#Makeup101: Graphic Cat Eyeliner Is The Latest Trend Taking Over The Beauty World


If you're adventurous and willing to step out of your makeup comfort zone, the graphic cat eye makeup look is just the thing for you. The trend has taken the beauty world by storm- from exaggerated flicks and overdrawn wings to even reverse cat eye, they're all the rage right now. So, forget the classic cat-eye makeup, it’s time to experiment with your eyeliner and give your eyes a bold and sassy feline flick.

Graphic cat eyeliner ranges from basic to super dramatic, and there’s a lot of room for experimenting, depending on how edgy you want to look. It’s all about expressing yourself as an individual and being true to your personal style. 

For graphic eyes, liquid eyeliner is a must as it helps you achieve a clean finish and also offers the kind of precision required for a graphic liner. Stay Defined is perfect as it is smudge-proof and gives great pay off without fading or flaking. It comes with a special wand that gives you more control and definition. Before drawing on your liner, apply an eyelid primer to create a smooth base. Once you have traced the design, you can use the kajal to fill it in and create a darker, opaque look.

For those with unsteady hands, we would recommend a wheelie eyeliner which has a rolling disc applicator that gives a skip-free straight line in one smooth stroke. 

Here is a little eye makeup inspo for your graphic cat-eye makeup looks:


Reverse Cat Eye

Colour Blocked


Thick Winged


Extra Sharp

Super Thick

Smoked Out

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