Why Is Your Skin Peeling All Of A Sudden? Find Out


Ever wonder why your skin starts peeling out of the blue? Is it a new Retinol-based product you’ve added to your regimen? Have you been exfoliating your skin a little too much — or with the wrong kind of exfoliant? Is it a symptom of psoriasis? What is it, and what can you do to prevent and treat the condition? Here’s everything you need to know about skin peeling on face.

What Causes Peeling On The Face?


If you’re searching for skin peeling face’ without any answer, you ought to understand what’s causing it. There are a number of factors that contribute to this problem. 


  • It could be seborrheic dermatitis. This condition can affect a couple of areas of the face: the skin between your brows, the sides of your nose, and the creases of the upper-lip are a few examples. You might experience redness, itching, irritation and flaking in these places. That's how the condition manifests itself on the face. 

  • If your skin is sunburnt, peeling will follow. Your skin will start flaking to reveal new skin underneath.

  • Some medications might trigger peeling as a side-effect. This includes blood-pressure medications, drugs and medications for seizures and fits, penicillin amongst more. 

  • Conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema can lead to peeling, inflammation, and bleeding of the skin. 

  • Over-exfoliation or harsh exfoliation can make your skin sensitive, and lead to burning, itching, peeling, and other sensitivities. 

  • Using skincare products without patch-testing them can result in peeling too – especially if your skin is already sensitive. Formulas like Retinol, Salicylic Acid, and other acids can hurt the skin too — especially when applied excessively. 

  • External factors like the weather can affect the skin too. A lack of humidity, colder temperatures, and relentless winds can dry your skin, and thus, lead to peeling. 

  • Hot showers strip your skin of their natural oils and hydrators — leaving your skin dry, damaged, and flaky.

  • Hypothyroidism is a condition wherein your body isn’t producing enough thyroid hormones. One of the side-effects of this lack of hormones is peeling. 

  • Peeling Skin Syndrome is another condition that leads to inflammation of patches of your skin — succeeded by excessive peeling and flaking. 


Remedies For Peeling Skin On The Face


Looking for skin peeling treatment and remedies? You’re at the right place. If you’re wondering how to treat peeling skin on face, make sure you’re reading these before attempting anything. 

  1. Aloe Vera


use aloe vera as remedies for skin peeling



Another face skin peeling treatment? Aloe Vera calms and soothes the skin in an instant, and thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can treat sun-induced damage like sunburns effectively and naturally. Just extract some gel from the plant, and massage it onto your skin (you can use ready-made gel too) — concentrating the formula more on spots that are peeling and damaged. You can cool the gel in the fridge for a while before application. 

  1. Honey

use honey as remedies for skin peelingPexels


Honey is extremely moisturising because it’s a humectant. This means that it traps and seals moisture into your skin. Just like aloe, it is anti-inflammatory, which means that it curbs swelling and peeling easily, and also wards off free-radical damage. It’s an antiseptic — allowing it to fight whatever infection is triggering peeling too. All you have to do is apply some honey to the affected areas, and let it sit on the skin for a while before rinsing it off. 


  1. Coconut Oil

 use coconut oil as remedies for skin peelingPexels


Like honey, coconut oil is a natural moisturiser, and enhances the hydration levels of your skin. This can treat existing flakes, and prevent further peeling. Warm one tablespoon of the oil before gently massaging it all over the face. You can repeat this every day. 


  1. Tea Tree Oil

use tea tree oil as remedies for skin peeling



If your skin is peeling as a result of conditions like eczema, Tea Tree Oil is a good peeling face treatment courtesy of its anti-inflammatory properties. Dilute it with a few drops of a carrier oil like Argan Oil before applying it on whatever spots are flaking. Wait for it to dry completely before washing it off. 


  1. Olive Oil

use tea tree oil as remedies for skin peelingPexels


Olive oil is exceedingly moisturising, and it boasts skin-barrier repairing abilities too. Just apply it evenly over your face before sleeping. 


