Lip Care Routine: Guide On The Best Lip Care Routine At Home!

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A wise person once said, lips without lipstick are like cakes without frosting. But what good is lipstick, if your lips are all dry and chapped, right? Lip care routine for dark lips & dry lips is as essential as skincare –– your lips are exposed to the same amount of environmental factors as your skin, therefore it is imperative that you give them the same amount of tender, loving, care it deserves. This ensures that your pout is moisturised and healthy enough to serve as the perfect canvas for your favourite lip colours. Scroll down to see how you too can follow a DIY lip care routine for dark lips that is hassle-free and effective.


Ideal Lip Care Routine At Home

Ideal Lip Care Routine At Home

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Just like your skincare routine follows the CTM method, your lip care routine also goes down a similar path. You need to follow a regular regime to ensure that your pout remains smooth, hydrated, and protected. Follow this easy lip care routine for dark lips, for a happier and healthier pout.


Step 1 - Exfoliate your lips


Exfoliating is the first step in an ideal lip care routine. By scrubbing your lips, you’re actually removing all the dead skin cells that collect on them. This leads to your pout looking dry and uneven. When you exfoliate you also help improve the blood circulation which makes your pout a lot fresher and pinker.


However, you cannot use the same exfoliator you use on your face, on your lips too. You need something that is effective, yet gentle and moisturising. The easiest way to achieve this, is by DIYing your own lip scrub which uses natural ingredients to exfoliate, as well as nourish your lips. 


DIY Lip Exfoliator



1 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp granulated sugar

1 tsp honey


Step 1 - Mix the three ingredients together in a bowl, till it becomes a thick paste.

Step 2 - With an old toothbrush, rub the mixture on to your lips. Gently massage it in for about a minute and a half.

Step 3 - Wash it off with lukewarm water.


Note: It’s better to make this fresh, however you can store it in the fridge for upto 2 weeks. If the coconut oil congeals, lightly heat it till you see it melting. Wait for it to cool before applying. Apply this scrub twice or thrice a week, and don’t overdo it if your lips start to feel sensitive. 


Step 2 - Moisturise Your Lips


Once you’ve exfoliated and cleansed your lips thoroughly you need to apply moisturiser. Plus any moisturiser or homemeade lip balm will be absorbed into the skin better once you have a clean slate. A moisturiser will not only keep your pout cool, but will also provide it with the basic nourishment it needs. Trust us, you just cannot miss this essential step in your lip care routine.

MyGlamm recommends the Manish Malhotra Rose Lip Moisturising Gel to moisturise your lips



This gel based lip moisturiser is made with pure aloe vera juice and enriched with rose, beetroot, and grapeseed oil. The lightweight texture is absorbed fast into your skin and deeply nourishes dull and dehydrated lips. It softens and soothes dry and chapped lips and improves blood circulation, while replenishing lost moisture too.

Step 3 - Hydrate


Did you know that by licking your lips constantly, you are drying them out with your saliva? No lip care is complete without good ol’ lip balms. Lip balms are great for when your lips need that extra layer of moisture, that’ll protect it too. Plus, the added tint gives a hint of colour to your pout!

MyGlamm recommends the MyGlamm LIT pH Lip Balm to hydrate your lips well

Subtle pigmented tints, formulated in a waxy emollient, this lip balm takes cues from your body’s pH levels and delivers a sheer wash of colour –– which is signature to you and just you. It keeps lips super hydrated for hours, without leaving a sticky residue. 

Lip Care Tips

Redefining lips with all sorts of balm and lip care product is fine but one needs to take care of their lips beforehand to avoid lip problems. Here are some lip care tips to incorporate into your routine for better beautiful lips.

  1. Use lip exfoliator: Lip scrub should be used once a week to get rid of dead cells by the process of exfoliation. It will keep your lips smooth and fresh.

  2. Do not lick or bite lips: Sometimes people have a habit of biting lips and licking lips, it makes the lip dry and chapped, so avoid it at any cost.

  3. Remove makeup: When you remove makeup before you go to bed, it gives your lips ti breathe. 

  4. Give massage: Once in a while massage your lips with moisturiser or gentle cream for blood circulation and nourishing it.

  5. Use lip balm: Use lip balm daily to protect your skin and keep it moist, otherwise dry lips can bleed and look bad.



Why Is Lip Care Routine Important?

As your lips are also exposed to a lot of environmental factors  like the rest of your skin, it also requires a whole lot of care. Dead skin tends to collect on the lips, leaving them dry and lacklustre. Therefore it is important to implement a lip care routine. 


Can I Use Lip Scrub Everyday To Follow A Lip Care Routine?

No. This will over-exfoliate the lips and make them sensitive. Do not use a lip scrub more than three times a week, maximum.


Can I Get Pink Lips By Following Lip Care Routine Daily?

The colour of your lips varies from person to person. When you exfoliate and hydrate your lips, you’re removing dead skin cells and nourishing them  –– that in turn helps in adding a little colour to your lips. 


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It’s due time we give lip care the importance it deserves! Taking that extra care for your lips needs to be an essential part of your routine. This step-by-step best lip care routine takes you through the simple regime you can follow regularly, to achieve that soft, plump, and pretty pout. A pretty pout makes a happy smile!

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