A Guide To Creating Simple Eye Makeup For Beginners


Are you new to the eye makeup game? You may have been using kajal or eyeliner regularly, but dealing with eyeshadow, different coloured eyeliners, and mascaras are a whole other ball game. You need to know simple eye makeup basics in order to use all these eye makeup products correctly and look good while doing so. Here is a guide to simple eye makeup for beginners that will help you ace the eye makeup game like a pro.


Steps for Simple Eye Makeup: Basics


The steps for simple eye makeup may vary depending on the eye makeup look you choose. Essentially if you are using eyeshadow, you will need to begin by applying an eye primer on your lids and then apply eyeshadow. Once the eyeshadow is applied, you can then define your lash lines with eyeliner and finally brush mascara on your lashes as the last step. Note that even the basic eye makeup looks will need a dash of mascara, to make it pop.


Steps for Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners


Steps for Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners

Step 1 

Begin with clean skin. Blend a primer all over your lids so that they are prepped for makeup. Eye primer will help the eyeshadow last longer and it will also make it look more pigmented.


As the name suggests, this makeup primer delivers a luminous effect to your skin and is thoroughly moisturising. It isn’t specifically designed for the lids but it can be used as an eye primer considering that it makes your skin smooth and well-moisturised - the ideal base for your makeup.


Step 2

Time for applying eyeshadow. Stick to basic nude eyeshadow shades to create a simple eye makeup look that looks chic. Simply, blend a chocolate brown matte eyeshadow on your lids and below your lower lash lines. You can even apply it with your fingers and then use a fluffy brush to diffuse the colour. Use your pink finger to apply a dot of highlighting nude shimmer eyeshadow at the inner corners of both eyes. Your eyeshadow application is allowed to be a little messy as these colours will look good either way.


This basic eyeshadow kit is perfect for beginners. It provides you with simple eyeshadow shades that are used widely across many makeup looks. All four shades are highly pigmented.


Step 3

Define your lash lines with black eyeliner. This will make your eyeshadow application look more polished in an instant. Use a black kajal pencil on your lash lines if you aren’t comfortable with using liquid eyeliner. Use the liquid eyeliner only on the outer corners to create flicks for wings once you have tightlined your lash line.


Why have just one liquid eyeliner when you can have three? This amazing liquid eyeliner kit offers 3 basic shades such as black, green and brown.


Step 4

You have come to the final step. Mascara can make or break your makeup look. Without mascara, your eye makeup can end up looking unfinished and not up to the mark because your lashes aren’t visible through the drama at all. Brush your lashes with a volumising mascara and do not forget your lower lashes as well. You can apply two coats of mascara if you desire more volume as well.


This is one of the best volumising mascaras in the market. It has a uniquely shaped applicator wand that encourages a curled and elongated effect on the lashes.




Q - How do you do eye makeup over 60?

Opt for cream-based eyeshadows or liquid eyeshadows instead of powder ones and nude shimmery ones are always a good idea. Opt for smokey eyeliner looks over the sharp winged liner.


Q - How can I do my daily eye makeup naturally?

Apply a cream lip & cheek tint on your cheeks, lips, and eyelids. Apply brown kajal on your lash lines, wear mascara and your good to go.


Q -  How to fix eye makeup mistakes?

You can fix eye makeup mistakes with a Q-tip dipped in micellar water or a concealer using a flat brush.


Q- How to avoid eye makeup creasing?

Use an eye primer and tap always and go light with the application of concealer before eye makeup.

Simple eye makeup looks are easy to recreate and are super beginner friendly. Follow this essential guide to get started with simple eye makeup that is chic and classy.


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