Tried & Tested: This Concealer Hack Will Give You An Instant Face Lift!

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Social media has revolutionalised the makeup game. So many of us learned to love it only thanks to product haul videos and tutorials on YouTube and now Instagram hacks, challenges and trends are taking over our lives. We’re talking about the fox eye trend, the emoji challenge, and even the blush hack that’s gone viral. Now, there’s a new fad that’s going about town and it’s the concealer hack that gives your face a lifted look.

What Is This New Concealer Hack?


Well, it all started from Tik Tok where Megha Singh went viral for putting out a video where she’s applying concealer to give herself a lifted appearance. People are now swiping it on very particular points on their face- the outer corner of the eye, along the curve of the mouth, and at the inner contour of the eye. This creates a lifting effect. 


Don’t believe us? Watch this video:



So, if you want to put this to the test we suggest that you apply concealer and try this hack on one side of your face and leave the other bare, your mind is going to be blown. We also suggest that you apply the rest of your makeup at an upward angle as well like your blush and cream contour cause then you’ll look like a super chiselled diva, right at home!

Concealers To Buy To Try Out This Hack

The concealer you pick should have a doe-foot applicator so that you can make a precise line at each point and this one does just that. It’s lightweight yet full coverage and actually helps in de-puffing your eyes. 

You can’t go wrong with this one causes it reduces the appearance of pores and works well for all skin types. It is also available in over 30 different shades and that’s always a win. So, apply it to the outer and inner corner of your eyes and you’ll be able to see a difference.


This one is a holy grail concealer and for good reason- it’s budget-friendly and gets the job done as well as any luxe product. It’s lightweight and easy to blend so it doesn’t feel cakey or heavy on the skin. 


Another concealer that is creamy and pigmented and will help you get a filtered look. Use one that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and you’ll be able to give yourself a facelift with just a couple of basic makeup products.

For those of you who like blending concealer with a precise brush, this one by MyGlamm is superb. It can blend out the product under your eyes and on blemishes. It can also help blend your eyeshadow primer for a more seamless finish.

Ready for a makeup facelift?

Featured Image: Instagram