5 Eye Makeup Tips To Flaunt This Diwali!


It’s Diwali and it’s time to experiment with eye makeup using some easy eye makeup tips to highlight your eyes and make them look furthermore attractive as you head out for a Diwali party. To make you look flawless during the festive season, MyGlamm gives you some cool eye makeup tips that you can use to deck up this festive season.

Highlight Your Eyes: One of the best eye makeup tricks is to highlight eyes and let your eyes do all the talking. Once your eyes stand out, your whole face will appear brighter and strikingly beautiful. Remember to pick the right shade of eye shadow that matches your features as well as your skin tone best. Eye shadows, eyeliners and mascaras all help enhance the individual colour of your eyes depending on the colour of product you select. Sweep on eye shadow by applying colour from the lash line to above the crease. Playing with light and dark shades in the same colour will create a contouring effect if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Make Your Eyes Look Bigger: For all those who always dreamt of having big eyes, here’s how you can create that look. One Eyeliner tip, never apply eyeliner all the way around your eyes. This will make your eyes appear smaller. And, this also means you must ditch the smokey eye look if you want to create the big eyes effect this festive season. While applying liner, do it just below the lash line and don’t let the line come all the way to the inner corner of your eye. Another eyeliner tip is to wear a lighter colour on your wet line to make your eyes look noticeably bigger. Shimmer too works wonders to make small eyes stand out.

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Pay Attention To The Crease Line: Most of the time, we don’t focus on the crease line at all. But if you want your eyes to speak for you, then make sure you do not miss out on this important step. Define the crease line with a soft dark pencil. This will in turn help in highlighting your eyes, making them look jaw-droppingly beautiful.

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Go For Gold On Your Lids: Because gold never fails to look classy, one of the best eye makeup tips is to go for gold eyelids for a stunning eye look. However, don’t create the whole look using the gold eye shadow as it would make your eyes look dull after some time. The right way is to highlight only the midsection of your lids with some amount of gold for an elegant touch to come through. You can take gold shimmer, dab a little with your finger and blend in.

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Wear Mascara To Add Some Drama: Mascara gives your eyes the final touch it needs to make them look super gorgeous. It can add spark to your eyes within no time. Just swoop up your lashes and there you are, ready to take on the world.

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These eye makeup tips will instantly up your beauty game as you head out for a fun night during the upcoming festive season!


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