Hello, Happy, Clear Skin! Everthing You Need To Know About The Beauty Benefits Of Sheet Masks


The perfect Sunday chilling routine to us sounds like lounging at home, binge-watching a Netflix, munching on some good food and sipping on some vino. While just the thought of this brings a sense of calm, there is something missing from this picture that will take your relaxation level from 60 to 100! We're talking about pampering your skin with a sheet mask! While your week consists of applying a lot of makeup products that elevate your beauty, Sundays should be all about your skin and a sheet mask is every lazy girl’s cheat code to healthy skin.

If you’re still wary about using a sheet mask, well, here are a few surprising facts you probably didn’t know about this skin care product that will make you want to buy a few immediately. So, it’s time to get sheet faced and add this #SelfCareSunday activity to your to-do list.

  1. Sheet Masks Are A Weekly Korean Thing

Wonder why so many Korean women have such fresh, radiant skin? Well, sheet masks are partly to thank for that. Over the past few years, sheet masks have exploded in the Korean beauty market with people making it a weekly routine as a way to pamper and improve their skin.

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  1. First Cleanse, Then Apply

You wouldn’t put your makeup on without cleansing your face first, right? So, why would you do it for your sheet masks? In order to receive all the sheet mask benefits you first need to cleanse your face of any impurities and dirt so that your cells are ready to soak in the vitamins and other ingredients.

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  1. Toner For Your Pores

The main job of a toner is to help balance your skin’s PH level and open up your pores. So, applying a bit after cleansing will prepare your skin to receive all the nutrients.

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  1. Sheet Masks Don't Cleanse Or Exfoliate

While we would love a product that does it all, a sheet mask isn’t it. Sheet masks aren’t meant to cleanse or exfoliate your skin so it’s important to cleanse your face twice a day and exfoliate once a week with other products in order to keep your skin healthy. Also, don’t expect major changes in your skin after only one use. Make it a weekly routine if you want to see visible changes in your skin.

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  1. The Only Clingy Thing You Need

Face masks are beneficial when every inch of your face is covered. While applying, make sure you start with your forehead and slowly work your way down while carefully placing the holes over your eyes, then your nose, over your mouth, and down to your chin. Once you’re done, smooth out any bumps or wrinkles in order to reap the full benefits of the sheet mask.


  1. No Post Cleanse Needed

There is a big misconception that you should wash your face once you remove your face mask. You SHOULDN’T! Your sheet mask is packed with hydrating serum so if you’re left with extra serum on your face after you removed the mask, then just gently pat the serum into your skin.

  1. Whenever, Wherever

Unlike exfoliating products, there is no rule as to how many times you can use a sheet mask. You can use it every day, every other day or even once a week- the only limitation is your time and money. 

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