What Concealer Is Used For? Know What Does Concealer Do & Should You Use Concealer Or Foundation First!


Concealers are made to hide all your imperfections, but most days it starts smoothly as ever and slowly begin to turn on you by cracking, creasing, and caking up your face. We’re gonna give you the inside scoop on what concealer is used for, how to use concealer, and should you use concealer or foundation first. For that flawless finish, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks that will take your makeup game from A to A+.

If you want to know what concealer is used for, the simple answer would be that concealer is flesh or skin-toned cosmetic, in the form of liquid, cream or stick that is often used to cover spots, blemishes, and darker areas of the skin like dark circles etc. Scroll below to know what is concealer, should you use concealer before or after foundation and why is concealer used!


How To Apply Concealer On Face? 

All thanks to a magical makeup product ‘concealer’ that hides blemishes, and swollen eyes, and makes you look fresh in a few minutes. But first, you should know how to use concealer & what is concealer used for!

How To Apply Concealer Under Eyes

  • The first step in knowing how to apply concealer under eyes is to prime it with a hydrating cream until it gets absorbed properly.

  • Then take a little amount of primer and smoothly apply it to your eyes and below the eye area.

  • If you have major dark circles, use an orange colour corrector and blend it well.

  • Then apply some dots of concealer under your eyes, close to your lashes, and inner corner of the eyes.

  • With the help of your fingertip or a brush, gently dab the concealer do it onto the skin.


Total Makeover FF Cream Foundation Palette- Cappuccino: This features an oil-free, light, and long-lasting cream-powder formula that is packed with concealer, foundation, compact with SPF 30, primer, and two colour correctors.


How To Apply Concealer Around The Mouth

How To Apply Concealer Around The Mouth

  • After the use of foundation, use a slightly lighter shade of concealer and dab it around your lips.

  • The tip to make your lip colour pop is by applying your concealer closer to the lips.

  • You can also apply some bit of concealer on your lips before lipstick for smoother looking lips.

How to apply concealer around the brows

How to apply concealer around the brows


  • After you’ve filled your eyebrows with your choice of brow pencil or powder, now is the time to know how to use concealer on brows.

  • Take some liquid concealer and a flat tip brush for using concealer around your eyebrows. Then apply the liquid concealer below your eyebrows in small dots.

  • Then blend the concealer down towards your eyelids.

  • You can also apply the concealer on the top of your bows for a more defined look.

How To Apply Concealer To Hide Pimples

How To Apply Concealer To Hide Pimples


  • If you have dark spots, acne, scars, or birthmarks, you can cover them with a concealer after prepping up your skin with the CTM routine & a primer.

  • You should dab your concealer onto the top of each pimple or mark and then gently blend outwards to your skin. 

  • Later, use a thin layer of  concealer to avoid having a cakey look, so apply more if required

  • To lock the concealer, dust off some setting powder all over.


Twin faced concealer sticks- Butterscotch Medium: MyGlamm’s twin-faced concealer hides dark circles wrinkles, and fine lines, The concealer has a gentle creamy formula that glides easily onto a silky matte finish perfect for concealing wider problem areas. The concealer stick is quite easy to use and blend containing natural antioxidants.



Is it necessary to use concealer? Well, it depends upon an individual’s choice of skin type and preference, but if you want to cover up your dark circles, dark spots, blemishes, it’s necessary to use a concealer. You can use it daily too.


Why do you put concealer on after foundation? To avoid a cakey look and texture, women avoid applying concealer before foundation. And thus, if you apply face makeup first and then a concealer, it gives you a smooth and blendable base to work with before you cover your spots.

 Can you wear concealer alone? Yes, you can wear concealer alone as the concealer blends in with your skin tone. As a finishing touch, you can dust mineral powder over your neck and face and then use a large powder brush to work it in.

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So, now that you know what concealer is used for and how to use concealer, the best way to start your makeup journey is to buy one that suits your skin tone and you are all ready to look flawless.


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