondered why this one specific thing has been given so much attention and what exactly are these collagen benefits for skin. Time and again we’ve heard how important it is for our body, skin and hair included. Is it an ingredient? Is it a nutrient? What is this magical thing that is always in the spotlight? 


Collagen is actually a protein that is already present in your body and is responsible for holding your body's skin, muscles, bones, tendons, and other ligaments together. But, what makes it such an essential? We dive into everything you need to know about collagen—from what exactly is it to its benefits.


What Is Collagen?


Think of collagen as the building blocks behind your muscles, skin, bones, tissues, and other vital organs. Collagen comprises of amino acids that provide the framework and strength across your entire body. As you age, the collagen in the body starts depleting, which means that your body tends to lose more collagen than it produces. This often results in saggy skin, weak bones etc. This one protein is clearly responsible for a lot that happens internally and externally in your body. It deserves all the attention. Scroll down to see the collagen benefits for skin that can make a whirlwind of a difference to the way your body functions.


Benefits Of Collagen


Collagen is clearly the true MVP of your body, without which things would fall apart. Here are some of the overall collagen benefits for your body. 


  1. Improves Skin Elasticity

Improves Skin Elasticity

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Collagen is an essential when it comes to enabling your skin’s elasticity. That’s why, if you’ve ever noticed, a baby's skin is so taut and plump—because collagen production is high when you’re a child. Boosting collagen in the body allows for the skin to remain hydrated and its elasticity intact. This also means that other skin woes such as dryness, wrinkles, fine lines,  are all at bay. You’ll find collagen present in skincare products like moisturisers, which help tackle these issues and boost collagen production.

  1. Improves Skin Hydration 

Collagen benefit - improve skin hydration

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Hydration and healthy skin go hand in hand. Collagen is also known to boost hydration levels, leaving skin looking plump and healthy. Did you know that collagen in your skincare products, like serums contain an amino acid that helps retain moisture and prevent dehydration? This leaves you with a youthful glow. 


  1. Improves Blood Flow

Did you know that collagen is also present in your veins and circulatory system? Good collagen levels entails better blood circulation. Better blood flow improves the quality of your skin. That’s why it’s important to have collagen in your night cream and even your eye cream.


  1. Treats Cellulite


Treats Cellulite

Image courtesy - Pexels

A natural occurrence, cellulite is a collection of fat that presents itself on the body. Collagen helps fill in the fat pockets, leaving you with more even texture.

  1. Treats Blemishes

Treats Blemishes

Image courtesy - Pexels

Collagen boosts the skin cell renewal in your body. When your skin is injured, for example you have acne or scars, collagen aids in promoting new skin cell growth resulting in healthier, even-toned, and radiant skin.

  1. Fades Away Stretch Marks

Fades Away Stretch Marks

Image courtesy - Pexels

Since collagen is known to restore your skin’s elasticity, it is also great for fading away stretch marks. Over time, it can help even out your skin tone in the areas that have been stretched out.

Why Is Collagen Important For Skin?


As mentioned, collagen is the building block of your skin. As a matter of fact, collagen actually makes up for 75 per cent of your skin’s support structure. It is essential for your skin as it holds everything together. It helps fibroblasts to form in the middle layer of your skin, which in turn boosts newer cell growth. This results in plumper, brighter, healthier skin. That is why you’ll also find ingredients that boost collagen production present in products such as an eye cream or night cream


Causes For Loss Of Collagen


As you age, your collagen levels deplete, more than it's produced—it’s natural. There are, however, other factors that’ll speed up that loss. This includes exposure to UV rays, lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking, a poor diet that is high on sugar, and pollution, all contribute to the free radical damage, all resulting in loss of collagen. 


Types Of Collagen For Skin


There are 28 types of collagen and each of them vary depending on their molecular structure and cell components, depending on where they are in the body. There are 3 main types of collagen that have been identified that are responsible for your skin:


1. Type I: This  makes up for the largest content of your body’s collagen. It is what is responsible for your skin’s structure.

2. Type IV: It is found in the layers of your skin

3. Type V: This is found in your eyes, layers of  your skin, and hair


How To Get More Collagen


Although the production of collagen might be depleting, there are several ways in which one can help boost it. Firstly, when doing so, remember to stay away from the environmental hazards that can speed up depletion. Always wear sunscreen and keep your skin protected from free radical damage. Secondly, you can invest in collagen-boosting skincare products that’ll help increase the collagen production in your skin and keep it looking youthful and healthy. Lastely, collagen supplements that can be ingested as part of your daily diet will also aid in providing that support internally. This will also help with bone and joint health (to a certain extent). 




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Clearly, collagen is a real MVP when it comes to dealing with so many skin woes. Predominantly known to treat signs of ageing, the collagen benefits for skin go beyond just that. It’s definitely an ingredient you want to add to your skincare routine and your daily diet. 

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