Here’s How To Apply Concealer Like A Professional MUA

How to apply concealer

I love my concealer so much that, on occasion, I don't even apply foundation. I just spot-conceal any acne, redness, and my under-eye area, and I’m good to go. The makeup product gives my skin the pick-me-up it needs within seconds. 

But if you don’t know how to use a concealer for your face makeup, I’m going to break it down for you in five simple steps. Read on to know how to use concealer.

How To Use Concealer


I’m going to tell you exactly how to apply concealer. And it will change your life.


  1. Assess Your Skin’s Needs 


  1. By Skin Type: Does your skin feel dry? Look for a concealer that’s hydrating in that case. But if it’s oily, a concealer that has oil-control properties might benefit you more. 

  2. By Skin Concern: What are you trying to conceal? You’ll have to glance at the colour-wheel to understand what you need. If it’s redness that you’d like to counter, you might want a green-tinted concealer. Yellow, on the other hand, brightens up the face. Orange and red can camouflage darkness or purple-ish spots. For acne and blemishes, look for one that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. 

  1. Consider The Formulas 


A product is not a one-size-fits-all no matter how clean its formula or how well it blends into the skin. Just like us, concealers come in different sizes and shapes too. Some are liquid-based. Some are in the form of a stick and pencils. You can choose one based on your preferences and skin’s needs. A hydrating liquid-based concealer might look and feel better on dry skin as opposed to a matte-based one. For oily, acne-prone skin, a solid or powder-based concealer with mattifying properties might help. 


  1. Prep Your Skin 


Prep your skin by cleansing and moisturising. This will enable your concealer to melt and blend into your skin seamlessly. 


  1. Apply Your Foundation Next


If you do your foundation first, go right in and blend away. This is perfect for when the concealing is minimal and basic. 


But if you have a lot of blemishes and pigmentation to cover, go in with a colour-correcting concealer before applying foundation. 


  1. Apply Your Concealer 


How to apply concealer for beginners? Apply the product to whichever parts of the skin you think need some coverage. Make sure you’re not using a lot of concealer. Simply tap the product in lightly with the tip of your middle finger. That’s how to apply concealer on face.


Use: MyGlamm Super Serum Concealer 

For those of you with dry, dehydrated skin, this Hyaluronic Acid-infused concealer will moisture your skin while concealing blemishes, spots, and other concerns. It’s extremely blendable and melts into the skin like butter. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Concealer

And for those of you with combination or oil-prone skin, this concealer gives a luxe, lumi-matte finish. But it won’t dry your skin out. It’s moisturising and feels light on the face.


  1. Conclude With Setting Powder 


To extend the longevity of your base, make sure you’re dabbing on some loose powder all over your face. Pay more attention to the areas you have concealed. 

These were all the steps on how to apply concealer. Just follow them and you’ll know exactly why I tend to skip foundation altogether. Concealers are game-changing. 




  • Should concealer be applied before or after foundation?


It’s best to apply concealer after. Most people apply a layer of foundation before spot-correcting with concealer. The point of a foundation is to smooth over pigmentation, redness, dullness, and more. A concealer just supports this role. If you apply your concealer first, blending foundation later might move the concealer from its spot on your skin. This can be counterproductive considering you’ll have to correct this again. 


  • What is the purpose of concealer?


A concealer specifically targets areas of your skin that a foundation doesn’t. Be it the darkness under the eyes or a blemish that’s still visible through the base, it offers your skin that extra coverage. 


  • How do I make my concealer look good?

  1. Don’t apply your concealer directly on your dark circles. This will just make your eyes look puffy. Draw it in the form of an upside-down triangle under the eyes instead. 

  2. Make sure you’re setting your concealer with powder to make it stay in place. 

  3. Use the right colour to target different concerns. A colour wheel will help you understand that. 


That’s how to put concealer on face.

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