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The Glamm Insider's Club Build your glammCircle and you just might never have to pay for make up again


Membership Program

MyGlamm has created the world’s most awesome loyalty program; one where you earn rewards not just for your purchases, but also for the lifetime purchases of your friends, their friends and their friends and their friends...

This is how it works

Every time you buy MyGlamm products, you earn between 15% to 25% back as glammPoints. Everytime you share some cool content from the MyGlamm app or website with your friends, and they end up buying MyGlamm makeup through your link, you again get between 15% to 25% of your friends’ purchases back as glammPoints

If your friends buy MyGlamm for the first time because of the content you shared, then they become a part of your glammCircle. Now, whenever these friends, buy from MyGlamm.com directly as well (even if you haven’t shared / posted anything), you earn points even on your friends future purchases – and this happens for life!

It doesn't just stop there!

When friends in your glammCircle share content with their friends, and their friends end up buying MyGlamm products, you once again get glammPoints. Your circle continues to grow even when your friends’ friends post and their friends buy and so on!

We know you love sharing hidden gifts and offers with your friends. So host an Online glammParty. Here you will be able to share a special gift with purchase, an offer which won’t be available on the MyGlamm website or app otherwise. It will be only available at your Online glammParty. For any purchases made by your friends at your  glammParty, you will once again get between 15% to 25% back as glammPoints.

So become a MyGlamm Insider, share cool looks and trends with your friends, earn a ton of glammPoints for purchases made by you, your friends, your friend's friends and so on, and you just might never have to pay for make-up again!

Three Ways to Earn Glamm Points

Refer MyGlamm to your friend. The more the merrier!

Upon registration, a link unique to you is generated for you to share with your circle of friends that they can use to shop makeup on the website. On any purchase made by your friends or their friends, you earn points.

Host an online party.

You can curate your favourite MyGlamm products on the website and invite your friends to shop them at special prices only available on your party. So your friends shop, you earn!

Share, share and share some more!

Loved our video tutorial? Picked up some nifty tips from our blog? Tried on a new look from our look book? Share it all with your friends. Every purchase made by your friends using your link that you’ve shared gets tagged to you for life! And you earn points.

Here’s an example of how it works

You bought make-up worth Rs 1500 from MyGlamm. You right away got 15% back (equivalent to Rs 225) as glammPoints in your account. You shared an awesome tutorial that you loved on our app/website with your friends, and if four of your friends bought MyGlamm products worth Rs 1000 each, you would get 15% back of the purchases of all four of your friends (equivalent to Rs 600) back as glammPoints from MyGlamm. Now your friends posted on their social media and four of each of one of their friends bought, you would get glammPoints (equivalent to Rs 240) back. And then those friends’ friends also posted and four of each one of their friends bought products worth Rs 1000, you will once more get glammPoints (equivalent to Rs 960) back in your account.

Thus, your single purchase of Rs 1500 has now added glammPoints worth Rs 2025 to your account. So you can splurge and enjoy free MyGlamm products worth Rs 2025!



VIP (1st Purchase of any amount)SILVER (Personal monthly purchases worth Rs. 2500)GOLD (Personal monthly purchases worth Rs 5000)PLATINUM (Personal monthly purchases worth Rs 10000)
Every Purchase by You10%15%20%25%
First Purchase By Your Friend10%15%20%25%
Subsequent Purchase by Your Friend1%2%3%5%
Purchase By Friends of Friends1%2%3%5%
Purchases from Your Party10%15%20%25%

*Points are given on the value of the product price less taxes

We told you it was the most awesome loyalty program in the World!

Welcome to the Glamm Insider's Club!

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