New Year Nail Art Designs To Bring In 2022 In Style


Bring in 2022 in style by giving your digits a makeover thanks to these new year nail art designs. As the year end festivities call for you to get dressed in your finest- sparkly dress and glittery makeup and all. So, why shouldn’t your digits look fabulous with some nail art for new year's eve? A manicure will be the perfect accessory for the party season. It’ll even complement your ensemble as well as a designer clutch. So, get yourself a new years eve nail art look and look fabulous from head to toe.  

Best In-Salon New Year Nail Art Designs

New year's nail designs that are trending in 2021 have the ability to complete your whole fashion and beauty look just like a much-needed fashion accessory.  To get on to the latest trends in this department, pick from these new year nail art ideas to instruct your manicurists.

Disco Fever



Opt for a silver holographic sequin nail art design like this to make your nails look like they are ready for the party.


Crown Jewels



Get your digits detailed with stones and metal accents for a nail look that can replace jewellery altogether.


Champagne Nights



Express the spirit of year end celebrations with this black nail art look that features champagne glasses in white and gold. It's quirky and edgy at the same time.


Best DIY New Year Nail Art Ideas

Celebrate with happy new year nail art by creating it by yourself at home. Put nail products like matte nail polishes, glossy nail enamels, matte nail enamels, nail lacquers and mini nail kits to work with these DIY new year’s eve nail designs and be sure to slay.


Gradient Glow


Make a colour palette of one pastel, one neutral and one glitter shade of one colour. In this case, the look is built around the colour blue. Apply the glitter blue shade on your ring finger and then the neutral shade on your index finger. Paint the rest of the nails with the pastel hue. Seal the deal with glossy top coats.


Ombré Sparkle


Add a touch of sparkle to your nail polish by drenching the tips of your fingernails in glitter. Paint a nude base colour all over your nails and once it dries brush glitter polish on the tips covering half of your nails. Use a top coat. 


Dual Dose


Get crafty with this angled glitter nail look for striking digits that make a statement. Paint your nails with a base coat of nude or any other glossy colour you desire and let it dry. Next cut off an inch of tape for each of your fingers. Apply the tape slanting from your cuticles, leaving one corner of each of the nail tips out. Apply glitter on the tips and remove the tape. Et voilà.


MyGlamm Recommends The Best Nail Products To Do New Year Nail Art With

If you’re wondering about which products you need to bring your new year nail designs to life, MyGlamm has got you covered. Here are our best picks.


Wanderlust Sand Matte Nail Polish 2020 - Tiramisú


The MyGlamm Wanderlust Sand Matte Nail Polishes offer a textured sand matte nail polish finish that are available in shades that are perfect for new year’s eve. Tiramisú is a bronze shade from this collection that is versatile enough to sport for all the year end festivities. Bonus, these matte nail enamels are fast drying and chip-resistant.


Rs 249

Buy here

Popxo Makeup - Vibin’ Mini Nail Kit


The Vibin' Mini Nail Kit from the POPxo Makeup Collection offers five chip-resistant glitter nail polishes that pack in some serious bling. They are glossy, glittery and give you all the sparkle you need for new year’s eve. This glitter mini nail kit has shades of gold, silver, champagne, pink and bronze so you have everything you need to glam up. 


Rs 249

Buy here


POPxo Makeup - Chillin’ Mini Nail Kit


This Chillin’ Mini Nail Polish Kit from POPxo offers shades ranging from blush pinks to earthy nudes. With five chip-resistant neutral nail polishes, it is the perfect mini nail kit for those who gravitate towards neutral hues. The high gloss effect makes these nude nail polishes even more alluring. 

Rs 249

Buy here


Two Of Your Kind - Casino Night

Nail lacquer duos are the best because you have two shades that complement each other and can be worn by itself to make an impact. The MyGlamm Long-Lasting Gel Finish Nail Enamel Set comes in an array of hues and the Casino Night variant is a front runner for new year’s eve celebrations. The glossy black and white shades are bold and chic and will pack a punch. They give off a gel-like finish and are highly pigmented. This glossy nail enamel duo is worth a buy.

Rs 295

Buy here


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With all of this nail art inspo and essential nail products, you are all set to make your manicure design decisions. These new year nail art ideas are certified gorgeous for the celebrations. So, what are you waiting for? Book that appointment right away.