Sangeet and Haldi are probably the most entertaining events when it comes to your pre-wedding celebrations. They are also the ones you can play around with –– especially, when it comes to your makeup and outfit. Although a Haldi does entail getting messy, that doesn’t mean you hold back from tapping into your makeup kits to slay the ensemble you have planned to flaunt. The choice of colour for a Haldi is often yellow (for obvious reasons) so why not experiment with fun and bold looks that’ll contrast the yellow? We’ve got three vibrant, yet wearable Haldi makeup looks to inspire you for the ceremony. Even if you choose to not wear yellow, these looks will totally fit into your Haldi vibe.


Haldi Eye Makeup Look

haldi eye makeup looks

This is your time to shine and get those bold looks going. When it comes to Haldi makeup, you want to focus on your eye makeup products. This means go bold or go home! If not, reverse the roles and throw in a splash of colour with your lip makeup products. Whichever you choose, remember vibrant is the key. So go all out and get inspired by these fun Haldi makeup looks.


Pop In Purple


pop in purple eye makeup look for haldi

We don't know what will inspire you to actually wear purple eyeshadow right now if this look doesn't. We think the mood is created perfectly by the urbane use of subtle violet and rose gold on the eyelids as well as a dramatic liner on the top and bottom lash lines.


Here’s How You Can Recreate This Look


Step 1: For a flawless base, start with a combination of waterproof primer, concealer, and foundation.


Step 2: Apply a highlighter to your inner eye corners. Purple eyeshadow should be applied liberally to the lids and blended into the crease.


Step 3: Create a cat eye with a smudge-proof eyeliner. Use a volumising mascara to brighten your eyes and add some drama.


Step 4: A Shaadi makeup look is incomplete without blush! Apply a pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Apply liquid highlighter to the high points of your face for a radiant finish.


Step 5: Finish it by applying a coat of deep pink lipstick to your lips.


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Meet the multi-purpose kit that is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. It contains a setting powder, two blushes, and one highlighter. It can be used to mattify makeup, sculpt and add definition to your face, and give you that perfect glow. Enriched with vitamin E, it’s long-lasting and blends easily.


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Meet the shiny lipstick that gives you a 3D satin finish. The formula is long-wearing and has an immediate colour payoff that takes over your pout in one swipe.

H3: Sunset On Your Eyes


sunset on eye haldi makeup look

With this sunset makeup look, you can capture a lovely slice of bliss all to yourself. A truly outstanding piece of art, it merely serves as proof that being imaginative and even slightly shaped can bring to existence something quite beautiful. And for your Haldi ceremony, this eye makeup look will unquestionably be the show stopper. In fact, it might be your favourite of all time!


Here’s How You Can Recreate This Look


Step 1: To start with a clean slate, apply a primer, concealer, and then foundation in that sequence.


Step 2: Apply a combination of orange and yellow eyeshadow all over the lids, followed by a hint of pink eyeshadow applied to the crease and blended outward. To make a seamless transition between the two colours, smudge with your fingers.


Step 3: Use an eyeliner pen to line your eyes. Do you still want to add some drama? Choose a pair of feathery, lightweight beauties to lengthen your lashes.


Step 4: Is makeup even complete without a blush? To make your cheeks look flushed without emptying your pockets, use a matte blush or a cheek tint.


Step 5: Finish with a touch of pink lippie.


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This eyeshadow kit comes with four vibrant hues that are highly pigmented. Enriched with vitamin E, the colours blend amazingly and are long-lasting. Plus, the compact packaging makes it perfect for every girl’s vanity kit!


MyGlamm Recommends - Chisel It Contour Kit


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This kit is the ultimate cheek palette –– it has a highlighter, blush, and bronzer, all of which help you achieve that naturally chiselled and flushed look. With buildable coverage and a luminous and silky finish, the lightweight formula blends like butter and creates an even finish.


MyGlamm Recommends - POPXO Makeup - Mini Lip Kit In Pretty Mess


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These creamy matte lipsticks have a lightweight formula that glides on like butter. They are highly pigmented and are enriched with vitamin E –– making them comfortable for everyday wear.


Smokey Eyes


smokey eye for haldi makeup

Here’s How You Can Recreate This Look


Step 1: Prime, conceal, and apply foundation to your skin. Choose waterproof formulations to protect your makeup from raging emotions.


Step 2: Apply the golden colour to your lids and blend the edges with a matte black colour that contrasts with it. Use an eyeshadow brush to thoroughly blend the colours so that the transition looks smooth.


Step 3: Create a winged eye look with black eyeliner. 


Step 4: Rosy cheeks are a must. To achieve it, apply pink blush to the high points on your cheeks.


Step 5: Finish the process by applying a light pink or nude lipstick on your lips.


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Want volumising curly eyelashes? All you have to do is ‘twist’ and you’ll get there. This mascara has an innovative dual action wand that volumises, as well as, curls. It has an intense black colour that is water-resistant, smudge-proof, and transfer-resistant too.


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This matte finish lipstick crayon gives your pout a full coverage while moisturising it. The lightweight formula feels comfortable on the lips and stays put all day long. It is enriched with tropical plant and argan oil –– this conditions and nourishes your lips, while keeping them on point (and in vogue!).


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