4 Stunning Makeup Looks That Would Make Your Green Eyes Pop

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When it comes to makeup, there’s no hard and fast rule on what you can and cannot wear. To each their own, after all makeup is supposed to be a fun expression. However, there are some colours that work together and there are some that tend to clash –– that’s when a little guidance comes in handy. When you’ve got green eyes, you’ve got to pick and choose hues and looks that’ll bring out the best from your peepers and make them pop beautifully. Check out the makeup colours for green eyes and four makeup looks that’ll help you make them stand out.


Makeup For Green Eyes - Ideas And Inspiration


Looking for some ideas? Look no further. Let these five makeup looks for green eyes pave the way for you. Scroll down to get inspired with everyday makeup for green eyes.


Rose Gold Goddess

Image courtesy - Instagram


This classic shimmer smokey eyeshadow will really make those green eyes pop. The subtle hues of rose gold, pink, and mauve, complement the nude pink lip. Plus the long, curled lashes add an elegant touch to the entire look.


How To Recreate The Look:


Step 1: Apply a slightly dark pink eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyes and into the crease. Now go over your lids with a shimmering pink eyeshadow, all the way into the inner corner of your eyes. And blend away! You can also use a single eye sparkle, if you want to keep things even more subtle. 


MyGlamm Recommends - 4 Eyeshadow Kit in Send Noods


This eye kit comprises 2 matte eyeshadows and 2 shimmer eyeshadows, perfect to create those subtle nude looks. It is enriched with vitamin E And is super pigmented and long-lasting. The colours blend very easily together, which makes it apt for those smokey eyes.


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Step 2: Prep your lips by exfoliating them with a dry brush. Apply some lip balm and go over it with a creamy nude pink lipstick.


MyGlamm Recommends - LIT Satin Matte Lipstick In The Good Wife

This bullet lipstick gives your lips a 3D satin matte finish that lasts you all day long. It’s really lightweight and has an immediate colour payoff. It’s really comfortable on the lips, which makes it a great everyday kind of lipstick.


Rs 495


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Step 3: Finish the look by curling your eyelashes and applying a defining black mascara. This’ll really make those green eyes pop a whole lot more.


MyGlamm Recommends - Manish Malhotra Mascara


This creamy texture mascara gives you the falsies effect, without the added weight. Its creamy texture and softening formula makes it perfect for your lashes, and is suitable for sensitive eyes too.


Rs 850


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Dramatic Wing

Image courtesy - Instagram


This winged eyeliner might look dramatic, but don’t let it scare you away. Paired with some light blush that’s draped subtly around your cheeks, cheekbones and eye lids, this look is a pretty go-to if you’re looking for everyday makeup for green eyes. Complete the look with a peach lip and you’re ready to go!


How To Recreate The Look:


Step 1: Apply a coral blush on the apples of your cheeks and eyelids, making sure the powder is blended in well so that it connects.


MyGlamm Recommends - Pose HD Blush Duo - Coral | Punch


This satin finish duo blush comes in two hues –– a soft coral and mauve pink. The formula is super lightweight and comfortable to wear, and can go from subtle to intense with just a few swipes. It blends perfectly, so you won’t be left with awkward streaks.


Rs 699


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Step 2: Use a felt tip liquid eyeliner to create a dramatic winged eyeliner.


MyGlamm Recommends - Manish Malhotra Precision Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner in Black Diamond


This eyeliner has a tapered felt tip that allows for precise application. The formula delivers a highly pigmented colour that lasts for upto 24 hours. Plus, it’s water-resistant and doesn’t smudge or transfer, making it perfect for a dramatic eye that doesn’t want to budge.


Rs 895


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Step 3: Tie in the look with a peach, high-shine lipstick.

MyGlamm Recommends - Manish Malhotra Hi-shine Lipstick in Sunset Sienna


Meet the peach pink shade that’ll add a whole lot of colour to your lips without being too overbearing. It has a high coverage that leaves your pout with glossy shine. The creamy and smooth formula glides on super easily and keeps lips hydrated all through the wear.


