5 TV Show Characters That Started Beauty Trends


TV shows have always had a major influence on the fashion and beauty world. Since the very beginning, way before the birth of social media, popular TV shows were the ones who set the ball rolling when it came to makeup and fashion trends and they still continue to do so. 
From the glossy lips trend to ultra-thin eyebrows to bright pastel eyeshadows that dominated the '80s, you can thank TV show characters for these makeup trends. While there are certain makeup trends we wish would never see the light of day, there are others that have made a comeback. We’re breaking down makeup looks made famous by TV characters through the years.

Bewitched - Samantha

link: https://clickamericana.com/media/television-shows/bewitched-makes-magical-television-debut-1964
Bewitched was a popular TV show back in the '60s and the lead character Samantha’s makeup choice was loved by women everywhere. Bright pink lipstick, heavily blushed cheeks, and winged eyeliner was her signature look. This spellbinding makeup look was a crowd favourite and women from all walks of life weren't afraid to rock it.

Dynasty - Fallon

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No, we aren’t talking about the latest one. Before Elizabeth Gillies took on the role of Fallon, Pamela Sue Martin originally played the role of the overdramatic heiress back in the '80s. Her signature kohled eyes, nude glossy lips and blushed cheeks created a most loved '80s makeup trend.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Rachel Green

Link: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/141370875775753964/
While Rachel has had many iconic looks through the years, her most popular look was the makeup look she rocked with her most sought-after haircut- The classic 90s’ look. Ultra-thin eyebrows, brown smokey crease with blank lids, tightly lined eyes, matte bronzer and nude glossy lipstick were all the rage after the series aired.

Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf

Link: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/512495632574258474/?lp=true
Blair’s fresh-faced makeup look on Gossip Girl was a perfect match for her in-your-face personality. The character's go-to style of rosy blushed cheeks, subtle eyeshadow, and glossy lips were a cult favourite all around the world.

Euphoria - Maddy

Link: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/554224297894050563/?nic=1a&sender=689895374076408534
Euphoria is the latest TV show that’s dominating the makeup world with its bold makeup choices. It’s such a crowd-pleaser that big fashion labels have even rocked these makeup looks during fashion week. But it’s Maddy’s makeup look that really caught our attention. She completed her dramatic eye makeup by adding jewels around her eyes. Now that’s statement-making makeup! 

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