10 Chrome Nail Art Designs That You’ll Want To Bookmark Right Now!


There are several options when choosing a design for your next manicure, including holographic nail art, 3D nail art, and much more. Although pastels and vibrant hues are typically reserved for spring, there are no rules in beauty, so the current chrome nail art trend is ideal for the upcoming season.


It's not shocking that this nail trend has returned to our list of favourite manicures given how prominent metallic makeup seems right now. We adore how creative and attractive chrome nail art can be, in addition to the dazzling sheen that chrome nails display. Therefore, schedule your next visit or prepare your nail kit (along with your matte nail polish), and continue reading because we're about to share eight of our best chrome nail art trends.


10 Chrome Nail Art Designs That’s Perfect For This Season


Chrome Nail Art Ideas

With a chrome manicure, you may give your nails a shiny, mirror-like appearance. Silver, grey, blue, and gold are just a few of the hues that it comes in. If you're pressed for time, getting chrome nails is quite simple. So, we’ve curated a list of chrome nail art designs that’ll make your digits shine and your face smile.


Chrome Doodles


Chrome Doodles | Chrome Nail Art

In the hands of a skilled nail artist, a nail art brush and a little bit of freedom can occasionally offer amazing results. For the ultimate bespoke manicure, if you or your nail technician has a steady hand, let your imagination run wild and freestyle some metallic doodling. And if you want to imitate this chrome nail art trend at home and still achieve the effect, chrome nail decals and a top coat are all you need.


Chrome + Pastel = Bomb Digits


Bomb Digits | Chrome Nail Designs

Even if you want to attempt the chrome trend, you don't have to give up pastel nails if you can't seem to. To paint your nails, look for a nail polish that has a metallic finish rather than one that shimmers. You may either keep it simple and let the solid colour stand out, or you can use the pastel chrome hue as a base for a more clever design. As you don't need much space to get the effect, this is also a wonderful choice if you're seeking a chrome nail art design for short nails.


Dip Chrome FTW!


Dip Chrome | Chrome Nail Art Design

This pleasing melting chrome nail art design, which was created using many chrome polishes in various hues, is proof that chrome designs can be colourful, too. If you want a completely unique set, this is a terrific alternative because you can pick your colour combinations and choose your melting shapes.


Vouching For 3D Chrome Nails


Chrome Nails | Nail Art Chrome Design

By choosing a 3D chrome nail art combo, you can combine two popular nail designs into one. There are more opportunities for sunlight to bounce against the manicure and produce fantastic dimensions with this nail art. It's a win-win situation when a 3D effect is paired with a chrome nail design.


Double French Tip Chrome Nails


French Tip Chrome Nail | Chrome Nail Art

Ditch French nail tips for this double French tip nail art this season. This trendy chrome nail art is becoming more popular, and when it's done in chrome, it looks futuristic. If you're not used to metallic nails and want to hesitantly immerse your toes—or fingers—into the world of chrome, this rather straightforward design is a fantastic choice.


Chrome Nails With Pearl Accents


Chrome Nails With Pearl Accents | Chrome Nail Polish

Recently, pearl accents have become very trendy in both fashion and makeup, and we adore them for nail art as well. For a chic, extravagant (in the best way) mani, use a chrome base colour and embellish it with pearl nail gems.


Who Said Leopard Print?


Leopard Print | Chrome Nail Art Designs

The world of nails has adopted the enduring leopard fashion trend. This chrome nail art will go with any look, whether you prefer mountain peak shapes or almond nails. Stick-on nails or having your nails painted gold with leopard spots on top are two ways to attain the chrome look. With this stunning nail look, you'll be getting compliments left, right, and centre.


Pink Holographic Chrome Digits


Pink Holographic Chrome Digits | Nail Art Chrome Design

The word "holographic" always conjures up images of space when we speak of it. When your digits are given a holographic look, a kaleidoscope of colours appears that is incredibly stunning. With this stylish set of pink holographic-chrome nails, embrace your inner goddess.

Black Chrome Nail Art


Black nail design is one of the most popular & stylish nail art designs. So if this is everyone’s most favourite choice, why not add a chrome effect to it!? Get ready to try this black chrome nail art design & let your nails stand out in the crowd!

Glitter Chrome Nail Art Design



There’s nothing better than a combination of chrome nail art design + glitter! You can play up with colours and nail shapes to achieve a beautiful chrome nail art design. This design will make your nails look simple & classy at the same time.


MyGlamm Recommends Best Nail Products To Create Chrome Nail Art


POPxo Makeup Hustling’ Mini Nail Kit




Want to DIY a masterpiece mani, look no further than this hustin’ nail kit. It is loaded with super-vibrant hues, the formulas are spiked with good-for-nails ingredients that will keep your nails shiny and soft while helping you make a head-turning statement.


MyGlamm Wanderlust Chrome Matte Nail Polish - Maui



The adventure starts from the tingle in your toes to the tips of your fingers! A new generation of nail polish by MyGlamm called Wanderlust Chrome Matte is a lavish union of technology and glitz! This highly pigmented, full-coverage chrome matte nail lacquer, which was created for the fashion-forward traveller, provides your fingertips a velvety, chic finish that you'll be Instagramming all trip long.


POPxo Makeup Vibin’ Mini Nail Kit



No nail stash is complete without this nail polish kit. It’s perfect for glitter-loving' peeps. The clean formulas, chic colours, and fun packaging all make it a must-buy for DIY nail queens.


MyGlamm Two Of Your Kind Nail Enamel Set - Casino Night



A pair of two eye-catching nail polish colours that give your digits a salon-like shine. With just one stroke, its long-lasting solution provides great pigment coverage. A combination of traditional black and white nail polish, casino night complements any manicure.


PopXO Makeup - Dreamin’ Mini Nail Kit



This glossy set of five non-toxic nail polishes is available in stylish pastel hues. The formulation is also non-streaky and has a long shelf life. Whatever you decide to do, these nail paints will be there for you. Have fun with the colours, colour block them, or wear them alone.


How To Do Chrome Nail Art


  • To get your nails ready for gel polish, file and buff them. Form a proper shape with a nail file, and then push any skin that is overlapping the nail back with a cuticle stick. Use a soft brush to brush away the nail dust after buffing the nails with a buffer.

  • Using gel nail polish, apply a base coat. For a smooth and even finish, ensure the bristles are parallel to the direction in which the nail is growing. The base coat will protect your nails from staining and prolong the life of your manicure.

  • Apply coloured gel polish with a brush. Use a dark hue, such as black, for a more obvious chrome effect. You might wish to apply a second layer if you're using a lighter hue.

  • To cure the polish, place your hands under a UV or LED lamp. To determine how long to place your hands under the lamp, according to the manufacturer's instructions for the nail paint. It will take longer if you use a handheld UV or LED light because you can only hold it over one nail at once.

  • Use a teeny bit of chrome dust on the applicator. If your chrome powder didn't come with an applicator, you can either use a rubber-gloved finger or a foam eyeshadow applicator. Start with a very tiny quantity and if you need more, you can always add more.

  • Apply the chrome powder to the nail in one motion by brushing. Start at the cuticle and move toward the nail's tip while applying minimal pressure. Use several strokes if necessary to ensure that the powder is applied to the entire nail.

  • Voila! You’re ready to flaunt your nails now.


‘Tis the season for chrome nails!


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