7 Best Lipstick Shades For Dusky Skin Women According To Mindy Kaling


Dusky skin is beautiful and you can further enhance it by wearing a lip shade that perfectly complements your skin tone. And we understand that finding that right shade of lipstick, especially for women with dusky skin can be quite a task. Many of you shy away from wearing certain shades, but don’t be scared, gorgeous! Actress Mindy Kaling is here to help you!

She recently posted a video on her Instagram handle where she revealed her favourite shades and why she loves them. These shades are ‘Mindy-approved’, so don’t be scared of experimenting with these lipstick colours and embrace your divine skin tone.


Mindy Kaling’s Recommendations:

Lipstick Shade #1: Rose-Nude

Dusky women don’t necessarily have naturally pink lips. They have different shades of pink on their lips which is common. In order to achieve the no-makeup look, a rose- nude lipstick is perfect to help even out your lip colour. Best of all, this shade is ideal for the no-makeup look.

Lipstick Shade #2: Deep Red

Many dusky women are afraid of trying red lipstick in fear of it not suiting their skin tone. But not anymore! Deep red shades are perfect if you really want your lips to do all the talking and it's also date-night approved.

Lipstick Shade #3: Terracotta 

If you’re tired of the pinky-nude lipsticks, then Mindy suggests going for a warmer shade. Terracotta, to be precise. Terracotta is an earthy tone that is a great alternative to nude lipsticks and it's perfect for just about anyone, especially women with dusky skin. So the next time you want to glam up your day look, this is the shade to use.

Lipstick Shade #4 Orange-Red 

Another red lipstick shade that's totally going to make heads turn is a red shade with orange undertones. While Mindy confessed that she mostly uses reds with a blue undertone, she’s loving the orangy-red as well.

Lipstick Shade #5 The Classic Red

Whoever told you a bold red lipstick shade isn’t for dusky skin tone women clearly didn't know what they were talking about. If you want to paint the town red and really get people’s attention we say go for that red shade you’ve been eyeing for so long. 

Lipstick Shade #6 Magenta

For those who love to make a statement and want their bold, unapologetic personality to shine, this is the colour for you. So the next time you want all eyes on you the moment you walk in the room, this magenta shade is the colour you need. 

Lipstick Shade #7 Deep Berry 

You probably already own this shade since it’s every dusky skin tone girl’s go-to product. This lipstick shade is perfect for the boardroom and the dance room. 
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