  1. Turmeric

use turmeric as remedies for skin peelingPexels


Turmeric, too, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can speed up healing from eczema, psoriasis, and conditions alike. Mix two teaspoons of turmeric with some yoghurt to form a paste. Apply the mix to your face, and leave it on for half an hour before washing it off.


These were some no-effort skin peeling remedies. 


Tips To Avoid Skin Peeling


Because prevention is always better than cure, no?


  • Use Sunscreen:


Because peeling is courtesy of sunburns and sun-induced damage most of the time, you might want to sun-proof your skin with sunscreen before leaving the house. Make sure the sunscreen you’re using has an SPF of 30 or more, and is hydrating in nature. 


  • Avoid Wearing Makeup


This might just irritate your skin further. And makeup can make the condition look more conspicuous. 


  • Hydrate Your Skin


Drink enough water throughout the day — anywhere between eight to ten glasses — to hydrate your skin.


  • Don’t Scratch


If your skin is peeling, do not pick at it or scratch it. This might just cause it to bleed, and make your skin susceptible to infections. 


  • Stop Over Exfoliating


Don’t overindulge in exfoliation. Limit it to twice or thrice a week – especially if your skin is already sensitive. Too much exfoliation can lead to inflammation, irritation, and increased sensitivity.


  • Use Non Irritating Products


Use gentle cleansers, toners, and products that are free of fragrances and alcohol. These are irritants, and will hurt your skin in the long-term. 


  • Go Light


Use lightweight, fast-absorbing formulas instead of oils and heavier formulations as these can clog your pores, and trap heat.


  • Finish With Moisturiser


Always conclude your regimen with a moisturiser. Look for formulas that contain humectants like Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid, or other hydrating ingredients. Apply on damp skin for maximum absorption. 


  • Avoid Hot Showers


Say no to hot showers. This temperature can strip your skin of its natural oils and hydrators, and dry it out even more. This can worsen peeling. 


MyGlamm Recommend Products


  1. MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Face Scrub — Lavender & Neem

Enriched with lavender and neem, and punctuated by walnut and apricot-based beads, this face-scrub scavenges your skin for bacteria and germs, and exfoliates the surface gently by sloughing off dullness-inducing build-up. While lavender soothes and calms your skin, neem repels bacteria, and the beads rid your skin of dead cells and residue. 


  1. MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Cacao & Berries 2-In-1 Scrub Mask

This scrub-mask is infused with avocado, walnut-shell powder, and cacao and berries, and proposes to return your skin to its former glory. It exfoliates, rejuvenates, and moisturizes thoroughly — be rest assured that your skin will not feel dry post exfoliation with this mask. 


  1. Manish Malhotra Cinnamon-Ginger Night Gel

This night-gel dispatches the richness of ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, fennel, and aloe vera into your skin quickly and weightlessly. It plunges into the skin to soothe and calm inflammation, improve circulation and elasticity, and tone the face over time. Add this to your night-time regime STAT.


  1. Manish Malhotra Methi Face Scrub Gel

Made from pure, concentrated aloe vera juice, methi (fenugreek), and enriched with ayurvedic ingredients like methi, this one revives dullness, and exfoliates the skin thoroughly by eliminating build-up from the surface. It reduces the occurrence of clogged pores and sebum build-up, and improves the skin’s tone and texture. Don’t miss out on this one!

And that was on skin peeling treatment at home.




  1. Is skin-peeling good for the face?


No. Peeling is never good. It’s an indication that something’s not right with your skin. As mentioned above, there are a multitude of factors that trigger this phenomenon. Try factoring them out one by one before you reach a conclusion. 


  1. How long does it take for the peeling to stop?


It depends on the cause as well as the treatment you’ve opted for. It can take between a week to a month for your skin to heal, but if it’s because of a skin-related condition like eczema or psoriasis, you might have to commit to lifelong treatment to prevent the problem from resurfacing. 



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