Hair Care 101: Include These Vital Vitamins In Your Diet For Luscious Locks?

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Who wouldn’t like to flaunt dreamy locks with a preppy bounce to them? Let us tell you - no girl ever! Dreaming of long and voluminous hair, you must have spent a great deal of time, effort and money on haircare products that can help you with the same, haven’t you? From trying infinite varieties of shampoos and conditioners to homemade DIYs, your attempts to achieve the mane of your dreams will stay nullified if you are not paying attention to essential vitamins for hair growth. Today we will look at the best vitamins for hair growth that help nourish hair on a deeper level, for faster and healthier hair growth. These vitamins for hair can not only be included in your daily diet, but also in your hair care products like hair masks, hair serums and hair oils.  


Best Vitamins For Hair Growth


Here are some of the most important vitamins for hair growth that you need to incorporate into your diet. 


Vitamin A




Vitamin A is a popular anti-ageing ingredient that helps in promoting the building of new cells. A deficiency of vitamin A can directly affect your hair health in terms of damaged follicles, sweat glands and hair texture. This can directly lead to hair loss. Include this vitamin for hair in your diet via carrots, potatoes, avocados, spinach and kale.   


Vitamin B5




If you’ve ventured into haircare by yourself, you must know the importance of this vitamin for hair growth and thickness. Also called pantothenic acid, vitamin B5 is one of the most important vitamins required for healthy hair and skin. This vitamin helps convert the protein, carbohydrates and fats you intake into energy. Vitamin B5 deficiency can cause excessive hair fall. Increase your body’s B5 intake by eating mushrooms, broccoli, nuts, beans, meats. Eggs, dairy products and peas.  


Vitamin C




If you’re looking for the best vitamin for hair loss, let us tell you the answer - vitamin C! Vitamin C has gained traction as one of the most sought after skin care ingredients in the industry for a good reason. Its antioxidant nature helps protect the cells against free radical damage. It also plays a major role in the production of collagen, which is an extremely important protein for healthy hair. Vitamin C is a vitamin for hair that can help reduce hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth. 


Vitamin D




Vitamin D is another important vitamin for hair growth and hair thickness. Deficiency of vitamin D is directly related to hair loss, alopecia and weak hair. Vitamin D helps stimulate cell growth, increase immunity, keeps the hair strong and healthy and helps create new follicles. You can increase the content of vitamin D in your body by safely exposing yourself to sunlight, with the help of vitamin D supplements, or by including foods like milk, orange juice and cereals. 


Vitamin E




Vitamin E is another antioxidant-rich vitamin for hair that can help your hair get stronger and grow faster. It helps in protecting and repairing cells against free radical damage and is used in a great number of hair care products. It can also help in turning damaged, frizzy hair into manageable, smooth and shiny hair that can help reduce hair breakage and improve overall hair texture.  


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These vitamins for hair growth are extremely important to be included in an individual’s daily diet. Whether it’s in the form of vitamin-rich foods, or in the form of vitamin supplements, missing out on these essential vitamins for hair can lead to hair fall, hair loss, hair damage, thinning hair or stunted hair growth. Does your hair care diet include these vitamins? 

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