Rs 950


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Fresh Faced


Image courtesy - Instagram


This subdued no-makeup makeup look is one of those simple go-tos that really amps up your natural beauty in just a few steps.


How To Recreate The Look:


Step 1 - Apply a light to medium coverage foundation on your face and neck. Blend away. Remember, the base needs to look super natural, so just use foundation to even out your skin tone and cover up any major blemishes.

This stick foundation leaves your skin with a matte finish. It’s formulated with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, that help nourish your skin and also leave it with a soft focus effect.


Rs 599


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Step 2: Since the focus of this look is the face, make sure you add a little highlighter on the high points and blend, blend, blend for a more natural look.


MyGlamm Recommends - Face Kit - InstaGlamm


This full-face makeup kit has all the essentials required for a flawless base. It comprises a translucent setting powder, a highlighter, and two blush shades. With highly pigmented formulas, each product in this kit is enriched with vitamin E and is super long lasting.

Rs 399


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Step 3: Tightline your eyes with a kajal or kohl pencil. This’ll add definition and take your look to a whole new level.


MyGlamm Recommends - Superfoods Kajal - Raven



This roll-up kajal pencil contains avocado oil extracts, vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil, all of which nourish your eyes, without causing any irritation. It is long-lasting and has an intense pigment that glides on without tugging your lids. 


Rs 395


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Colour Me Pretty


Image courtesy - Instagram


This gorgeous look gives ‘rainbow’ a whole new name. Bringing together bright colours, this eye literally is the focus of your makeup look. You don’t need a whole lot of makeup products to recreate this one –– so don’t give up and hit the exit button just yet!


How To Recreate The Look:


Step 1: Use a bright eyeshadow palette with some shimmer and matte shades to create this eye. Apply a yellow hue to the inner corner of your eyes, then go in with a nude pink, then a green on the outer corner and blend away! Use the pink shade on your waterline to define it even further. You’ll even find these hues in a mini eyeshadow kit.


MyGlamm Recommends - 4 Eyeshadow Kit in Hot Mess


This eyeshadow palette has an eclectic mix of four shades that are reminiscent of a bright rainbow. Enriched with vitamin E, the hues are highly pigmented and stay put on your lids for a while. The colours blend easily, and therefore make creating beautiful eye makeup looks seem like a breeze.


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Step 2: Create a dramatic eye with either a colourful eye pencil or a liquid eyeliner. Make sure you line your crease as well, to give it that graphic effect.


MyGlamm Recommends - Stay Defined Liquid Eyeliner Brow Powder in Ebony & Walnut

This two-in-one liquid eyeliner plus brow powder is easy to use, even for the most basic beginner. The formula has an excellent colour payoff and is high coverage –– leaving you with a matte finish wing. It’s waterproof, quick drying, smudge-proof, and even stays put during the sweatiest of evenings. The brow powder blends easily and gives you a smooth natural finish that lasts upto 8 hours. 


Rs 1,095


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Best Makeup Colours For Green Eyes


Want to make your beautiful eye colour pop way more than it already does? Then make sure you choose makeup colours for green eyes.  These hues are a sure shot way to grab the attention your gorgeous peepers deserve.


Warm Neutrals


If you’re going for an everyday kind of look then opt for warm neutrals like browns and nudes. A little shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes is enough to make the green pop.




Literally all the golds from the gold family work for green eyes. These complement your eyes and can go from AM to PM instantly.


Red Pinks


A little bit of red on the eyes and pink on the cheeks will definitely match your green eyes. You can even drape the same shade across your eyelids and onto your cheek.



Looking to create a simple, quick smokey eye? Then just opt for deep grey shade. Paired with a dramatic black liner, your eyes are sure to make the statement you’d like.




This versatile colour in every shade will make your eyes stand out. Be it summer or winter, dinner date or brunch with the girls, this colour is bound to be your best friend.


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Creating eye makeup looks for your eye colour shouldn’t be a task. Pick and choose colours and looks that work in your favour. Let these looks serve as inspiration and let these makeup colours for green eyes pave the way for you when you’re looking to purchase your eye makeup products.