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Tips For Bold And Fuller Eyebrows

Tips For Bold And Fuller Eyebrows

Let's just accept the fact that having good eyebrows is no less than a blessing. Never underestimate the power of a good pair of brows, as it certainly goes a long way in enhancing your beauty and confidence. Full, well arched brows not only frame your face better but also make your best features and makeup stand out. These are certainly not going anywhere any time soon, no wonder the beauty marketplace sees high sales when it comes to eyebrow-related products and services. Apart from good genes, regular grooming is key to maintaining good brows. All good things take nurturing. And for those who are not as blessed, don’t be sad, there are ways to make your eyebrows game strong.

Here are some tips ad tricks to get Cara Delevigne-like luscious eyebrows of your dreams:

Nourish naturally
Just like oiling your hair, it is important to nourish the hair with natural oil. It helps in hair growth, making the brows look fuller and thicker. Apply castor oil, olive oil or coconut oil on your brows regularly at night and wash off in the morning. This will keep them shiny and healthy looking.

Let it grow
To reach your full brow potential, let the brows grow out for six to eight weeks at least. Letting them grow longer is better as it will let the brows take natural shape.

Avoid over-tweezing
Tweezing repeatedly or even picking at white or errant hair in the brows can hamper their growth. Too much tweezing will make your brows look thin and not give it enough time to grow back.

Tweeze correctly
If you do decide to tweeze, always do it in natural lighting. Bad lighting can make you pull out extra hair and so will magnifying mirrors. Peering into a magnifying mirror while tweezing can lead you to pluck out more hair than required resulting in over-plucking your brows. Always tweeze in the direction of your hair growth, this will make plucking out hair from the roots easy.

Fill it in with brow powder
Besides grooming and taking care of brows, its always a good idea to stock on good eyebrow powder or pencil. MyGlamm Stay Defined HD Brow Powder is easy to use and is the quickest way to get bold, fuller brows. Just swipe on the brow powder on your brows, fill in the gaps gently and you are good to go.

Watch how to use MyGlamm Stay Defined HD brow powder to get perfect brows:

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Use brow gel
To keep your eyebrows tamed and in place by using an eyebrow gel. You can use aloe vera gel as a natural alternative to synthetic gels. This will keep your eyebrows nourished and healthy while keeping them in place.

Pay attention to shaping your brows
Well-shaped brows have the powder to enhance your personality almost instantly. When done right, eyebrows bring out your eyes, accentuate your best facial assets and make your face look rested. A pair of impeccable brows can even help you get by with the least amount of or no makeup easily. Take time in finding the correct shape for your brows and face shape. If required, take expert advice.



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