Shop . Share . Earn . Repeat

The most rocking parties are now online!

We know you love sharing exclusive gifts and secret offers with your besties. With our virtual myglammPARTIES, you can do just that, and end up getting FREE makeup for yourself!

So what’s a virtual myglammPARTY

Virtual myglammPARTIES are where one gets access to exclusive gifts with purchases and secret offers which are not normally available on the MyGlamm website or the App. The best part is; You get to set and host the virtual myglammPARTY, You get to share the secret gifts with your friends, you get rewarded between 15% to 25% of your friends purchases as myglammPOINTS in your account and you get to go up in the membership ladder from being a Silver Insider to a Gold Insider to a Platinum Insider.

Now isn’t that an awesome party that leaves no mess in its aftermath! A virtual makeup party like never before, that will let you play host, invite your friends over, offer them amazing goodies - courtesy MyGlamm and get some free make up for yourself along the way.


Why Host A virtual myglammPARTY?

We know you love showering your friends with surprise gifts and offers. When you curate your favourite MyGlamm products, create a party and invite your friends to shop from the party, your friends will also be getting a free gift with their purchase(s). These giveaways won’t be available on the MyGlamm website or app. It will be only available at your party. For any purchases made by your friends at your virtual myglammPARTY, you will get between 15% to 25% back as myglammPOINTS depending on your membership level.

If that’s not reason enough, here are a few more:

  1. You earn myglammPOINTS for every product that your friends shop via the party link that you have shared.
  2. You can redeem these points anytime you make a purchase on MyGlamm
  3. More the points, the closer you are in advancing to the next membership level.
  4. Your friends, in turn, get to add our fabulous products to their makeup stash at prices that are too good to pass up and more importantly, at prices that are exclusive only to your party!

To know about rewards click here

How does it work

Get on the MyGlamm App or Website. Get into the virtual myglammPARTIES section.

In two simple clicks, you will first see the theme of the party, then you get to select the MyGlamm makeup products you want to feature in the party and then you get to see the special gift with purchase that your friends will get if they purchase products from your virtual myglammPARTY

With that, your myglammPARTY is set! Now with the click of a button, share the link to your virtual myglammPARTY with all your friends through social media and Whatsapp. 

Your friends will love you for the special gifts with purchases that are featured in your myglammPARTY. And for all the purchases made by your friends through your myglammPARTY, you will get between 15% to 25% back as myglammPOINTS back in your account. Not to mention that with every purchase your myglammCIRCLE will continue to grow further and you get myglammPOINTS for all the future lifetime purchases of friends in your myglammCIRCLE! And all of this leads to a ton of free makeup for you :)

Each virtual myglammPARTY link lasts for 48 hours.  Once a myglammPARTY is completed, you can get ready to host your next one. So throw a virtual myglammPARTY today and be the most popular hostess in town!

Create a virtual myglammPARTY

Pick a theme, pick your favourite products.

Spread the word!

Share your myglammPARTY link through Facebook, WhatsApp and more with your friends and family with the simple click of a button

Get free Makeup

Earn 15% to 25% back as myglammPOINTS on every purchase made by your friends and their friends and everybody else who jumps into your myglammPARTY. Use those points to get free make-up for yourself. And see yourself going up in the membership ladder all the way to a Platinum Insider.

Let the Party Begin!