Nailing The Monochrome Makeup Trend


If you have been playing safe by wearing smoky eyes and red lips all through the season, it’s time to break the monotony with monochrome makeup. The trend involves using one shade to dress up your eyes, lips and cheeks. Think burgundy lips with wine stained cheeks and eyelids? You can even coordinate your makeup with your nails or your outfit. Not only is it a lot of fun but also saves time and effort.

Take a few tips from our Expert MUA on how to make monochrome happen

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Monochromatic makeup is having a huge moment right now and has been embraced by the likes of Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Priyanka Chopra. When done right, matchy makeup is quite wearable and can seriously up your makeup game in an instant.

Get monochromatic makeup ideas from these celebs

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Here are some pointers to get the monochrome makeup on point

  • When doing your eye makeup, apply some of the blush shade into the crease of your eyes and blend it with the eyeshadow to get a smooth and matching look.
  • While using bold and dramatic shade might be intimidating, don’t hesitate to try them once. The trick to using bold shades like wine or burgundy is to make one feature stand out at once. Like if you are going for burgundy eyes, go for tinted lips instead of wearing a dark lipstick. This will keep it from looking OTT.
  • Blend shades to get the colour right. If peach shade isn’t exactly your thing, you might consider mixing it with pink or even orange to create a shade of your own that is more wearable.
  • Use the products to multitask. Lipstick can be used as cream blush or eyeshadows. Similarly, blush can replace eyeshadow. Just make it work for you.



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