Indian Gooseberry- Amla Benefits For Skin: An Ultimate Guide On Benefits Of Amla For Skin To Achieve Clear Skin!


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You might remember amla as the sour, bitter fruit that your grandma forced you to eat as a child. An Indian kitchen staple, amla or Indian gooseberry can be found in most desi households. It is one of Ayurveda’s most used ingredients, as there are many benefits of amla for skin and it’s also the key to treating several ailments. It may not be the tastiest thing on the planet, however, amla can really help with keeping your body healthy. Trust us, you’ll be amazed to know the different amla juice benefits for skin. From controlling diabetes to aiding digestion, this one tiny fruit is mighty powerful. So, imagine all the amla benefits for skin. Known to be present in several skincare products, amla is pretty much the star ingredient for all skincare woes! Don’t believe us? Check out how beneficial it is for your face.

Benefits Of Amla for skin


Amla is known as a superfruit in the Ayurveda world and it stays true to the title it has honed. It is one of the highest antioxidant and vitamin C rich foods, therefore the amla benefits for skin are immense. When it comes to skincare products a lot have this Indian superfood ingredient present in its formulation. Why? Because amla, whether it is through a powder, juice, or any extract is a miracle worker! Can you guess the benefits of amla for skin? Read on to find out more.


It Acts As A Mild Exfoliator


Amla acts as a mild exfoliant when it’s applied onto the surface of your skin. The vitamin C and antioxidants put together tone and tighten the skin, while cleansing the pores and removing any impurities and dead skin cells.


It Brightens Complexion


The vitamin c and antioxidants present in amla helps brighten the skin. It helps fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots, and generally evens out your complexion. Amla helps increase cell turnover, which promotes brighter and healthier skin. It’s one of the best amla benefits for skin!


It Helps Fight Ageing


All the nutrients present in amla are natural anti-ageing fighters. Whether it’s vitamin, amino acids, or even the antioxidants present, all boost the production of collagen in the skin. This reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discolouration, and leaves you with plumper, younger looking skin.


It Protects Your Skin


The antioxidants in amla promote pre-collagen which creates a barrier and protects your skin against environmental factors such as pollution, diry, and UV rays. This is one of the most common benefits of amla for skin.


It Treats Acne And Acne Scars


Did you know that amla acts as a natural blood purifier? Amla juice speeds up your skin’s ability to heal and also helps reduce acne and any inflammation or scars that can be caused by acne.


It Hydrates The Skin


Amla extracts by itself or even skincare products containing it are known to be really hydrating for the skin. It rejuvenates the layers of the skin and replenishes any lost moisture.


Improves Skin Tone

Amla juice is an amazing ingredient for improving skin tone. This is one of the most effective amla benefits for skin. It contains a high amount of collagen content, making the skin firm and soft. Regular consumption of amla juice boosts vitamin C levels, increasing the production of collagen levels in the skin. Trust us, it’ll make the skin soft and youthful.

Treats Skin Pigmentation 

Drinking amla juice cleanses the skin and treats skin pigmentation. All you have to do is to apply some amla juice on the face and once it dries, make sure you wipe it with a piece of cotton. Doing this, it will help to lighten skin marks and reduce skin pigmentation too.

How to Prepare Gooseberry Juice?

Though there are many DIY ways to prepare gooseberry juice, one of the best and most easiest way is:


  • Water

  • 4 Tablespoons cumin seeds

  • 2 inches roughly sized ginger

  • Indian gooseberry(amla seeded) and chopped roughly 8



Take Indian gooseberries, ginger, and cumin seeds, and blend them together in a blender jar. Add some water to it to make it into a smooth paste. Again add approx 5 cups of water and blend all of them. Lastly, strain the paste into a jug and serve it chill.


MyGlamm Recommends These Amla- Infused Beauty Products


Due to the range of benefits amla has to offer, a lot of beauty products infuse its extract in its formulation. The benefits of amla juice for skin are as effective even when they are present in a moisturiser or toner. The extract from this fruit is a multi-tasking ingredient that helps battle different skin problems, and won’t let you down.


MyGlamm recommends: Manish Malhotra Amla Moisturising Gel


This gel based moisturiser comes enriched with the goodness of concentrated aloe vera juice, amla, almond oil, and mint, all of which come together to deeply nourish skin that is dehydrated and dry. Its lightweight formula prevents premature ageing and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while reducing inflammation and puffiness on your face.



Does amla clear skin?

Yes, amla gives clear skin. It consists of astringent properties helping in skin tightening, resulting in healthy and clear skin.

Can I apply amla on face?

Yes, you can apply amla on the face in the form of a scrub, mask, or juice.

Is Amla good for weight loss?

Yes, amla is low in calories, ideal for people who are looking to do weight loss.

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Amla or gooseberry may be bitter in taste, but is probably one of the most potent ingredients for your face. Imagine, it gives vitamin C –– which is already a powerhouse in itself –– a run for its money. So you can imagine how strong and powerful even the tiniest amount is. The benefits of amla juice for skin, whether ingested or applied, really does have an immense impact on your skin’s health. The next time your grandma runs after you with some amla juice, know that although it doesn’t taste all that pretty, it’ll get you one step closer to that pretty complexion.


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