A Guide To Dealing With Uneven Skin Tone

uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone is one of the most common skin concerns. Anyone can have uneven skin tone on the face irrespective of their skin type or gender. The cause of uneven skin tone is usually sun damage but it can also be caused due to ageing or acne. Read on to find out the causes, salon treatments, home remedies, and makeup tips for uneven skin tone.


What Is Uneven Skin Tone?


Uneven skin tone is when areas of your skin have darker pigmentation which doesn't match your natural skin tone. This pigmentation can be in the form of dark spots, dark circles, dry patches, and sun tan.


Cause Of Uneven Skin Tone


There are several causes of uneven skin tone and here are a few common reasons why you may be experiencing uneven skin tone on your face.


Sun Damage


Sun damage is the most common cause of uneven skin tone. Exposure to harsh sun rays causes the skin to darken and therefore leads to uneven skin tone. Not wearing sunscreen makes the effects of sun damage more visible. Sun damage also causes premature ageing of the skin and makes the dark spots appear even darker.


Ageing Skin


If you have mature skin, you can easily experience uneven skin tone. Not following a proper anti-ageing skincare routine will make uneven skin tone more prominent. Ageing skin tends to experience dryness which leads to dull skin. Dead skin cells accumulate on ageing skin and make the skin appear darker in certain areas. Age spots are also a cause of uneven skin tone.


Acne Breakouts 


After you've been through a breakout, the acne scars that are left behind can contribute to uneven skin tone. These scars are broken skin that appears dull. The scars can also settle as dark spots. If you had clusters of acne that did not heal properly, those areas can have an accumulation of dark spots which can make your skin tone appear uneven.


Home Remedies For Uneven Skin Tone On Face 


There are a bunch of home remedies that can help get rid of uneven skin tone on the face. Here are our favourite and most effective home remedies to treat this skin concern.


Honey & Yoghurt Face Pack

Honey & Yoghurt Face Pack for uneven skin tone

This DIY face pack gives glowing skin. It makes your skin feel super smooth and soft.





Fuller's Earth


How To Use It

Mix one tablespoon of Fuller's Earth with one tablespoon of yoghurt in a bowl.

Add two teaspoons of honey to the mixture and stir to form a paste. Add more Fuller's Earth if you want a thicker consistency.

Apply the paste on clean skin and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes.

Rinse off with water and pat dry.


Anti-Tan Tomato Scrub

Anti-tan tomato scrub for uneven skin tone

Tomato face scrub removes tan and helps lighten discolouration. It effectively helps treat uneven skin tone.




Tomato pulp

Sandalwood powder

Rice flour


How To Use It

Combine one tablespoon of tomato pulp with one teaspoon of sandalwood powder in a mixing bowl.

Stir in some rice flour into the mixture until you get a grainy paste.

Massage this paste on damp skin and then allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

Rinse off the scrub with water and apply toner and moisturiser.


Turmeric Face Gel

Turmeric Face Gel for uneven skin tone

Turmeric is another natural ingredient that can correct uneven skin tone. Paired with aloe vera gel, this recipe will soothe and hydrate your skin as well.



Turmeric powder

Aloe vera gel


How To Use It

Mix a tablespoon of aloe vera gel with a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Apply the gel on a clean face.

Let the gel sit for 15 minutes until it dries up.

Rinse it off with water and apply toner and moisturiser.


How To Do Uneven Skin Tone Makeup


If you're wondering how to effectively conceal uneven skin tone through makeup, you've come to the right place. Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial on makeup for uneven skin tone.


Step 1

Prep your skin with the right skincare before applying a makeup primer. Wash your face with a cleanser and then swipe on a toner. Apply a niacinamide serum and then use a lightweight moisturiser. Apply an illuminating sunscreen that doubles as a makeup primer to illuminate your skin and protect it from damage. Illuminating primers help correct uneven skin tone quite well.


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Step 2

Blend a full-coverage foundation on your face and neck and then use a creamy concealer on areas that need extra coverage. Apply the concealer on the under eye area, contours of the nose and mouth, and on blemishes.


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Step 3

Set your base makeup with a setting powder and then proceed to apply the rest of your makeup such as blush, highlighter, eye makeup, and lipstick.


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Uneven Skin Tone Treatment

Uneven skin tone treatment

Laser Facial


Laser facial treatments are in-clinic treatments that can help get rid of uneven skin tone completely. The treatment is non-invasive and not painful. Laser facials can help reduce pigmentation, dark spots, and also fine lines.


Chemical Peels


In-salon chemical peel treatments can help even out your skin tone and make your visage appear more youthful. Chemical peels give you glowing skin instantly. They help exfoliate the skin to reveal your natural radiance.



How do I know what’s causing my uneven skin tone?

You can consult with a dermatologist if you cannot figure it out by yourself.


Does uneven skin tone go away?

Yes, uneven skin tone can be treated with home remedies, skincare products, or in-salon treatments.


Are hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone the same thing?

Uneven skin tone can include hyperpigmentation skin condition as well. Uneven skin tone is basically an umbrella term for all sorts of skin discolouration that makes the complexion look uneven with both darker and lighter skin.


We hope this guide to treating uneven skin tone was helpful. You can help correct uneven skin tone by following a mix of home remedies, skincare, and or in-salon treatments.

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