2024 Beauty Resolutions You Need To Follow! 


It’s officially the new year and a new decade, so that means a whole new list of resolutions. We create these resolutions in order to change ourselves and make adjustments in our lives that will probably help us in the long run. From gym resolutions to self-improvement ones, we’ve all got our list and while most of us manage to keep up with them up in the first month, it is long forgotten by March.

This year why not create a beauty resolution list that you can actually stick to. We’ve got a few makeup resolutions that are not only easy to follow but will also improve your skin. So, take out your notebook and jot these down. Here are 5 beauty resolutions you need to adopt into your daily life in order to take care of your skin and change your makeup game.

Makeup Resolution #1
Wash Everything Off

After a long night out, washing off your makeup might seem impossible and once your head touches the pillow, it would take all the forces in the world to get you out of bed and drag you to the washroom to remove your makeup. The struggle is definitely real and we’ve all been there.

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But this year, your resolution should be to always remove all your makeup and go to bed with a clean face. Sleeping with makeup clogs your pores, increases the risk of breakouts, redness and acne. 

Makeup Resolution #2
Clean Your Brushes

Whether or not you use your brushes often, make sure to always clean them. Aside from product buildup, unwashed brushes contain a whole lot of nasties, including germs and bacteria that can cause various skin issues. 

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Now more than ever, you need to wash your brushes thoroughly with a good anti-bacterial soap and spray them down with a sanitizer to keep the nasties at bay. Washing your brushes regularly also removes any product buildup and improves the application process. 

Makeup Resolution #3
Take Care Of Your Lips

When it comes to caring for your skin, lips are overlooked. Many of us are guilty of taking care of the rest of our face, in turn, forgetting about the lip section. Lips are the most sensitive part of your face, making it easier for them to crack and chap and once this happens, no amount of lipsticks can give you those pout-worthy lips.  

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In order to take care of your lips, make sure to exfoliate them at least once a week and never leave home without your lip balm.

Makeup Resolution #4
Make SPF Your BFF

There is this false notion that sunscreen is only for summers which is a total MYTH! The sun never takes a break so neither should your SPF. Not wearing sunscreen can lead to sunburn and also premature ageing.

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So no matter the season, the next time you walk out the door, ask yourself if you’re skin is protected from the sun.

Makeup Resolution #5
Try New Makeup Trends

While you’re trying to change yourself and your body for the new year, maybe you should give your makeup routine an upgrade as well. If you aren't experimental with your makeup and only go for the basic lined eyes and nude lip colour, why not change things up this year.

There are many makeup trends that surface every week and thousands of looks online, so this year, up your makeup game and elevate your look by trying on brighter hues and adding a whole lot of shimmer and glitter. After all, your face is the canvas and your makeup - the paints, so go on and create your masterpiece. 

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