Benefits Of Toner: From Cleansing To Balancing- Here Are All The Skin Toner Benefits & Why Should You Include It Into Your Skincare Routine!


In the realm of skincare CTM - cleanse, tone, moisturise - is the holy grail to perfect skin. However, toning in general has always been deemed as the optional step. This rather controversial process in your skincare routine has been said to be unnecessary or redundant, especially if you’re using a good face cleanser. That is not really the case. Skin toner benefits are many and they carry a whole lot of advantages for your skin –– especially when it comes to locking-in all the nourishment and moisture being received from your other skincare products. Scroll down to see the benefits of toner and how your skin actually needs it more than you think.


Benefits Of Toner For Skin

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If you’ve heard the rumours that dry skin people can skip toning their skin, then it’s time to put it to rest. Just like you have different ingredients in your face wash or moisturiser that are suited for different skin types, similarly you have certain ingredients that may or may not work with dry skin. So if you’ve got dry skin opt for a toner that’s hydrating, while people with oily skin can opt for toners that help remove the excess oil. Skipping on this step will only make you miss out on all the face toner benefits you can take advantage of.


Removes Oil And Makeup 


Yes your face cleanser is meant for that and so is your makeup remover. However, even after so much cleansing there’s still traces of oil and makeup that’s left behind on your skin. By using a toner, you’re adding another layer of cleansing –– this makes sure your skin is 100 percent ready for the next product. This is one of the most common benefits of toner.


Soothes Your Skin


Your skin never lies, especially when it’s in distress! The signs? Redness and irritation. Pick the right toner and you can instantly soothe your skin when it’s stressing out. The nourishing anti-inflammatory ingredients help relieve discomfort by calming your skin down.


Reduces The Appearance Of Pores 


Toning helps your pores appear smaller, allowing for a smoother and cleaner finish. This is another skin toner benefit and makes for a great canvas, when you’re looking to create a seamless base with makeup.


Helps Lock In Moisture


Facial toners that don’t contain alcohol are often super hydrating. The moment you apply a moisturiser when your skin is still slightly damp with the toner, it will absorb all the moisture from it and retain it in the layers of your skin. This makes your moisturiser far more effective and worth every single penny. This is one of the most popular benefits of toner.


Refreshes And Tightens The Skin


Firstly, who doesn’t like a spritz or two of refreshing liquid on a hot summer’s day?! Toners, especially rose water, instantly hydrates and refreshes your skin. It’s also known to tighten the skin, leaving you with a much firmer face.


Serves And Protects


Another amazing benefit of toner is it helps protect it from environmental factors that cause daily damage to it. It allows your skin to stay clean and shields it from dirt, grime, and pollutants that can suck the life and the glow out of it.


Balances pH levels


This one is cliche, but do you know what it truly means? Your skin’s acidic levels (pH) are usually around 4.7. When you use an alkaline face cleanser with a different pH level it can cause havoc on your skin by either drying it out, irritating it, or causing it to oil up in an instant. The main job of a toner is to bring the pH level back to its normal levels, ASAP.


Restores Natural Nutrients


Toners restore the nutrients that are usually stripped off by your cleansers. This leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated, and also takes care of any irritation.



Is toner good for skin everyday?

Yes, a toner is good for the skin for everyday use. You can use a toner once or twice a day!

Is toner good for your skin?

Yes, a toner is good for your skin as it offers benefits such as tightening pores, maintaining the pH level of the skin, improving skin tone, etc.

When should I use toner?

Ideally, you should use it twice a day, once in the morning and once during bedtime

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Toners are an absolute essential, no matter how bad their reputation is. Just make sure you are picking the right toner for your skin type, in order to reap the full benefits of toner for your skin.


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