If you’re curious about the whole perfume vs deodorant deal, you’ve come to the right place. Both these products help make you smell good. But what is the difference between deo and perfume really? Let’s find out so that you can understand which of the two to pick and how exactly you should be using each of them. This will help you get the most out of your fragrance requirements and have you smelling amazing.

What is Perfume?

To understand the diff between deo and perfumes, you must first know what they are individually. Perfumes are concentrated fragrance potions that are meant to be applied to the skin or on clothes. They are made up of natural aromatic ingredients and alcohol and sometimes can be even made without alcohol at all. They are usually found in liquid form. Essential oils are commonly used in perfume formulas. 


What is Deodorant?

In the debate of deo vs perfume, you must know the exact specifications of deodorants as well to make a case for it. A deodorant is a fragrant substance that is meant to be applied to the skin to prevent body odour. Some deodorants also prevent sweating and are therefore classified as antiperspirant deodorants. Deodorants are typically alcohol-based but some natural variants are available as well. Deos make your skin acidic so that it prevents bacteria from forming on your skin.


Perfume vs Deodorant

When you put perfume vs deodorant, you need to understand that there's a definite difference between the two. Here’s a guide to the diff between deo and perfume.

Deo Vs Perfume



Deodorant should be applied only to the skin.

Perfume can be applied to the skin or on clothes.

They are available at affordable prices.

They are usually more expensive than deodorants.

Deodorants contain 2 to 3 percent fragrance oils while the rest is a mild alcohol solution.

Perfumes are more concentrated in scent as 15 to 25 percent of its formula is made up of fragrance oils.

Deodorants help prevent body odour and some can even help you stop sweating.

Perfumes help mask body odour but cannot prevent sweating.

It has to be applied to areas on the body that sweat like the armpits.

It has to be applied on the pulse points of your body like the neck, wrists, and armpits.


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Now that you have all the information, you can finally decide on a verdict for the perfume vs deodorant debate. Both of them work exceptionally well to help you smell amazing. So it’s really up to you to decide which of them you like to use most and when.

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