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How To Choose The Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

 Choose The Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

All lipstick lovers know the joy of hoarding lipsticks and adding new colours to their stash. But a true lipstick lover knows that not all those pretty colours are meant for you. Shades that look amazing on your BFF may not look nearly as flattering on you. Different shades turn out differently on different people and for that very reason, many people keep looking for the right shade endlessly. Factors like skin tone, lip colour and even lip shape must be taken into consideration while picking lipstick.

It might be worth knowing that brighter colours make the lips appear bigger while dark colour make them appear smaller. Similarly, matte lipsticks make the lips look thinner, while glosses and shimmery shades make them look fuller.

Fair skin tone
Go for bold colours like bright red, poppy pink and purple. Nudes pinks and light brows also look pretty on fark skin. Avoid extremely light and frosted lipsticks as those may make you look washed out.

Medium skin tone
Go for warmer shades like nudes, corals and orange. Punchy hues like pinks, plums and mauves will also help brighten your look. Extremely dark shades like chocolate brown and marsala can make your skin look shadowed.

Dusky skin tone
Go for intense shades like wine, plum, berry and classic red. Rich browns, mocha and maroons also complement dusky skin well.

Avoid pale and light shades like pastel or baby pink, or nudes lighter than your skin colour.

How to choose the perfect nude lipstick
Nude lipsticks are something we all love. It’s a trend flattering to all skin colours, all seasons and the perfect way to make your lips look better at any given time. There are some rules to wearing nudes. Too dark, and it may come across as brown, too light and you may look like the walking dead.

For fair skin tones
Focus on enhancing your naturally pink lips and choose nude lipsticks with pink undertones. Lipstick with brown undertone should be avoided as they can make your lips look darker than their natural shade. Nude lipsticks with beige undertones ca also work for fair-skinned people.

For medium/wheatish skin tones
If you have pigmented lips, the focus must be on making it look even. As your skin ha yellow undertone, choose nude lipsticks with orange and yellow undertones. Also, colours like caramel, dark beige and sheer lipsticks, if you have even-tones lips, will flatter your lips.

For deeper skin tones
Darker shades of nudes like chocolate and mocha brown colours complement the darker complexion well. Choose nudes with rosy brown tints. You can also go for nude shade lighter than your actual skin tone to brighten the face. Adding a pop of gloss like Rihanna gives a naturally plumped up effect.


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