Beauty 101: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Laser Facials

Laser Facial Treatement

Is your skin tired, dull, and saggy? Are you experiencing early symptoms of ageing on your skin? Is the notion of undergoing a surgical restorative procedure such as botox or fillers upsetting to you? Fret not. Because heading for a laser treatment once or twice a month takes the pressure off from having to do everything on your own. And if you’re considering laser facials it’s important to read up on the facts before you hop on to this treatment. Read on.


What Is A Laser Facial?


What is laser facial


Laser facials, as the name implies, utilise various sources of light in a concentrated manner to provide you with a medical-grade facial that is far superior to a salon facial. The term "facial" implies that it will be non-ablative, quite light, may be done during lunchtime, and will leave you feeling very good about your skin. There are various types of laser facials available that target different skin concerns, so the ideal dermatologist would take a thorough history of your skin and skin concerns to determine which type of laser facial is best suited for the outcomes you expect.

What Types Of Lasers Are Used For The Treatment?


types of laser


In India, there are various types of laser facials. They are split into ablative and non-ablative treatments, but laser facials are often non-ablative. They cause no skin breakdown, injury, or superficial burns, resulting in no bruising or redness. This means you won't require any downtime after the operation and can go home with skin that's soft, dewy, hydrated, and noticeably brighter. To address various skin issues, these lasers mostly comprise of IPL treatments or Q-switched Nd: YAG lasers.


Here Are The Benefits Of Laser Facials


benefits of laser facial


As previously mentioned, a laser facial treatment can provide apparent benefits while also being beneficial to your skin. Some of the things that contribute to its popularity include:


  • It is straightforward and brief. It does not necessitate any downtime, so you do not need to take time off from work (or other chores)

  • For long-term results, it should only be done once or twice a month.

  • It contributes to your anti-aging regimen by decreasing or postponing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • It decreases the appearance of age spots by lowering pigmentation and melanin levels in your skin.

  • It promotes the development of elastin and collagen in the skin


What Does After-Care Look Like?


aftercare of laser facial


The conventional laser and light treatment have the advantage of leaving you looking better than when you arrived. Your skin appears dewy, glowing, and supple. The additional moisture from the items' application immediately reduces any transitory or transient heat from the laser treatment. Adding sun protection for a few days and increasing your hydrators and SPF sunscreen can be quite beneficial, but there are no special items you must use thereafter.


Following a laser treatment, your skin is more receptive to the penetration of active chemicals. As a result, this is an excellent time to concentrate on using antioxidants and non-irritating anti-aging substances. Avoid retinoids and glycolic acid for at least 48 hours following the procedure.


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Possible Adverse Effects Of Laser Facials


possible effects of laser facials


All clinical procedures have their own set of contraindications and side effects. Redness, itchiness and inflammation can be some of the aftermath. And other potential adverse effects of laser facials that you should be aware of are:


  • Before undergoing the procedure, notify your dermatologist of any pre-existing conditions such as cold sores, skin sensitivity, breakouts, skin breaks, any kind of wounds, or flakiness caused by a strong active ingredient.

  • This allows your dermat to decide whether to postpone your treatment or wait for the specific skin issue to resolve. They will occasionally offer treatments for certain skin concerns. This precaution is necessary since laser facials can aggravate these skin disorders and have other negative consequences on them. The temporary adverse effects of any facial might be stinging, irritation, redness, or a burning sensation.

  • These are easily treated by having to apply an anti-inflammatory cream just after the facial. You can also use ice cubes or ice rollers to reduce inflammation in 24 hours or less.




Q. Is Laser Treatment Good For The Face?


Yes, laser facial treatments can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face. It can help heal skin tone and improve your complexion. Excessive or sagging skin cannot be treated with laser therapy.


Q. How Long Does It Take For A Laser On Your Face To Heal?


Your skin will become dry and start peeling after five to seven days following laser resurfacing. Healing time ranges from 10 to 21 days, depending on the issue treated. Once the skin has healed and the redness has reduced, you can apply oil-free makeup, which normally fades in two to three months.


Q. Is Laser Treatment For Skin Permanent?


The effects of this skincare treatment are long-lasting. However, as we age, more wrinkles and age spots will appear. Therefore, it differs from one individual to another.


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Now that you've read all there is to know about laser facials, you can book your appointment right away!


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