How to correct pigmented lips with makeup

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If you have an unevenly coloured/toned lips, you are not alone. Lip pigmentation is not that uncommon and nothing to be embarrassed about. Though, it is commonly seen among those who smoke or consume tobacco regularly, pigmented or dark coloured lips can occur on those who don’t indulge. We are born with naturally pink lips and it does signify good health. But with time and factors like sun tanning, pollution, overuse of chemical-based products, hormonal changes, etc. can cause darkening of lips. Pigmentation can be skin darkening or lightening and can make the skin appear patchy. Pigmented lips are not considered to be a serious health concern, but a lot of people consider it unattractive. Applying lipstick and lip tints on pigmented lips can prevent the true colour from showing.

Just like there is a solution for every problem, pigmented lips can be dealt with too. There’s nothing makeup cannot fix!  Here are a few things you can try to deal with pigmented lips.

If your dark lips prevent you from wearing lighter lip shades, try applying foundation and concealer to even out the skin tone. Moisturise the lips followed by applying a tad amount of concealer/foundation. Use a teeny amount of translucent powder to set it in place followed by lipstick application.

If your lips are uneven tones around the edges, use a nude/flesh coloured lip pencil to line the lips or to fill in the uneven patches before coating them with your favourite lipstick.

Dark lips look more prominent on dry and cracked lips. Lip balm comes as a great rescue to heal chapped lips. Carry a good quality lip balm always and apply it several times during the day to keep the lips supple and soft. Also, stop biting or licking your lips, which dries out the lips faster than you expect.

Exposure to the sun can easily lead in skin tanning and can worsen the pigmentation of your lips. Experts suggest applying a sun block on your lips along with your face and necks before stepping out. You need to be extra careful when you are at the beach with sun high in the sky. Spending long hour basking in the sun may not be very good for your lips. Just always stick to your trusty sun block and wear it like second skin.

If your lips have gone dark over time, topically apply salves ad cream with retinol or kojic acid in them. These are known to lighten the skin and are also used to treat skin conditions, such as sun damage, scars, and age spots. Always consult your dermatologist before you go shopping.

Always remove your lipstick before you hit bed. Use a gentle makeup remover or coconut oil to remove all traces of makeup from your face and lips. Cleanse and moisturise your face (and lips) before calling it a night so tat you can wake up to soft and supple skin.

Exfoliating your lips is an important step many of us skip. Do exfoliate your lips at times (1-2 times a week) as it helps in removing the dead cells and flaky skin from the lips leaving it soft and smooth. Use a gentle lip scrub like MyGlamm’s Scrubilicious Lip Scrub & Colour Enhancer whose tiny granules exfoliate the lips gently leaving behind a pink tint. The jojoba oil is known for its excellent moisturising and emollient properties and is high in Vitamin E which keeps the lips bay soft.

If you use lipsticks regularly then stop using formulas that dry your lips. Try investing in lipsticks with lip nourishing ingredients like natural oils, shea butter and Vitamin E. Lipsticks that are creamy and packed with hydrating ingredients will ensure that your lips are never dry. MyGlamm’s Butterlicious Shea Butter Creamy Matte Lipsticks are enriched with real shea butter and jojoba oil that keep the lips soft and moisturised while giving a matte finish. Shea butter is known to soften and soothe the skin. The high fat content gives shea butter the excellent moisturizing ability which is quite sought after for beauty and skincare products.

Many cosmetics may have harsh chemicals and their prolonged use may result in lip pigmentation. Always buy makeup and skincare products that are free of toxic and harmful chemicals. All MyGlamm products are free of nano-ingredients, parabens, paraffins, mineral oil, preservatives, and fragrance to ensure your skin safety.