All You Need To Know About Permanent Hair Dry & The Way It Transforms Your Mane

permanent blow dry

Ever wished that your smooth blow dry could last forever? Well, it’s now possible thanks to the permanent blow dry treatment. As the name suggests, permanent blow dry lasts long and will even stay put after hair washes. It is a semi permanent way to smoothen and manage locks everyday. Curious to know more about it? Read on.

What is Permanent Blow Dry?

what is permanent blow dry

Also known as Brazilian blow dry, the permanent blow dry hair treatment first began in Brazil and slowly but definitely took over the rest of the world. This hair treatment is meant to eliminate frizz and relax unruly hair textures so that they appear smoother and become more manageable. The results of permanent blow dry treatments are not poker straight but rather luxuriously smooth and frizz-free. The process requires the application of a keratin treatment to the lengths as keratin is one of the best smoothing agents that actually works on the hair texture and transforms it to become smooth and silky. Permanent blow dry treatments take about an hour to two hours, depending on your hair length and texture. First, a specific shampoo is applied to the scalp and it is left on for 5 to 7 minutes to activate. The longer the shampoo is left on, the better the smoothing results at the roots. After a few minutes, the shampoo is rinsed out and the locks are towel dried. Next comes the keratin solution which is prepared and applied all along the lengths of the hair. The lengths are then combed so that the keratin solution is spread evenly. The final part of this treatment is when heat is applied. The hair is divided into tiny sections and each section is blow dried and then straightened with the heat styling tools. The heat from the straightener is one of the most important factors of the treatment as it helps activate the keratin solution applied to the hair and enables it to work its magic on your locks. 


The permanent blow dry treatment will last up to 3 months provided you take proper care of it. The best part is that unlike other hair smoothening treatments like rebonding, permanent blow dry treatments fade after a few months instead. This means you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow super long so that you can get your natural hair texture back.

Who Should Go For A Permanent Blow Dry?

Anyone with hair that is frizzy, wavy or curly can try the permanent blow dry treatment. If your hair is already poker straight, you can skip this treatment as you don’t need it. Frizzy hair types on the other hand can benefit from this as it will eliminate the need to heat style your hair everyday. The results last for a few months so that means this keratin treated and heat styled hair will allow you to enjoy smoothness and shine without the damage. In case your hair is damaged with loads of split ends, opt for a trim first before going in for this semi permanent hair treatment. Wait for a week to try this treatment, in case you just coloured your hair.

After Care

The right haircare is a must after opting for the permanent blow dry treatment. Once the treatment is done, make sure you don’t tie your hair or pin it back for the next 3 days as this will disturb the smooth texture and cause disturbances like waves on your hair lengths. Using SLS free shampoos and conditioners with gentle formulas will help make the blow dry last longer. Just make sure to not wash your hair for the first 3 days and use a shower cap to cover your mane while showering during this period as you cannot wet your hair. Once 3 days are up, you can wash your hair without worrying about the treatment fading for the next 3 months.

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Want to try the permanent blow dry hair treatment? Book your appointment now and enjoy the smoothest hair of your dreams.

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