Kim K Loves Vampire Facials For A Reason — Here’s What You Need To Know

vampire facial

Kim K first endorsed the spooky-sounding vampire facial in 2013 on an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. It has been close to a decade since then, and the procedure has finally been licensed as a go-to for baby-soft, luminous-looking skin by a cartage of other A-listers in Hollywood. 


But it has catapulted from something aspiration into accessible, and many are contemplating opting for the procedure now. Even Seema Kiran Sajdeh from Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Lives was seen experimenting with the facial. 


But is it as painful as it sounds? Here’s everything you need to know about the procedure, and why it’s poised to become a cult-favourite amongst the masses soon.


What Is A Vampire Facial?


This type of in-clinic facial is a minimally-invasive procedure that promises to reinstate your skin’s glow and rejuvenate your complexion — but with platelets from your blood. Though the concept sounds invasive, the end-results are surprising. 


The process is similar to microneedling in that your skin is punctured with needles to stimulate the production of collagen — but it uses PRP-rich plasma to solidify this stimulation. Remember that microneedling is beneficial for those with wrinkles, scars, lines, stretchmarks, and so on, and it functions as an independent in-clinic procedure too. In this case, it creates the openings needed for the formula to absorb into your skin effectively. 


A dermatologist can choose to just inject the PRP-rich plasma directly into your bloodstream instead of microneedling your skin. This is referred to as a vampire ‘face-lift’. Other procedures like microdermabrasion and lasers can be enlisted for the reintroduction of the formula into your bloodstream instead of microneedling. But how does this process work anyway — because, really, does your blood have the power to turn back the clock on your skin? 


How Does A Vampire Facial Work?


The process involves extracting blood from a part of your body — like your arm — and filtering all of the components out (like your RBCs) except for your platelets. The resulting platelet-rich plasma is, then, applied all over your face to increase the rate at which your cells ‘turn over’. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin (proteins that are responsible for the firmness of your skin), and enhances your skin’s volume and texture without the intervention of injections or needles. You’re using your own cells to revive your glow. 


But what do platelets do? They contain growth-inducing factors that have been proven to improve texture, elasticity, and volume over time. The reintroduction of platelets into the bloodstream is what does the magic. 


Your (extracted) blood is first transferred from a vial into a centrifuge machine. It is then divided into three components — one of which is a serum containing a high concentration of platelets. In most cases, your skin is prepped via microneedling — but microdermabrasion and lasers are other alternatives that your dermatologist can opt for too.


Is It Possible To Do A Vampire Facial At Home?


DIY-ing the PRP facial is extremely dangerous. It could lead to sepsis, blindness, infection, nerve injury, and tissue death as per experts. The process has to be administered by a professional. You cannot really numb your face, poke at it, or even separate the platelets from the rest of the components in your blood at home. If you want to attempt reinstating your glow at home, try something milder like dermarolling — a form of microneedling. You can invest in a dermaroller — a device containing a roller equipped with hundreds of tiny needles that you can roll over your skin. Do consult your dermatologist before using anything on your face. 


What Does A Vampire Facial Cost


What does a vampire treatment cost? The cost can range between INR 30,000 and INR 80,000 for the entire face. The cost might vary depending on where you’re getting it done and what your concerns are. The effect can last for about six months to a year after which you can ask your dermatologist for a refresher. Some might even have to go in for follow-up sessions every four to six weeks depending on how severe their concern is. But you’ll see results within two or three weeks of opting for the procedure. That’s the vampire facial cost for you.


What’s Better — Vampire Facial Or Microneedling?


Now that you know the vampire facial price, let’s move on to something else. A vampire facial is like microneedling — but better. While microneedling only punctures the skin to stimulate the production of collagen, the former bolsters the process’ efficacy by using platelets. 


The vampire face treatment is also natural thanks to the fact that you’re not pumping any chemicals into your body — just your blood — and it’s long-lasting.

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While a vampire treatment promises you a lot of benefits, do consult your dermatologist to determine which in-clinic treatment is best for you. 




  • How long does it take for a vampire facial to heal?


It depends on the length of needle used as well as the amount of pressure applied on the skin. You might need five to seven days of recovery; but if it’s just a refresher, two or three days are enough. 


  • What does your face look like after a vampire facial?


Your face might look red and inflamed following the procedure; but the dewiness and glow will set in within a few weeks. You'll notice that your skin looks plump and healthy right off the bat. 


  • How long does a vampire facial last?


It varies from person to person. 



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