How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

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How to remove dark circles is one of the most oft asked beauty queries. They are a common problem faced by men and women alike. Even those with the most beautiful skin and healthy diet can be plagued by dark circles, and mind it, it’s not exactly a piece of cake to get rid of them. Dark circles are dark blemishes around the eye, typically causing darkening of the skin. These are unsightly to look at and can make a person look much older than their age or even sick or unhealthy. If you too are tormented by dark circles, you are not alone. A lot of people struggle with dark circles all their life including teenagers and adults of all ages.

Tackling this particular problem can be a daunting task but there are certain home remedies and ways which can not only lighten your dark circles but also nourish and hydrate the skin around your eyes. We cannot tell you how to remove dark circles in one day, but we can tell you how to remove dark circles at home using some simple and easy-to-do solutions that will solve your problem. Do not expect a miracle overnight, as it required patience and discipline.

Here's how to get rid of dark circles naturally.

how to get rid of dark circles
What causes dark circles

There are several factors responsible for the appearance of dark circles. It can range from an unhealthy lifestyle to hormonal changes and genetics.

Here are some of the primary known reasons for dark circle:

Less water intake
Dehydrated skin can only make the dark circles prominent. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily and keep your body hydrated always.

Iron deficiency
There might be a good chance your dark circle is the result of iron deficiency. The lack of iron can cause the veins located around your eye area become more noticeable hence causing unsightly pigmentation. Consult your doctor, get your iron levels checked and start consuming iron-rich foods.

Genetic causes
If your problem seem to be immune to all the remedies, your genetics can be the reason. In that case, it’s advisable to seek medical help. While you might not be able to get rid of them completely, proper medication can definitely help reduce them drastically.

Lack of sleep
If you like staying awake until wee hours of the night, you might be inviting dark circles along with other health issues like insomnia. Your body needs rest and it’s best not to disturb the biological clock. Get 8 hours of sleep daily to let your body and skin repair and relax itself. It's the easiest way to get rid of dark circles naturally.

dark circles under eyes
Stress is a modern-day disease and is often linked to a lot of health issues. We may not realise immediately, but stress takes it’s toll on the skin in form of breakouts, dull skin and insomnia. Keep yourself stress-free by indulging in doing things that make your happy along with exercising, eating healthy and seeing your therapist if required.

Improper diet 
Eating healthy does not turn you into health freak. Indulge in clean eating, avoid junk and fried food as much as you can. Include fresh salads, fruits and veggies, and lean meat in your diet. Inadequate nourishment can make your skin look sallow resulting in dark circles. Eating unhealthy food can actually make it difficult to get rid of dark circles.

Medications that cause blood vessels to dilate can lead to skin pigmentation specially around the eyes which is quite sensitive. As the skin under the eyes is very delicate and thin, any change in blood flow shows easily through the skin. If one has dark circles, medications can cause them to darken.

Prolonged illness 
If you have been sick for a long time, chances are eye bags can appear due to internal weakness. Consult your doctor and eat a healthy, balanced diet that will help regain your strength and vigour.

dark circles treatment
Long hours on electronic devices
Spending too much time peering into the computer and/or mobile phones can be harrowing for the eyes. This can cause pain and stress to the eyes leading to dark circles. Give your eyes rest after a long day by putting a few drops of rose water or eye drops and getting your beauty sleep.

Allergies and certain skin conditions
Allergies can interfere with blood circulation and cause swelling and inflammation that can contribute to eye circles. Apart from that, skin conditions like eczema can cause inflammation and darkening of skin around the eyes. Excessive rubbing due to skin itching and irritation can cause damage to the delicate skin around the eye area, causing skin temporary or permanent darkening. 

home remedies for dark circles
Home remedies for dark circles
If not treated on time, dark circles can become worse and even permanent. These will only dull your overall appearance, and cause hyper pigmentation and unhealthy looking skin.

Tea bags
Tea is rich in caffeine and anti-oxidants which are effective in shrinking blood vessels and reducing fluid retention in tissues. Cold tea bags pressed around the eyes will depuff them and brighten the area with regular use. Used pre-soaked and cooled tea bags on the eye area to restore vitality.

Cucumber slices
Along with having skin lightening properties, cucumbers are natural astringent and coolers. Applying fresh cucumber slices on the dark circles will soothe the eyes and make the dark circles less prominent.

Raw potato
The natural bleaching agents found in potatoes can help to lighten the area around eyes to a large extent. You can either cut thin slices out of a freshly peeled potato or grate one. Cool the slices and apply directly on the darkened skin or extract the juice, cool it for half an hour and apply with the help of cotton balls.

Almond oil
Rich in vitamin E, a massage with almond oil can immediately reduce swelling or puffiness around the eyes. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that can help keep the skin looking fresh and young. Regular application of vitamin E might help to reduce wrinkles and darkened skin around eyes.

Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C which is important for skin health. Applying raw tomato juice on the skin can give it a glow and get rid of darkness by reducing discolouration around the eyes.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E promotes youthful skin and also lightens marks and blemishes. Regular application of vitamin E on the dark circles will repair the skin by replenishing moisture. Gently massage a few drop of vitamin E or vitamin E oil under the eyes before going to sleep.