Jazz Up Your Manicure With These 20 Glitter Nail Art Designs


Shimmer and shine, there’s something very festive about a glitter manicure. Whether you want to go for subtle nail art or outright dazzling manicure, this style is perfect for every occasion. It’s the perfect way jazz up your digits –– whether it’s Diwali, Christmas, or New Year. Glitter manicures have become everyone’s favourite. Depending on the colour, they are also a summer go-to. Take inspiration from 20 of the best nail art with glitter designs, that’ll help you with your next mani-pedi session. We’re sure you’ll find a favourite. 



Best Nail Art Designs With Glitter


There’s something very eye-catching about glitter nails. It catches your attention like a disco-ball and definitely sets the mood for the season. In the realm of nail products, glitter nail polish is the party favourite. Here’s how you can have a little fun with this dazzling trend –– check out the best nail art with glitter designs you can recreate.


Diamond High Shine


Image courtesy - Instagram


Go with glossy nail lacquer for this look. A darker colour paired with a fun glitter nail on the ring finger and an ombre glitter nail on the middle finger, should really tie in the full sparkly look.


The Ombre Spin


Image courtesy - Instagram


Minimalism with a glittery twist. This neutral manicure uses the element of shimmer very subtly, through a french tip ombre. It is perfect for those who want to dip their fingers in the trend, but don’t want to go too OTT with it.


Dark & Twisty

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Love dark colours on your digits? Why not top it off with some glitter! Jazz up your basic glossy nail enamel with a clear or complementary glitter nail polish. This is a great winter go-to. 


Zig Zag Fun

Image courtesy - Instagram


If you like going for a nude manicure, why not dazzle up one finger with a nail art pattern. Do a zig zag design and outline it finely with a glitter nail.


Swirly World

Image courtesy - Instagram


 Where pastels meet glitter, this manicure is apt for the queen of quirky. With a pretty pastel background, the glitter swirl design help bring a whimsical element to your nails.



Monochrome Lovin’


Image courtesy - Instagram


If colours aren’t your thing, then head to the black and white era...with a shimmery spin! Top up your white nail paint with a glossy silver glitter polish! You can even play around with geometric shapes and designs on the black nails too.



Candy-Floss Pink


Image courtesy - Pinterest


Baby pink manicures are so darn cute! Also, since they’re not totally in your face, they’re wearable anywhere and anytime. Top off your manicure with a rose gold glitter nail paint –– use it to create shapes and lines to break the monotony.


Tipped In Glitter


Image courtesy - Instagram


Fine french tips, but with glitter –– this manicure is perfect for someone who wants to go with the trend, but doesn’t want to overdo it. 


Tassel Heaven

Image courtesy - Instagram


Ever come by a Christmas or Diwali tassel when decorating the house? These nails will remind you of that. Reminiscent of the festive season, the use of dripping glitter on the tips adds a nice element to a neutral base.


Geometrical Patterns

Image courtesy - Instagram


This glitter nail art takes a playful approach on geometric prints. Whether it’s the combination of pink, white, and silver, or the way the glitter nail polish has been used creatively, there’s something rather whimsical about this nail look. 


Baby Pink Love


Image courtesy - Pinterest


This one’s for all the baby pink lovers out there! Complete your manicured nails with a touch of glitter nail polish –– try and opt for a clear one that’ll give your pink nails a slightly holographic look.


The Marble Effect

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Break the monotony of your marble manicure by pairing it with some glitter nails. Instead of sticking to similar colour families, amp it up by choosing contrasting colours (that’ll also look good together).


Fun With Colours


Image courtesy - Instagram


Dip your tips in some funky and colourful nail paint. This look works especially well on round nails or coffin nails. Top off your glitter tips with some nail stickers, which’ll tie in the entire look.


Feathered Glitter

Image courtesy - Instagram

Use a fine tip brush and some glitter nail paint to create a feathered leaf on your nails. Similarly, you can create the same brush strokes on the other nails too, just smaller. 


Minimalistic Waves


Image courtesy - Pinterest


Create waves with a white or pastel coloured nail polish. Fill it in with silver glitter polish or a glittery colour that’ll colour block your nails.



Flamingo Love


Image courtesy - Instagram


Nail art with flamingos? Hell yes! This adorable manicure gives pretty in pink a whole new name. Top it off with some glitter and your Elle inspired Legally Blonde Manicure is ready to go.


Geometrical French

Image courtesy - Instagram


If you’ve got long nails, then this one will definitely tickle your fancy. This elegant take on the French tip adds a hint of shimmer and shine to it! This manicure is also perfect for any bride-to-be.



Image courtesy - Instagram


This nail art with glitter uses a mermaid-esque feel to bring your manicure to life! Using a blue-ish green hue, paired with a light blue glitter nail, this is perfect for the summer season.


Hearts And Kisses

Image courtesy - Instagram


Give your regular glitter tips a bit of makeover by pairing them with some heart-shaped nail art. Feel free to top off one nail with a matte nail enamel for a more whimsical look.




Image courtesy - Instagram


A fan of a black manicure? Then give this one a shot! Amp up your nail game with a matte nail polish and some gold glitter! This’ll leave your tips ready for the night.


MyGlamm Recommended Best Nail Art With Glitter Products


The best nail art comes from using the best nail products! Mix up your manicure by using a base that is poppy or neutral and then top it off with some glitter. Here are some products you can use to recreate these nail art with glitter looks.


Two Of Your Kind Nail Enamel

The two of your kind nail enamel is an amazing long-lasting gel finish nail enamel set which comes in different shades of pastels and glitters. From offering a long-lasting formula, and exceptional coverage, to giving a salon-like finish, this nail enamel set is worth buying!

Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer

The Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer is a hi-shine finish nail enamel available in different beautiful glittery shades. From giving an intense colour payoff, and long-lasting formula, to giving better luminosity, this nail lacquer will definitely bring out the glamour in you!

Mini Nail Kit In Vibin’

This ultra-fine glitter polish kit comes with five high-gloss shimmering shades, in hues of gold and silvers. It’s long-lasting and has a non-streaky texture, that’ll leave your nails looking like a professional has done them. These nail paints are toxic-free too!

Neon Dreams

Pop colours galore! These neon nail paints serve as the perfect mani-pedi buddies a girl can have. A great mix of bright orange, yellow, pink, and green hues, this kit literally spoils you. Apt for the summer, on those sandal perfect toes, these nail paints add that fun splash of colour your nails need.

Manish Malhotra Gel Finish Nail Lacquer

Meet the gel finish lacquer that’ll make your nails look super pretty. Going with the pastel trend, this gorgeous range of nail paints are formulated to make you look like a movie star. It comes in a high gel finish that has a non-toxic formula. Just one stroke and your digits are covered. If you’re someone who’s always on the go, then this one comes in handy as it has a quick-drying formula that dries up in just 70 seconds. Take your pick from 29 different pastel shades that’ll instantly brighten up your mani-pedi.

LIT Lip & Eye Sparkles

A high concentrated loose shimmer pigment that instantly jazzes up your eyes, lips, and nails. Just a little bit of this bling, is enough to go a long, long way. It has an impeccable finish that gives you a luminous effect. Dust it on your clear nail polish, along with your eyes and lips, and you’ll be ready to paint the town in every shade of disco.

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Whether it’s the festive season or not, glitter is the best way to jazz up your nails –– manicure and pedicures included. Let these nail art with glitter designs serve as inspiration for whenever you decide to jump on the dazzle parade.


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