Is Titanium Dioxide For Skin Safe To Use? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It

 titanium dioxide for skin

The ingredient titanium dioxide has probably popped up many times when researching skincare ingredients, especially sunscreens. Now, everyone knows the importance of sun protection, thanks to which, significant ingredients such as titanium dioxide for the skin have come to light. Simply put, titanium dioxide is an ingredient that is found in mineral sunscreens and makeup that is powder-based. But, here’s the thing––a lot of people are a tad afraid of the term, mainly because they don’t know much about it. So is titanium dioxide good for skin? Well, we break this ingredient down for you. Is it safe? What exactly is its purpose? And is it viable for all skin types? Here’s everything you need to know! 

What Is Titanium Dioxide?

What Is Titanium Dioxide

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Titanium dioxide for skin is a white mineral powder that doesn’t have a smell, and is derived from the earth’s surface. It is a common natural mineral that is used in a lot of personal care products such as toothpastes, talcum powders, soaps, powder-based makeup, and much more. It has UVA and UVB filters that help protect the skin from damage, and also prevent premature ageing. It is present in sunscreen as it helps physically block the UV rays by creating a protective layer on your skin. But, recently there have been speculations that titanium dioxide might not be safe for the skin. Read on to find out more.


Titanium dioxide for the skin is actually rather beneficial. Since it can block out UVA and UVB rays, it helps protect the skin from UV damage and generally helps slow down any premature ageing caused by sun exposure. Here are some of the benefits of titanium dioxide for the skin.


#1: Non-comedogenic - If you are someone who tends to break out easily, you will find that titanium dioxide doesn’t clog your pores. It tends to wash off easily and doesn’t dive into your pores, and reduces the chances of developing pimples and blackheads.


#2: Non-Irritating - A lot of products formulated with titanium dioxide are also suitable for sensitive skin. It helps soothe inflammation and also simultaneously soothes the skin. Its non-irritating properties make its use in sunscreen a great alternative for those who tend to react easily to synthetic chemicals in sunscreens.


#3: Protects From Premature Ageing - Did you know that sun damage is one of the leading causes of skin ageing? Yes, those fine lines and wrinkles are all thanks to UV ray damage. The UV rays penetrate deep into the layers of skin, break down collagen and elastin in your skin, leaving it looking aged. Using products with titanium dioxide helps protect the skin from damage—this results in a more youthful glow.


#4: Doesn’t Leave A White Cast - Depending on the formulation of the product, a lot of the times titanium dioxide for skin doesn’t leave that gnarly white cast most sunscreens do. However, this is dependent on the rest of sunscreen ingredients.

How Do You Use Titanium Dioxide For Skin

How Do You Use Titanium Dioxide For Skin

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1. Via Sunscreens


As mentioned above, one of the most common uses of titanium dioxide for skin is in mineral sunscreens. This particular ingredient helps bounce off both UVA and UVB rays from your skin. It is gentle and leaves you with a soothing feeling—it doesn’t sting, even if it gets around sensitive areas like your eyes.

2. Via Makeup Products


Did you know that titanium dioxide also helps brighten the skin? That is why you can find compact powders, eyeshadows, highlighters, and blushes too. In order to leave you with glow, a lot of body lotions even have this ingredient as part of its formulation. Titanium dioxide actually helps refract light rays, which inadvertently keeps the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation on the down low.


3. Via Products Formulated For Sensitive Skin


Titanium dioxide is good for the skin, including those with sensitive skin—as a matter of fact, you’ll find that a lot of sensitive skin soothing products like body lotions also tend to have it. Products like eye creams that require a gentler approach and more sensitive formulation often have titanium oxide, which helps soothe the skin too.

Is Titanium Dioxide Good For Sensitive Skin?

Is Titanium Dioxide Good For Sensitive Skin

Contrary to popular belief, titanium dioxide is actually safe to use on the skin, especially those with sensitive skin. It contains skin soothing properties that do not irritate, while also calming any sort of inflammation. That is why, when it comes to sunscreens, mineral-based sunscreens with titanium dioxide are recommended for sensitive skin.

Should You Take Precautions Before Using Titanium Dioxide?

Precautions Before Using Titanium Dioxide

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As opposed to its controversial buzz, titanium dioxide for skin doesn’t quite have any side effects when used topically. Since it is not absorbed by the skin and only sits on the surface, experts state that there aren’t any allergic reactions or adverse effects associated with it. However, if you are using a makeup product that is powder-based and contains titanium dioxide, ensure that you’re not inhaling the particles. It’s best to stick to lotion, cream, or liquid-based formulations when trying to use titanium dioxide for the skin.

MyGlamm Recommends Titanium Dioxide-Infused Products

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GLOW Iridescent Brightening Body Lotion

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Q - Can Titanium Dioxide Be Use Both On Body & Face


Yes, titanium dioxide can be used both on the body and the face. It is completely safe to use.


Q -  Is Titanium Dioxide Good For Acne?


Titanium dioxide is non-comedogenic, and doesn’t clog the pores. It helps calm the skin, and is therefore safe to use for acne prone skin too.


Titanium dioxide for skin is actually an excellent ingredient to have in your beauty routine. Its use in skincare is great for those with acne-prone skin and sensitivity issues too. When used correctly, it’s safe to say that titanium dioxide is actually good for your skin.

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