5 Common Reasons For Hair Fall And How To Fight Them


Are you someone who is tired of their consistent hair fall problems? Have you tried all the expensive and hyped hair care products available in the market, only to face disappointment? If yes, then you’re not alone. The majority of men and women nowadays are facing this issue. And while convincing advertorials might induce you to buy random hair care products, the real result lies in targeting the actual reason for hair fall. From stress to genetic problems, there are many causes of hair fall. Figuring out the root reason for yours can lead you to find a solution for hair fall that actually works for you. 

Common Causes Of Hair Fall And Their Solutions 

Reasons for hair loss are one wide category to cover in one article. However, there are some reasons for hair fall that are the common culprits for many people’s hair problems. From genetics to lifestyle - today we look at 5 common reasons for excessive hair fall that people all around the world go through. 



Hereditary hair loss is one of the major reasons for hair fall. Occurring in both, men and women, this type of hair fall is caused due to genetic mapping that causes their hair follicles to shrink and lose hair over time. This can lead to male pattern hair loss in men and female pattern hair loss in women. This cause of hair fall can result in hair fall as early as teenage, and as late as old age. 

What to do: Consult a specialist to get targeted treatment. These treatments can include topical treatments, oral medicines, or even invasive hair transplants. 


Hormonal Imbalance


A common occurrence in women, hormonal imbalance is a very common hair fall reason in females. A woman’s body goes through a range of changes - puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, menopause. These changes trigger a series of hormonal changes too, that can cause hormonal imbalance at times. This imbalance often causes hair fall.

What to do: Your gynecologist can help you figure out some lifestyle and dietary changes to get your hormonal imbalance in control. This can further cause your excessive hair fall to stop or lessen.




With growing age, many bodily fluids like collagen, and keratin are produced at a much slower rate. This in turn becomes a reason for hair fall, weak skin, and hair health. 

What to do: In this case, early precautionary care is the best option. One must keep their hair health in check from their early years. 


Medical Side Effects


Many times crucial medications for health problems and diseases like cancer, auto-immune diseases and many more can have side effects that can cause your hair to fall. Using hair care products that are not suitable for your skin or hair type is also a major reason for hair fall

What to do: Use hair care products that are suitable for your hair type, and hair concern and stick with them. Avoid experimenting with falsely advertised products. 




Smoking, drinking, binging on fast food, skipping meals, skipping exercise, and not sleeping well are some of the causes of hair fall that are very commonly experienced in today’s world. These unhealthy habits make your body incapable of functioning at a normal rate and trigger many negative reactions. Hair fall is one of them.

What to do: Everything is good in moderation. Try to make a healthy lifestyle switch that is good for your body, hair, skin, and overall health.  

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How can I stop my hair fall?

Causes of hair fall can range from stress and hormonal imbalance to protein deficiency and improper nutrition. To stop your hair fall for good, try to zero in on the major reason for hair fall that you’re experiencing and opt for targeted care. 

What causes hair fall in females?

Hair fall reasons in females is a wide-ranged category. It can be pregnancy, thyroid, anemia, PCOS, psoriasis, diet deficiency, and many more. 

Which food is good for hair?

Protein-rich foods are great for amazing hair health. Chicken, eggs, nuts, and seeds are good sources of protein and essential nutrients that are required for optimum hair growth. Other than these, one should also incorporate fruits and green leafy vegetables in their diet.

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Have you figured out the reason for your hair fall yet? The best way to know the real cause of hair fall is by consulting a specialist. They will not only tell you the reason for hair fall, but can also help you in fighting it effectively through topical treatments, or oral medication. Some solutions might not even require treatment, but a lifestyle change. Hair fall or not, it is safe to pay close attention to the health of your hair during your early ages to avoid any hair problems later. One can do so by practicing healthy habits, following a nutritious diet, and avoiding excessive use of chemicals and heat on their hair. 

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