Zodiac Signs: 23rd October- 22nd November Beauty Trends


It’s officially Scorpio season and we can barely contain our excitement. This zodiac month is all about bringing the passion, drama, and intensity. No matter which zodiac element you belong to, when it comes to your zodiac makeup and beauty trends, it’s all about getting that oomph factor and bringing out your seductive side with makeup. For this month, we're here to help you understand your zodiac sign and show you how to embrace your element with the right makeup.

Read through our blog to find your element and your beauty trend horoscope prediction for this month.

Water (Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)

Zodiac signs that fall under the water element are passionate and have a mysterious side to them. They are also intense dreamers who let their imaginations run wild. All those who belong to this element, it’s your month to shine and to show your sultry side to the world with the help of makeup.

For this zodiac month, try rocking the forbidden bold eyes and bold lips look. Even though this beauty look is a big no-no in the makeup world, if done right, you’ll end up looking like pure perfection. It's time to bring out the vixen in you with the smokey eyes and dark red lips beauty trend.

Eyes: Start by applying a light grey eyeshadow all over your eyelids and then, a darker shade of grey over it. Bring the darker grey eyeshadow to your lower eyelid as well. Apply a black kajal on your waterline and smudge it out to complete your smokey eye look.  

Lips: For your lips, use a burgundy shade lipstick to complete this sexy zodiac makeup look.


Earth ( Zodiac Signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

The Zodiac signs that fall under this element love keeping it real. They are the most down to earth people who are practical as well as loyal. Even though you’ve had a hectic past couple of months, in November, however, you’ll have time for yourself and to catch up with friends or loved ones. When it comes to makeup, you love taking the minimalistic route and this makeup look is perfect for all those who don’t want to spend too much time fixing their face but still want to look sexy.

Eyes: Holographic makeup is the latest makeup trend that’s in the spotlight. If you fall under this element, then this zodiac makeup is just what you need to look flirty without trying too hard. Cover your lids with a pearlescent liquid and define your eyes with a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lids.

Lips: Complete your zodiac makeup by sporting just-bitten lips. This makeup trend which started in Korea is taking over the world! The bitten lip beauty trend is basically a gradient lip with colour fading out from the centre.


Air (Zodiac Signs - Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)

These 3 zodiac signs aren’t afraid of change and if you fall under this category, you know it all too well. Those who belong to this element are a breath of fresh air and adventurous even when it comes to their makeup. So, for your zodiac makeup look for this month, don’t be afraid to tap into your inner seductress side and even go a little out of the box with your makeup. You love standing out so we’ve got a sultry makeup look that’s perfect for any festive party.

Eyes: The zodiacs that fall under this element are not afraid of trying new things so why not take inspiration from ‘Euphoria’. Create a smokey cat-eye look and define your eyes by lining your upper lids. Complete your look by adding some jewels on your crease.

Lips: Since you have so much going on with your eyes, it’s best if you opt for a simple nude - pink lipstick.


Fire (Zodiac Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

If you’ve been feeling a little off your game, well your powers of seduction are to return this month. Make sure to entice your love prospects with an enhancing glow. The zodiac signs that belong to this element are passionate, dynamic, and temperamental. If you fall under this element, then you need to shine bright wherever you go.

Face: The easiest way to get that lit-from-within-glow is by highlighting the high points of your face with a good highlighter. A sweep on your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, below your eyebrows and down the middle of your nose is enough to grab anyone’s attention.


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