10 Best Long-Lasting Lipsticks That Won’t Budge (Until You Want Them To)


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Whether or not you’re a lipstick lover, you’d know that one of the biggest turn offs of any lipstick is when it fades away (along with the day). What’s even worse? When you find yourself marking your territory with the colour of the day on everything your lip touches. Topping up your lippie after a meal or even a coffee can get quite annoying. 


Step in, long-lasting lipsticks! These types of lip makeup products do not budge –– come rain or shine, coffee or a large meal, they stay put and give your pout the pop of colour all day long. These formulas don’t feather, bleed, or get eaten up with seconds of application. Scroll down to see 10 of the best long lasting lipsticks you can happily sport without the worry of it coming off!


Best Long Lasting Lipsticks 


The best long lasting lip colours come with a formula that remains on your lips, no matter what! Check out 10 of the best long lasting lipsticks that come in every shade and every texture.

Manish Malhotra Liquid Matte Lipstick

Pick from a range of 20 pigmented liquid lipsticks with this collection. Leaving your pout with a velvety matte finish, this liquid lipstick has a super high colour payoff that feels weightless and is moisturising as well. The tattoo-like effect makes the formula non-transferable. One swipe and it lasts all day long.

MyGlamm Ultimatte Long-Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick

Looking for the perfect long-lasting liquid matte? Here’s your go-to. With an array of 15 shades ranging from nudes to pinks to browns and reds, the no-smudge formula lasts for up to 8 hours. Enriched with vitamin E, it has a comfortable, lightweight texture that nourishes the lips from the get go. With a kiss proof and waterproof formula, you’ll find that this liquid lipstick packs a ton of super vivid pigment for an even and opaque coverage in just a single swipe.

Ultimatte Long-Stay Matte Lipstick

Meet the long-lasting lipstick range that will always stick by your side. It has a matte finish that glides on like butter. Formulated with solvents and enriched with moisturising hyaluronic filling spheres and silicon butters, it has a creamy and lightweight texture that doesn’t feather or bleed. Fall in love with the 12 shades that range from purples to reds to pinks to nudes, perfect for all occasions.

Manish Malhotra Soft Matte Lipstick

A soft matte lipstick with a slight creamy sheen, the buttery formula is enriched with tropical oil that leaves your pout moisturised and healthy. It has a medium to full buildable coverage, with micronized pigments that give your lips an intense unadulterated colour. This collection has a non-greasy texture that is smooth and velvety and lasts a long, long time. Available in 12 shades, have your fun with this gorgeous, luxurious collection.

Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lipstick

A creamy hi-shine lipstick that is definitely a head-turner, it adds intense colour to your pout. The glossy and smooth texture adds another dimension to your lips. It has a curved bullet that allows for precise application. It offers UVB protection too!

MyGlamm LIT Creamy Matte Lipstick

A demi-matte finish lipstick that has a creamy, smooth texture, this range of lippies has an intense colour payoff that is really long-lasting. It is easy to apply, and has a luxurious, non-greasy texture too! Take your pick from a range of 18 lipsticks that’ll give you a fun lip each and every time!

MyGlamm POSE HD Lipstick

Need a handbag staple that’ll never leave your side? The POSE HD collection is for you. Giving you an intense dose of high definition colour, the formula of this one is really, really hydrating. Enriched with moringa oil and vitamin E, it has an intense colour that gives you amazing demi-matte coverage in just one swipe. With a long-lasting formula, this lipstick is sure to be a favourite go-to.

K.Play Flavoured Lipstick

Go bright or go home, with K.Play range of lipsticks. It has a creme touch finish with an intense colour payoff, that can be spotted from miles away. Formulated with vitamin E, these lipsticks are nourishing and give your pout a high coverage too!

Manish Malhotra Metallic Lipstick

Dive into the world of metallic matte finishes that’ll make you red carpet ready. With a rich matte texture that has a metallic finish, these lipsticks are super lightweight and extremely moisturising. Formulated with cottonseed oil it helps soften and smoothen the lips, while you wear the lippie. This lipstick is also enhanced with anti-wrinkle and antioxidant properties that protect your pout too! Choose from four hues that’ll instantly brighten up your day.

Butterlicious Liquid Matte Lipstick - Possessed

A matte finish liquid lip, that has a creamy application, this range of lipsticks stands by its name –– it is truly butterlicious. Enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil, your lips are left moist and smooth, and give them an added layer of protection. The long-lasting formula is ultra lightweight and can be used as a cheek tint too!

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Are Long-Lasting Lipsticks Safe?


It depends entirely on the ingredient list! Long stay lipsticks can sometimes contain high amounts of lead, which can be harmful. Secondly, make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the formulation. Lastly, long wear lipsticks are often matte and therefore can be quite drying –– make sure to apply a lip balm prior to application.


What To Look For In A Long-Lasting Lipstick?


Make sure you do a test run of the lipstick. Read online reviews of the product to see whether it is actually long-lasting. Remember the longevity of a lipstick colour varies on an individual’s lips and how dry or oily they are. Stay away from lipsticks formulated with harmful ingredients like parabens or propylene glycol. Make sure to prep and prime your lips and to line them with a lip liner prior to using your lipstick.


Long-lasting is one of the most important features to look for in a lipstick –– especially, if you are one to sport your pout all day long. Getting your lip stain on every single thing your pout touches can be rather annoying. Whether you opt for a bright red matte or a glossy pink, these 10 long lasting lipsticks will stick through thick and thin.


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